Kannikoyil literally means the temple of the maidens. Here under the shadow of a banyan tree are 7 maidens. The festival during the month of Aadi is famous. gruel is distributed to the devotees during the festival. The temple is 500 years old, it is told. The temple is open twice in a day. Pradosham and Sivarathiri are important festivals here.



Though this temple is named after Sri Murugan, the temples main deity is Sri Agasthiswarar with His consortSri Akilandesswari. Besides Siva, Sri Kariyamanicka Perumal is also housed in this temple Sri Murugan called Sri Kandasamy blesses the devotees with Sri Valli and Sri Devasena. Siva as Sri Dakshinamoorthy, Sri Durga, Sri Vinayagar, Lord Sri Ayyappa and Sri Anjaneyar are also enshrined in this temple.

The temple is open twice a day. The sacred pond is called Sangu Theertham. There is belief among the people that expectant mothers who drink the water will deliver off babies without surgical intervention.

To reach here buses are available from chennai to Pondicherry via. ECR, bus stop Kathankadai, Share auto is available from Kalpakkam. For more details contact Mr Vinoth 9789461356, Mr Saravanan-9943889226, Mr.Suresh-7402736921


Koovathur, a small town 10 KM from Kalpakkam on ECR road has many ancient temples. One among them is Angala Parameswari temple. This temple was built by Vijayanagara king Krsihnadevaarayar. The main deity Sri Angala Parameswari Statue was damaged during Mogal Period and the dilapidated statue is in the sanetum-sanetorium adjacent to the present deity.There are seperate shrines for Sri Vinayagar, Sri Murugan with His consorts Sri Durgai, Saptha Matha, Pavadairayan, Maduraiveeran. On every mahasivarathiri day, festival used to be started and celebrated for 10 days. On full moon day in the tamil month Chithirai, "oonjal" festival is celebrated in this temple. Neem tree and Vellai Erukku are the sacred trees of this temple. For contacts Mr. Udayakumar-9894789875, Mr. Sankar-9894898857, Mr. Adhikesavan-9443414431, Mr. Balaji Iyer-9626914611. Koovathur is in Chennai- Pondy ECR road, and all buses stop here.



Vadapattinam, 16 KM from Kalpakkam on ECR road has a Murugan temple. The Main deity is named Valli Devasena sametha Sri Subramanyar. The temple is very old but the exact period is not known. The twin Vinayagars and Navagrahams are conspicuous. This temple is open once in a day. Sacred tank of the temple is nearby. The Sthala Virutcham is Arasu. Aadi Krithigai is celebrated here in a very grand manner. Every month special pujas are performed on Krithigai day. For more details contact Mr. Arivanantham-9894549518, Mr. Aathiyappan-9677014942, Mr. Krishnan 9841987764. To reach here get down at Koovathur bus stop


Hindu Puranas have plenty of episodes detailing Godly spirmishes like the one between Siva and Parvathy. They should not be taken in literally but only to glorify the particular deity. The story of Sri Pachaiamman is a typical example. Sri Parvathy in a bit of anger departed Siva and came to this world and started meditation. One such temple is situated at Vazhaipandal in Vellore District. Here the Goddess is called Sri Pachaivazhiamman. Here She is consorted with Poongurathi and other women folk. The second Shrine is at Thirumullaivayil. The third one is at Seekkanankuppan village, 10 K.M. from Koovathur situated in Chennai Puthucheri ECR road. This temple is 400 years old. Within the first inner circulatory path various deities like Sri Vinayagar, Sri Mudiyazhagi, Lord Mahavishnu,Sri Sbramanyar and Sri Poongurathi. Sri Mannathiswarar is enshrined facing the north. Sri Venkatswara perumal distinguished as Varahamuni is guarding His sister Pachaiamman. The sacred pond is called as Mannarswamy pond. Pachaiamman is worshipped by many families as their dynastic deity. The palm leaves dating back to several years are worshipped along with Pachaiamman. Devotees can reach this temple by bus. The bus stop is Koovathur. For more details contact Thiru Vinayagam-9840569365, Thiru Jayaprakash- 9566387715.


In Uthiramerur town, several ancient temples exist of which Balasubramanyar temple is situated adjacent to Sundara Varadharaajar temple. As per inscriptions, this temple belongs to 8th century AD Moolavar Sri Balasubramanyar is a swayambu murthy. In standing posture He graces the devotees in Sanctum Sanctorum. By His side both Valli and Devasena combined in one form as Gajavalli also graces the devotees. Behind figures of Siva, Parvathy and Vinayagar are engraved on the rock. The peacock is at the feet of Lord Murugan. The elephant gifted to Murugan by Indiran is seen infront of the shrine as vahana. Lord`s velayutham in idol form has a separate shrine in the temple. It is said that Lord Muruga placed His Velayutham to protect sage Kashyapar and other rishis while they are in penance. There is a shrine for Lord Kadambanathar enabling Muruga to worship, along with other shrines for Sri Ekambaranathar, Sri Thiripurasunthari, Sri Perundanam Udayar, Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi, Santhana Ganapathy etc. Akasa Kondrai is the sacred tree and there is a temple pond nearby. The temple has a five tier rajagopuram. Sage Arunagirinathar had sung thirupugazh praising the Lord here. The temple is open 7.30 to 11.30 am and 5.00 to 8.30 pm. For contact Mr. Rajappa Gurukkal-94428 26482, Mr. Sundar Gurukkal-99948 97549. Uthiramerur is well connected by road, from Chengalpattu, Kanchipuram and Chennai.



Avalur village is situated 3 KM from Walajabad of Kanchipuram district, where two ancient Amman temples exist. One is Sri Mariamman temple and another is Sri Valanthangi Amman. Both temples are situated on the banks of Palar river. Sri Valli Amman, who is the Village deity is enshrined in Valanthangi amman temple. Once Palar river was in spate and flood water slowly entering into the village. By the grace of Valanthangi amman, the river water did not cross the boundary of the temple. Thus the village was rescued from flood. Regular pujas are performed in both temples. For contact Mr. Mohanraj-80566 57538, Mr. Manohar-99621 43347. This place is reachable by autos from Walajabad.



There is an ancient Amman temple in Kambarajapuram village. The name of the deity is called Sri Aasiamman. It is believed that Aasiamman came out of a river to destroy the evil forces and protect the village. Other shrines are Muthumariamman, Sapthakanniyar, Annamargal, Kalingarayan, Nagathamman, Perumperiamman. Sri Santhosh poosari(98405 36249) is doing pujas here. Buses are coming from Kanchipuram(T86) to this place. Autos are available in Walajabad to reach here. For more details contact Mr. Mani-94434 91356, Mr. Sekar-84898 31596.



A unique shrine dedicated to Lord Muruga is situated in Elayanar Velur village, about 10 KM from Walajabad of Kanchipuram district. The presiding deity is called Sri Balasubramanyar, with His consort Sri Gajavalli Thayar, who is the combination of both Sri Valli and Devasena in one form. The mythological vahana peacock is not here, instead Iravatham elephant of Devendira is standing in front of the shrine. The Velayutham of Lord Murugan has a separate shrine in this temple. It gathers lot of devotes to offer worship for the betterment of their life. The temple consists of two prakarams and many shrines such as Mahaganapathy, Santhana Ganapathy, Ekambaranathar, Kailasanathar, Dakshinamurthy, Durgai are housed in both prakarams. A sacred pond of the temple is also there.

There is also one Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Swaminatha Swamigal who did penance and installed Lord Balasubramanyar here. He graces all the people rocked by worldly worries, when they come here for worship. First neivathiyam is offered to Sri Swaminatha Swamigal Samadhi and then to Lord Murugan. This is the practice here.


Maharishi Sri Kashyapar once performed a great yagam for the welfare of mankind. Two Asuras named Malayan and Magaran armed with boon of immortality, began to give lot of hindrance to Kashyapar and other sages. Maharishi Kashyapar prayed to Lord Siva for protection from the demons. Upon his prayer Lord Siva sent His son Lord Murugan to destroy the asuras, with a sword. Lord Muruga placed his Velayutham to protect as a guard, at the hermitage of Maharishi. The asuras could not able to cross over the place. Lord Muruga with the sword given by Siva, chopped the head of Magaran. The other demon Malayalan was also killed by Lord Muruga. Magaral and Malayankulam, two villages, are the places where the two asuras were killed by Lord Murugan.

The temple timings are 7 to 12 noon and 5 to 8 in the evening. Daily three time pujas are performed here. For contact Sri SellamaniGurukkal-80986 15999, Sri Santhamurthy-94445 00316, Sri Jayaraman-93803 35220. Many festivals like Thai Krithigai, PanguniUthiram, Theppa Urchavam, Masi lakh archanai, Vaikasi Visakam, Avani Pavithra Urchavam, along with Brahma Urchavam are celebrated here. There are direct buses from Kanchipuram and Walajabad to reach here.





A biggest Hanumar temple in India exists in Ayyangarkulam village, 6 KM from Kanchipuram. The entire temple complex occupies 4 acres was built by granite stones. There are no shrines inside the temple except the moolavar Sri Hanumar. He is called Sri Sanjeevirayar. While entering into the temple one can see the tallest bell mandapam at all the corners of prakaram. The divine figures carved on the pillars are amazing and worth to watch. Despite all these, the temple wears a deserted look and nobody is coming here for worship. A temple pond is also nearby along with two big lakes on either side of the temple. The temple is open only during Sunday. For contact Mr. Kirupakaran-95664 71170.




One can find Siva called Sri Mannar in a human form at Thenampakkam Pachayamman temple, near Kanchipuram. This temple is said to be 1000 years old and now newly renovated. The temple houses Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Perumal, Chandikeswarar. A gigantic size Muneeswarar, Maduraiveeran, Kathayee shrines are also in the temple. This temple is located on the banks of Vehavathi river. Ambal is called Sri Pachaiamman is in a meditating posture. During every new moon and full moon days this temple wears a festival look, flooded with people to perform their rituals. The temple is open 10 am to 12 noon every day. For contact Mr. Srinivasan-99441 99871, Mr. Siva Sridharan-98948 87016, Mr. Kumaresan-96006 86994. This temple is 8 KM from Kanchipuram, and mini bus and share auto services are available to reach here.



A thousand year old Ellayamman temple is found in Putheri village, just 4 KM from Kanchipuram. The Amman deity made of lime mortar having fire in one hand and Sulayutham in another hand graces the devotees. Sri Vinayagar and Balamurugan are seated at two sides of the entrance. Navakiragam shrine is found in the prakaram. An old neem tree is said to be the sacred tree of the temple. Daily pujas are done by Mr. Sankar-9500837667. Share autos from Kanchipuram are coming here.



A village called Sembakkam, 7 KM from Thiruporur is dotted with many temples. Of which two temples exclusively for Sri Durgai and Sri Bhairavar are seen in the village. These temples are very ancient and renovated. People used to come here regularly to offer prayer. The temples are well maintained. No information regarding these temples is available. For contact Mr. Sivagnanam-9789897612, Mr. Praveendas-9791881181, Mr. Chandramouli-7401287804. The temples are located 1 KM from Thiruporur- Chengalpattu main road.


An ancient Shrine of Sri Anjaneyar is seen atop of a tiny hill with thick vegetation, near Singaperumal kovil. The old structure was completely ruined and a new temple was built recently. But access to the temple is very difficult since there is no steps or a regular path. However the temple is very significant in respect of Sri Anjaneyar got the initiation of Siva Deekshai from Sri Agora Veerabhadrar as instructed by Lord Siva. After initiation Sri Anjaneyar stayed here.

Here regular pujas are not performed. If someone wants to have the dharshan at the hill top, local people assistance is required. When coming from Singaperumalkovil, take a diversion at Dharkas towards right and travel through mud path upto the base of the hill. From this point one has to climb on the hill to reach the temple. For contact Mr. Duraisamy-9443616894. It is better to engage a person at Dharkas village. Dharkas is 7 KM from Singaperumalkovil.


The abode of Sri Anjaneyar is located in Velichai Puduppakkam village on the top of a small hill. The hill has 108 steps to reach the temple, representing 108 namavali. The Anjaneyar is facing eastern direction while his head is facing north. Many number of devotees visit this temple everyday particularly on Saturdays to have the dharshan of Anjaneyar. One ritual is very important here, that is spraying counch theertham to the devotees, after Puja. This will remove all ill effects of devotees. There is a practice of tying full coconut, bell on a tree to fulfil their prayers. Every year Thiruvidandhai Sri Nithyakalyana Perumal used to visit here for Pari Vettai Urchavam. Daily one time pujas are performed here. For Contact Mr. Vasudevan-9445299105, Mr. Mohan Butter-9444680711 This temple is situated on Vandalur-Kelambakkam road. Road is also available enabling vehicles to reach the top.




Pattipulam is a village near puli cave, a famous picnic spot on ECR located in Thiruporur block, Kanchipuram district. In this village, some years back, the ASI excavated one ancient stone temple construction beneath ground. They have also found one 3000 years old Vel in that area. They presume that this temple was dedicated to Sri Murugan. No deities are found here. The ASI is proposing to build a temple here. This place is very close to Mahabalipuram. This site is just 100 meters from Puli cave, where number of people used to visit.




Sri Kandaswamy temple in Thiruporur town is one of the oldest shrines of Lord Murugan. Some 400 years back Sri Chidambaraswamigal of that time, a staunch devotee of Lord Meenakshi, visited Thiruporur and unearthed the idols of Lord Murugan with consorts. Sri Meenakshi devi also instructed Swamigal to build a temple there. Lord Murugan also gave dharshan as a small boy and guided him during the course of construction. This temple is unique in the sense that Lord Murugan was revered by various saints like Sri Agasthiar, Sri Adhi Sankarar, Sri Arunagirinathar,Sri Pamban swamigal, Sri Chidambara swamigal and so on.

Lord Murugan. as a suyambu murthy graces the devotees in sanctum sanctorum. Sri Valli and Sri Devasenaa are also self manifested enshrined in separate shrines. Sri Chidambara Swamigal fixed a powerful yantra in front of the moolavar for the welfare of the people. All abhishegams are performed to this yantra only. This temple is a big one consists of many shrines such as Kasi Viswanathar, Visalakshi, Vanmega nathar, punniya Karunya Amman, Bhairavar, Nava Veerar,Vinayagar, Agasthiyar, Arunagirinathar, Chidambara Swamigal and the base of a Palm tree, where the Murugan idol was found. This was the place where Sri Murugan destroyed the demon Tharakasuran. Devendira gave his Ayravatham white elephant to Lord Muruga as a gift.

Daily four times pujas are performed to Lord Murugan. All rituals are followed here as initiated by Chidambara Swamigal till today. A big sacred temple tank called Saravana Poigai is seen outside the temple. Vanni tree is the sacred tree of this temple. Some of the important festivals are Teppa urchavam(two times in a year), thai poosam, Kantha Sashti, Bramma Urchavam for 10 days, Thirukkalyana urchavam. Thiruporur is well conncted by road and several buses are available from Chennai, Tambaram and Chengalpattu. For ontact Mr. Ravichandiran-9840977177, Mr Anandan-9940146465.



Vembedu is a small village located near Kelambakkam in Kanchipuram district, where an ancient Kalabhairavar temple is at the top of a small hill. This ancient Bhairavar temple is one among the 8 Bhairavar shrines on eight directions installed by Maharishi Sri Agasthiyar. One has to climb 101 steps to reach the top. The temple is a very small one with Sri Kalabhairavar as a main deity. Sri Vinayagar idol is seen outside the temple. Once a temple tank was here but not now. The temple is open from 3.30 PM to 5.00 PM. For contact Sri Gangadharan-9884724093 who is doing pujas here. It is better to contact Sri Gangadharan before coming to this temple. Buses from Tambaram-Thiruporur(55V, 555M) are coming here.