Earlier days ... Sri Potti Swamigal was born in the year 1824, in Kannada Sainigar community. His place of birth is Muthialpet, a small village in Kanchipuram District. His parents were Muthu Chettiar and Bodi ammal. He was named as Potti Chettiar. He was sent to school, where he learnt everything even before he was taught. He remained a very bright student, throughout his studies.

After finishing his education, he undertook the family business of weaving clothes, thereby remaining very helpful to his parents. Even while weaving , his mind was fully immersed in Ozhivil Odukkam philosophy and as a result, he remained always detached from this worldly life.

When he attained proper age, his parents sought a suitable bride and arranged for his marriage. After a period of two years, as the bride attained puberty, arrangements were made for Santhi Muhurtham. The couple were left alone in a room. Since his mind was engrossed totally in spiritual pursuit, Potti Chettiar left the room immediately. Leaving the worldly life He reached Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal temple in the street end. He sat under the Iluppam Tree, in the southern side of the temple and started meditating. His penance continued for two days. On the third day, He regained normal consciousness and started walking around wearing only a loin cloth. His mind was totally unaware of the worldly happenings around him. His parents and other relatives tried their best to bring him back to home. But all their efforts were in vain. Meanwhile, Potti Chettiar got the blessings of Sri Nithyanandha Swamigal. He took sannyasa with a new name of Sri Brahmanandha Swamigal. ( He was popularly known as Sri Potti Swamigal also. )

Life of sannyasa Sri Potti Swaigal began his sannyasa life in Muthiyalpet itself. He had the habit of obtaining biksha from any one of the houses of his choice. He will stand before a house and loudly claim Food ! Food ! . Women will come out and offer him hot rice in a plate. He will never accept them as a whole. Instead, he will take one or two handful , eat and leave the place. Moreover, the house from which he has to accept food will always be of his choice only. Even if someone voluntarily offers hi m a square meals, he will never go and accept it. At times, he even asked for biksha from his own house itself. His wife, who regarded him as a divine soul, offered him food with immense faith, which he accepted delightfully.

Miraculous events
1. Once, an English Sub Collector was going around Muthiyalpet on his horse. He saw Sri Potti Swamigal walking around wearing only his loin cloth. He got angry and raised the stick in his hand in order to punish him by beating. But, his raised hand got stuck and could not be brought down. The Sub Collector understood the spiritual strength of Sri Swamigal. He begged his pardon by pleading, I did this mistake without realizing your greatness. Kindly forgive me. Sri Swamigal did nothing but smiled. The Sub Collectors hand attained its original position.

2. No one ever saw him sleeping. He was always found roaming in villages like Muthiyalpet or Ayyampettai. During night , he will lie down over a palm leaf mat in Asta Linga Swamigal Madam in Ayyampettai. At times, his body will be found disintegrated, with his hands and legs lying in different positions. Next day morning, he will come out as usual, without any blemish in his body.

3. Since his mind was always immersed in divine bliss, Sri Swamigal behavior could not be comprehended by all. He will laugh to himself. Suddenly, he will run happily here and there . At times, he will make various sounds either using his fingers or by clapping his thighs.

4. Sri Swamigal is very fond of eating Adhirasams ( a south Indian sweet variety made of jaggery). Once some people, who wanted to play mischief, offered him Ulundhu vadais saying, Swami. Eat this Adhirasam.. Swamigal accepted them happily and started eating. What a surprise ! All vadais had transformed into Adhirasams, once they reached his hands. The mischief mongers realized their mistake and sought his forgiveness. They left the place after offering their salutations to Sri Swamigal



Sri Dharmaraaya Swamigal is entombed here. The period, the sect of the saint are unknown. It is pity that the sacred tomb is surrounded by throney bushes indicating that there are no visitors here.



A jeeva samadhi of Sri Thirunmalai Bhagawan is found in a place surrounded by lush green paddy fields, about 3 KM from Magaral, near Kanchipuram. The Swamigal was born to Smt Kousalambigai and named as Thirumalai, in Bhagawan, a small village near Darapuram of Karur district in the eighteenth century. In his early years he led a secluded life and spent most of his time in deep meditation. He also guided the people with his spiritual advice to remove their problems. At one point of time he left his home and undertook a pilgrimage to Kanchipuram with his disciples. On the way at Kattuputhur, Swamigal asked a Zamindar to give some straw for his cart bullocks to feed them. The Zamindar ridiculed and mocked at Swamigal without giving anything. The Swamigal left that place quietly without uttering a single word to Zamindar. He resumed his journey and reached a place near Magaral, where a famous Siva shrine existed. A hermitage was built under a tamarind tree by the disciples as instructed by Swamigal. Upon his advice, the disciples returned to their homes leaving the Swamigal alone. Swamigal spent many years there in meditation. One day Swamigal wife and mother came to this place. Swamigal advised his mother to undertake a long pilgrimage with his wife. In the meantime, the Zamindar of Kattuputhur became ill seriously and suffered a lot. By the grace of God he realized his grave mistake which was done to Swamigal when he asked some straw for the bullocks. Somehow he searched the where about of Swamigal and fell at his feet. Swamigal consoled him and gave some Vibhuthi to Zamindar which cured his illness. Then Swamigal requested to build a temple there. The Zamindar did it immediately and a temple was constructed. On a special day, Swamigal entered into the temple went inside garbhagraha and vanished. After some years Swamigal mother reached here and got Samadhi. Her Samadhi was kept under the garbhagraha. Later The Zamindar of Kattuputhur made stone idols for Swamigal and her mother.

Till today regular pujas are performed here. During every Amavasai day, with special pujas annadhanam at a large scale are offered to devotees, coming here. This jeeva Samadhi is a powerful centre, and many people are donating to this annadhanam.

One Sri Thirumalai is doing regular pujas here and his contact no. 94860 47817, Mr. Raguraman-94424 93002. To reach here come to Magaral which is on Kanchipuram Uthiramrur Keel road and got down at Magaral EB koot road and from there 3 KM ride towards south.



India is mainly cultural country with various religions and many creeds . Numerous saints ,yogis, and siddhars dotted over the land . They dedicated their lives for the welfare of humanity without discrimination of caste , creed and religion. They cured many incurable diseases , giving boon of childbirth to those who had been bereft of children for a long time. One such saint is Sri Siva Suyambu Prakash swamigal, who was meditating underneath a tamarind tree at Azhapuri village near palamedu close to Madurai. The details of his birth place, parents are unknown. The village people used to come to him and pray for their welfare. The saint cured of many ailments of the people without giving any medicines. The saint used to take fresh groundnut, fresh jaggery and cow`s milk at times. One sri Karuppanan ambalam , who owned more than 300 cattle camped in this village along with the cows . He gave cow`s milk to the people of the village. One day he noticed the saint under the tree and became affectionate to him and used to give milk to him without asking for any favour. The saint also used to drink the milk satisfied by his true devotion of the disciple. Moreover he was very much pleased by his sweet voice of the disciple who used to sing to call the cows near him.

In course of time the saint befriended with him and came to his village along with the disciple. On hearing that the family has no children even after his son was married long ago. Some months later Karuppan ambalam daughter-in-law was conceived. Surprisingly she could not give birth to a child even after 10 months. The saint who stayed at Nagatheertham hills, came to Karuppan`s house and promised that she will give birth a male child at the moment of his Jeeva Samadhi. The saint also made a request to Karuppan ambalam to arrange for his Jeeva Samadhi on 5th day of the tamil month Tai. Karuppan ambalam agreed Swamy`s request and purchased a land in his village Kodimangalam. The day has come, that is January 1948. . Swamigal was taken in a palanquin to the place followed by the village people. Sri Swamigal came down from the palanquin and went into the pit and sat down. At that time the message has come that a male child was born to Karuppan ambalam`s daughter-in-law.

Every year on 5th day of Tamil month Tai, Guru pujai is conducted in a grand manner. Annadhanam is given to all in a large scale. The saint is blessing everyone who came in search of solace with whatever their wishes are. He is curing of many diseases without any medicine. Also many barren couples are blessed with children by the grace of the saint.

Everyday annadhanam is given to poor after the noon puja performed at the jeeva Samadhi. The Jeeva Samadhi is located in Kodimangalam village, just 15 KM from Madurai city, on Melakkal road. Plenty of buses are going through this village from Madurai (route no 26,65,54,68 from Periyar bus stand) For contact Mr.Pichaimani Swamigal-9489379714.



The jeeva Samadhi of Sri Ponnambala Swamigal and Sri Thirumeni Swamigal are located in Sembakkam village, about 7 KM from Thiruporur and 20 KM from Chengalpattu. Both Ponnambala Swamigal and Sri Thirumeni swamigal were called twin Siddhars in those days. It is a powerful center for those seeking progress in meditation. No one in the village takes non vegetarian food even today.


Sri Ponnambala Swamigal was born to Thiruchitrambala Mudaliyar and Chokkammal couple in 19th century. He was a born Siddhar and made many miracles even in his childhood. He took up the family traditional weaving work and at the right age he was married to Smt Amirthammal. A child was born to them. Many people, after knowing the greatness of Swamigal , used to visit to have a dharshan and blessings. Many devotees were relieved of their deceases by the grace of Swamigal. Once, Sri Thirumeni hailed from Kanyakumari, after visiting many sacred places in Tamilnadu came to Swamigal. He immediately became the disciple of Sri Ponnambala Swamigal. Both of them were always seen together and were called twin Siddhars. When the time for Mahasamadhi came Sri Ponnambala Swamigal instructed Sri Thirumeni Swamigal to recite Sivapuranam continuously, and sat on meditation for three days. On the fourth day Swamigal entered into mahasamadhi. One the very next day, Sri Thirumeni Swamigal also entered into mahasamadhi. Both Samadhies are seen in Sanctum sanctorum.

For contact Mr. Kulandaivel-9710124577, Mr. Vivekanandan-9094498845, Mr. Ponnambalam-9840224400. The Jeeva Samadhi is located 1KM from Thiruporur-Chengalpattu main road.



The Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Venkatarama Swamigal is located at the entrance of Sri Nagabharaneeswarar temple in Melaiyur near Thiruporur. Sri Swamigal lived Chenaai Vadapalani temple for 45 years. Sri Paranjothi Baba of Vadapalani also lived during the same period. Sri Swamigal dedicated his life for the welfare of humanity without caste, creed or religion. He cured many of ailments of the people who came to him with full of faith. He also gave solutions to the devotees of their problems. He also earmarked the day of his leaving the mortal body to Sri Suresh one of the ardent devotees. On the day of tamil month Masi makham, Swamigal left his mortal body and entered into Mahasamadhi in the year 2007. As per the wish of Swamigal his body was taken to Melaiyur village and entombed near Sivan temple. The Jeeva Samadhi is well maintained and daily rituals and annadhanam are going on. Sri Suresh is maintaining the Jeeva Samadhi and doing regular pujas. Every year Guru puja is conducted on the day of tamil month Masi Makham. For details contact Sri Suresh-9444908198, Sri Krishnamurthy-8220109191. Buses from Tambaram-Karumbakkam(55C) is coming here. When coming from Thiruporur on Chengalpattu road, take a right at Vengoor and go further for 4 KM to reach Melaiyur.



A Samadhi temple of Sri Kumarasthavam Ramanuja swamigal is located in Priya Nemmeli village on ECR about 4 KM from Kovalam. He was born in Minjur near Chennai in the year 1929. He studied up to intermediate and joined in Integral coach factory. In the year 1964, he fell sick and hospitalised for five years. When discharged from hospital, he was blessed by an unknown person, to recite Kumarasthavam. Since that moment he was continuously reciting Kumarasthavam and all his ailments went away. He cured many people of their various ailments by recitation of the Mahamanthra. He travelled all over India and installed in various temples the inscribed stone of Kumarasthavam in various languages. He breathed his last on 3/7/2016 and His mortal body was placed in the village. Daily pujas are performed here and Guru pooja is celebrated every year. Periya Nemmeli can be reached by road. Bus stop is Periya Nmmeli.



The Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Chidambara Swamigal is located in Thiruporur town, near Chennai. Swamigal was born in 17th century and visited several places and finally settled at Thiruporur to renovate the Murugan temple. He also initiated rituals that are to be followed in the temple. The samadhies of 12 of his disciples are also seen here. The Samadhi temple is open 7.30 to 12 in the morning and 4 to 7 in the evening. The sacred tank here is called Velavan Theertham. For contact Mr. Sivasrinivasan Kumar-9790712721. Thiruporur is well connected by road and several buses from Tambaram, Koyambedu and Chngalpattu are available.


om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya om namasivaya
om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi om sakthi
om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam om sri guruve saranam