Sri Agastheeswarar Temple
Main Deities  :  Sivan  :  Sri Agastheeswarar 
     Ambal  :  Sri Maragathambigai
Location  :  Nearly 10 KMs from Acharapakkam
Bus facility: Chennai to Elappakkam-77C Mathuranthagam to madhoor T13
For contact: Mr. Ravi Bhattachariyar-95002 17658
This ancient temple is in  very dilapidated state, badly in need of immediate attention.  Pooja is being performed on Pradhosham days only.
Temples for Lord Vishnu and Grama Devadas are also found in this village.
Special features :
1.     Since the moolavar of this temple is facing south direction, It is believed that devotees will get rid of death fear ( Yama Bhayam ) .
2.     One has to light ghee lamps continuously for 12 weeks. On completion, abishegam , new vastrams , garlands to be offered to Sri Ambigai. This pooja will help us to get rid of all types of ailments.
3.     This holy place is a boon for all medical professionals, especially Doctors.
4  There is a separate sannathi for Sri Subramania Swamy .

Thirukalyana Utrsavam is being celebrated in a grand manner here. Popular
belief among the local population is if one witnesses or takes part in
thirukalyana utrsavam, it will help to remove all obstacles and facilitate
early marriage.
Srinivasa Perumal Temple
Location : 15 KMs from Dindivanam.

Thaayaar : Sri Alarmelmangai
Special features :
1. The temple is nearly 400 years old.
2. As in Thirupathi, here Srinivasa Perumal is alongwith Sri Alarmel mangai
3. Thirukalyana Utrsavam is being celebrated in a grand manner here. Popular
belief among the local population is if one witnesses or takes part in
thirukalyana utrsavam, it will help to remove all obstacles and facilitate
early marriage.

For more details : Mr Srinivasa raghavan ( 044 – 27594252 )
Busfacility: Available from Dindivanam


Sri Hridhayaaleeswarar Temple
Location : Approximately 17 KMs from Dindivanam
Bus facility: Available from Dindivanam
Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Hridhyaaleeswarar

The moolavar of this temple alongwith Sri Nandheeswarar was found lying in the paddy fields. It was found by Mr Muthuvaazhi , who constructed a temple, for which Kumbhabishegam was performed on 30/4/2009. At present, pooja is being performed only once everyday.

Special features :
1. This temple is known to offer solutions to all types of heart ailments. Performing abhisegam with curd to Sri Hridhayaaleeswarar is said to cure all types of heart diseases.
For more details : Mr Muthuvaazhi ( 90473 89214 )



Location : In Chennai – Kolkatha National Highway, approximately 7 KMs from Kaaranodai.
Bus route : Buses are available from Chennai High Court Stop and Koyambedu. Route No. 58 H. Autos are available from Karanodai village.
In this village, there are two temples. One is Lord Siva temple and the other is Lord Rama temple, located over a hill, a rare sight to watch.

Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Varamuktheeswarar
Ambal : Sri Kamakshi Amman

This temple in nearly 1,000 years old. Since both Swami and Ambal are facing the East direction, it is known to offer solutions for the obstacles in getting married. One has to light ghee lamps in this temple for 12 Fridays and offer prayers to get rid of all obstacles in marriage. Sri Vinayagar, Sri Murugan, Sri Dakshinamoorthy, Sri Durga and Sri Brahma statues are found in the outer wall of the sanctum sanctorum of this temple. Separate sannathis for Sri Bhairavar and Sri Chandigeswarar are also present. On the first day of every Chithirai month, rays of Lord Surya is said to fall on the Moolavar.At present, one time pooja is being performed in this temple. Previously Pradhosha Pooja was celebrated but due to reasons unknown, it has been discontinued.



The people of Koovathur, which is about 8 KM from Kalpakkam on the ECR road, are well deserved to be proud for renovating an ancient temple which was in ruins. Sri Aadhikesava perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi on His two sides is in standing posture.Sri Veda Goshar, a puranic sage had the privilege of dharshan of Sri Aadhikesava perumal appearing before him in person.

The renovated temple has separate sanctum sanctorum for Sri Maragathavalli, the main consort of perumal. Besides the “Dwarapalagar”, there are eight small segments which house Sri Vinayagar, 12 Alwars, Sakrathazhvar, Andal, Sri Narasimhar, Sri Durga devi with eight arms , Sri Garuda and the last but not the least Sri Anjaneya. Sri periyazhvar had sung in praise of Sri Adikesava perumal of this temple. The temple daily cores include two time puja, one in the morning and one in the evening. The glory of the temple dates back to the Ramayana Age. Lord Rama, after triumphing Ravana, wanted to worship Lord Siva to purify the sin of killing Ravana, an ardent Siva devotee. He ordered Hanuman to bring Siva Linga from Himalaya. But Hanuman could not bring the linga on time. So Lord Rama asked Sitha to make a linga. Sitha erected a siva lingam with sand. Lord Rama worshiped the linga and washed off the sin. Hanuman who came late with the Himalayan linga was irked by the act . So he was afflicted with dhosha. Only when Hanuman worshiped Adhikesava Perumal of Koovathur, he came scot-free from the clutches of the dhosha.

Another anecdote relates a story of Mahabharatha. After the war, Dharmaputhra came to know that Karna, killed in the war was his elder brother. Angered that his mother Kunthi had not divulged the fact to him, he cursed that no woman could withhold any secret from others. The curse came down upon all women in his empire. The suffering faced by women boomeranged on Dharmaputhira and pushed him in eternal misery .Lord Krishna took pity on him and advised Dharmaputhira to worship Adhikesava perumal. Accordingly Dharmaputhira came to this sacred temple and by His grace he was cured of his ills.

Another episode mentioned in the temple history,”THALA PURANAM” GIVES DESCRIPTION OF THE Lord cleansing all the sins accumulated by sacred rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Kaveri, Krishna. Above all this temple is an ideal spot for washing away of all ancestral curses. Every year as per tamil calender, during the first day of Vaikasi, Avani, Karthigai, and Masi, people with such problems can come here and bathe in the sacred tanks of this temple and worship Sri Adhikesavaperumal, with gift to poor, and wash off the sins incurred from the ancestors.

For more details contact Mr Gopu Bhattacharya (mobile 9790846554) and Mr Prabhakaran (Mobile 9841044567). All buses from Chennai to Pondichery will stop at koovathur.



Location : Approximately 4 KMs from Chengalput.

Bus Facility : Bus Nos. T 5, 22, 22 A from Chengalput to Orakattupettai

Sri Gunam Thandha Nadhar Temple

Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Gunam Thandha Nadhar Ambal : Sri Thripura Sundari

Sthala Vriksham : Sarakondrai Tree

Theertham : Agni Theertham

Special Features :

1. In this temple, one can find Asta Lingas ( 8 Sivalingams, as found in Thiru Annamalai, representing 8 directions ) in the temple praharam. The local people say that these sivalingams were consecrated, based on the divine order received in the form of Asareeri ( Divine voice heard from unseen spiritual forces )
2. Going around this temple for 21 times on Powrnami days is equivalent to performing Thiruannamalai girivalam once. Recenly a miracle took place in this temple. A person, dumb by birth, went around this temple 21 times during every powrnami day. He did this penance continuously for 7 powrnamis and gained the power of speech.
3. Nava Veerabagu sannathis , a very rare feature , are present in this temple.
4. Sri Skandha Sasti festival is being celebrated in a grand manner. People, from various villages, happen to come and celebrate Skandha Sasti festival here. Soora Samharam is also being celebrated here. . Agni Theertham , theerathm of this temple, is well known for curing all types of diseases.
Temple will remain open from 7 AM to 8 PM. For more details : Temple Priest Mr Ashok Gurukkal ( 97869 77574 ) or Mr Gothandapani ( 94448 96971 )




Location : Situated 20 KMs away to the West of Chengalput and 35 KMs to the East of Kancheepuram.
Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Sorna pureeswarar Ambal : Sri Anandha valli

Temple History :
Two asuras, Sumban and Nisumban, did penance seeking the blessings of Lord Brahma. When Lord Brahma appeared, they prayed to bless them with the boon that they should meet their end only in the hands of a virgin appearing from Godess Uma Devi. Pleased with their penance, Lord Brahma sanctioned their wish. Having obtained the boon from Lord Brahma,the two asuras became arrogant and started indulging in all types of evil deeds. They declared war against Devas, defeated and made them their slaves and continuously tortured them.
Unable to undergo the sufferings, Devas prayed to Lord Siva. To answer their prayer, Lord Siva cast His eyes upon his consort, Goddess Uma Devi and addressed Her as ‘ KALI ! ‘. Sri Ambigai transformed Her color to black and took the form of Goddess Kali. She came down to earth and on the banks of river Palar, created a theertham, after praying to Sri Vinayaga, installed a Sivalingam and began her penance.
After many years of penance, Lord Siva appeared before Goddess Kali. His grace removed her black color and granted golden color. The black color that got out of Goddess Kali, fought with the asuras and destroyed them. Since Sri Ambigai obtained golden color ( Swarnam ), therinafter the place was known as ‘ Sornapuri’.
As Lord Siva ordained, Sri Bhairavar became the controlling deity of this place. Sri Vinayagar deity, installed and prayed by Sri Ambigai, is still found in this temple, as Sri Sakthi Vinayaga.
Once Goddess Lakshmi became arrogant over her beautiful appearance. Because of that, She was cursed by Sri Vishnu and eventually, she lost her beauty. She came down to Sornapuri and with the help of Kubera, constructed a pond full of golden lotus flowers. She prayed to Lord Sornapureeswarar, by offering those golden lotus flowers and regained her original beauty. Also, Kubera was elevated as head of all wealth.
Sivanesan, an ardent devotee of Lord Sornapureeswarar, was continuously offering workship in this temple. Lord Siva granted his dharshan to Sivanesan and transformed him into two lingas, namely, Uthira Nadhar and Dakshina Nadhar. Thus, Sivanesan attained mukthi. (Liberation)

Special Features :
1. Those who pray to Sri Sorna pureeswarar by lighting ghee lamps (Nei Vilakku) and offering Vilva leaves ( Vilva archanai ) will be bestowed with abundant wealth and excellent health. This prayer is best, if done continuously for 18 Mondays ( Soma vaaram )
2. If one comes around both Uthira and Dakshina Nathars for 18 times daily and offers his sincere prayers, it is sure that his cycle of births – deaths will come to an end and he will attain mukthi.




Location : Approximately near 9 Kms from Uthiramerur.
Bus Route : Kanchipuram to Malayankulam Bus No. 34 D
Deity : Sivan : Sri Maha Muneeswarar Ambal : Sri Maragathavalli
Sthala Vriksham : Vilvam
Temple Priest : Mr Dhandapani Mobile No. : 96550 35503

This sivan temple is a very old one situated in pulivaai village. It is in a very dilapidated state. One time pooja is being performed daily in this temple.
Many stone inscriptions are found in this temple. But, no efforts were taken to find their contents.All types of eye ailments will be cured, if one prays to Sri Maha Muneeswarar by offering garlands made of vilva leaves continuously for 4 or 8 days . This popular belief is prevalent among the villagers of Pulivaai.
If one wishes to have dharshan of this temple, it is better to contact temple priest Mr Dhandapani and inform him in advance.




This Holy Shiva temple is located about 12 Km from Uthiramerur in Kancheepuram District. This is a treasured shrine. The name of the presiding deity is Shri Vanasundareswarar and the Goddess is Periya Nayagi. The Nandi in this temple is very artistically designed. The Arubathu Moovar in this temple are not carved out of rock but made of Panchaloga metal. The holy tank in this temple is called Indira Theertham. Magizham tree is considered the divine tree in this temple. Pooja is offered thrice a day here.

Thai Poosam festival is celebrated grandly in this temple. The idols of Gods from 20 temples in the neighbourhood are brought to this temple for Darshan. Similarly, on Maasi Magham day, 10 idols from the neighboring temples are brought for the darshan of the Devotees. Further, the Laksha Deepa Urchavam celebrated in the month of Karthigai is very special. The Kanda Shashti Festival celebrated over 6 days concludes grandly with the Kalyanam of Sri Valli and Sri Murugan. The temple is open from 7.00 AM in the morning upto 8.00 PM in the night. Thirumurai is read with deep devotion and fervor in this temple.

This temple is considered to be a special sacred place for those who pray to seek good jobs and progression in careers. The villagers believe strongly that these prayers are immediately answered when parihaar is done in this temple.

The endower for the temple is Sri Arumuga Mudaliar 044 27278677 Archagar is Sri Swaminatha Gurukkal- 044 27293013 Bus Route; Chennai –Polur- 148, 104 Chennai-Vandavasi -104 Kancheepuram-Manampathi -T 5



This temple is situated about 25 kms from Chingelput and 30 kms from Kancheepuram. The presiding deity is Lord Kaleeswarar and Goddess Shivagamasundari. There are two separate Flag staffs in this temple which is a special feature. Nandiyam God is named Sri Shyalanadar. The Simha Vahanam usually seen in front of the Goddess is not present in this temple.

This Temple is very ancient. History records reveal that lord Krishna and the Pandavas prayed to the Lord here. It is believed that a cow worshiped the lord and obtained salvation.

This temple is considered as a place for atonement of those with delay in getting wedding proposals or being blessed with pregnency. The Divine Tree for this temple is Mani Punga Tree.

It is happy to note that the Nithya pooja is performed in this temple four times a day ie from 8.00 AM to 11.00 AM and from 6.00 Pm to 7.30 PM. The Brahmotsavam performed in the Chaithra Month is very special in this temple. Karthigai Deepam, Arudhra Darshan festivals are exceptionally performed here. Archagar - Shri Balasubramanian Gurukkal Telephone No- 9444570950 Archagar- Shri Rajasekar gururkkal Telephone No - 9942264237




The fact that this temple was built about 2500 years ago has been engraved in the inscriptions in this Temple. The presiding deity in this temple is Lord Shri Thiruvandeeswarar and the Goddess is Shri Maragadaambigai . The left foot of the Goddess is set forward depicting that she was ready to grace the devotees who devoutly pray to Her. Lord Sri Muruga's idol in this Temple is carved out of a single stone. Thousand eyes are not enough to witness the Glory of this Lord giving darshan with his two consorts Valli and Devasena.

There are many inscriptions in this Temple. Most of them have been imprinted. The Temple is in a very dilapidated condition. This ancient sacred temple has to be renovated.

This temple is considered to be a very significant place for restitution (parigaaram). This temple is specially considered to have sacred medicinal value for people with low mental growth or mental problems. This is exemplified by the Brahmahathi idol that stands similar to the one at Thiruvidaimarudur.

This sacred temple was glorified by His Holiness Poojya Shri Shri Jayendra Saraswathi Sankarachariya Swami and Poojya Shri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Sankaracharya Swami of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam in January this year. With the blessings of the Gurus, the Abhisheka Aradhana of the deities in this temple was performed on February 12th and March 13th this year in which the villagers congregated in large numbers.

Approach to this temple:

On the Chingelput Tindivanam National Highway, about two kilometers away from Mamandur, in a place called PUKKATHURAI, if you travel about two kilometeres on the Uthiramerur road, there is a small village called Natarajapuram. On reaching here, take a right turn to the Sirupinayoor road and go about four kilometres to reach a village called Thirvandavaar or reach the Salavakkam Coot Road about three kilometres from the Natarajapuram village and reach the temple by an Auto from there, else take an Auto from Pukkathurai to reach the temple. You can reach Thivandavarai by taking the bus (Route No. 80 ) plying between Chingelput and Kancheepuram.




The shiva temple at Anaicut in Cheyyur taluk in Kanchipuram district is distinct in that prayers for marriage are readily paid head to by the Lord. The Lord here is Sri Aram Valartha Easwarar. The Goddess is named as Sri Aram Valartha Nayagi. The granite temple is built with a large size Nandhi.. As usual the temple has separate sanctum for Sri Somaskander and around the perambulatory pathway there are niches for deities associated with Siva.

Between the Lord and Goddess shrines is situated the shrine for Sri Muruga with consorts Sri Valli and Sri Devasena. The temple is open once in a day. It has the rare distinction of having two sacred trees- Vilvam and Vanni.

It is inscribed in the temple that consecration was performed 109 years ago. The temple tank is entitled as Selva Vinayakar Tank.

There are frequent bus services to this place. Koyamedu to Anaicut(route 100D,188D), Chengalpattu to Anaicut (100C) and Mathuranthagam to Anaicut (T10) are available round the clock. Pradosham, Karthigai Deepam, Siva Rathiri, Anna Abhishekam, Somavaram, Panguni Uthiram and Poosam festivals are celebrated here. In this village, there is another temple which houses Sri Agora Veerabathirar, Sri Vana Durgai, Sri Jeshta Devi and Sri Murugan. For contact temple priest Mr Vijayakumara Gurukkal-8940281959, Thiru Gnanasundaram-9843901221, Thiru N. Yuvaraj-9790067809.



Lord Subramanyar has many separate temples in Tamilnadu. One such temple is situated in Seyyur, about 26 KM from Mathuranthagam, in Kanchipuram district. Here the Lord blesses His devotees along with His consorts Valli and Devasena. The main deity is called valli Devasena Subramanyar. There are two main deities. One Sri Shanmugar and the other is Sri Subramanyar. Valli and Devasena have individual sanctorums.

The whole temple is built with granite stones. Saint Arunagirinathar sung in praise of the lord here. The temple is 1000 year old. During the reign of Kulothunga Chola (1070-1118AD) the village was called Valarvapuri. In course of time the name was shortened as Seyyur. The temple has many more deities for Somanathar, Meenakshi, Bramma, Vishnu, Surian, Vinayagar etc. Bhairaver here is considered to be very powerful. Lord Subramanyar with His one face instead of the usual six faces, has originated for the welfare of Devas. He is fondly called as Kandasamy. 27 demonic warriors representing the 27 stars are in separate sanctums, which is a rare one.

The Lord here has special grace to bestow with children to issuless couple. The temple is open twice a day, morning 6.30 to 11.00 and evening 6.30 to 8.30 For contact Mr Sakthidharan gurukkal 9444729512, Mr Ayya Manisivam-9965653006. From Melmaruvathur (sothuppakkam) many buses are available and Seyyur is 19 KM from here.





Kanathur, about 10 KM from Kalpakkam and 2 KM from Koovathur, is blessed with two siva temples. The Siva lingams are in the open. Sri Vinayagar idol is in a damaged position . Jeshta Devi, the godess of sleep and wealth is also seen. The sacred name of the Lord is not avaailable. There is no traace of Ambal. Only in two days of a month, that is on the Pradosham days, the temple is worshipped. There is a sacred tank nearby in front of the tenmple.

If one perform abhishegam to the Lord here with plain water, fear from enimies and evil forces will be removed by His graace.

Another siva lingam is found under a tree. Devotees who want to visit this place has to deboard at Koovathur in ECR road For more details contact Mr Kumaresan-9751736775, Mr. Prabhakar-9940629122, Mr. Harikrishnan-9626107659.





A gigantic linga, called Sri Kanagapuriswarar had been in the open without any temple at Mugaiyur village, near Kalpakkam. People of this village have taken up the work to build a stone temple. The goddess is called Sri Swarnambigai. Here so many Siddhars undertook tapas to appease Lord Siva.. Because of their tough tapas, they got various siddhies. The sivalingam, and Lord Ganesa were around 1400 years old. It existed in Chola, Pallava period. The Nandhi here is also of mamooth size. Renovation work is in progress at a cost of around 3.5 crores. The temple tank is nearby. The temple is open once in a day.

In 2005, before starting the temple work, the name of the Lord and history of the temple were obtained by Deva Prasnam. Earlier swamy was named as Sri Karnaliswarar. But the temple work could not progress and there were many hitches. Then the Lords name was changed as Sri Kanagapuriswarar. Then the work took speed and completed smoothly.

Devotees are coming here for various boons. Issueless couples come to the shrine praying for child birth. Their prayers are quickly answered and they come again to thank the deity. Similarly, people in severe debt burden were relieved of their debts, when they come and prayed here. There is a Vishnu temple also. The Lord s name is Sri Lakshminarayanar. For more details contact Mr Kumar-9940253944, Mr.loganathan-9894109986, Mr. Kannan-9443387700, Mr. Muthukrishnan-9894486966.




King Krishnadevaraya who ruled this area built a vaishnava temple. The moolavar, called sri Kariya Manicka perumal in a granite temple is showering His blessings at Seyyur, a small town about 30 KM from Mathuranthagam Here pujas are performed according to Vaikanasa Agamam.

The Goddess is Sri Perunthevi Thayar. There is a copper plate about this temple, available in Kannimera library, Chennai. The flag mast of this temple was installed in the year 1825. This information is inscribed in a gold coin. There are separate shrines for Sri Perunthevi Thayar and Sri Andal in the prakaram. Many stone inscriptions are seen on the wall. All usual festivals are being performed here. On Vaikunda Ekadasi day, Perumal is taken around the temple in wooden car. The temple is opened twice a day. There is a sacred pond called Chettikulam.

In front of this temple there is a Hanuman Shrine. For those whose marriages could not be held for many reasons, can pray Lord Hanuman here for 7 to 9 weeks with curd rice, their ambition will be fulfilled. For educational progress Vadai Malai to Lord Hanuman is the ideal solution. For more details contact Mr Muralidhara Battachariyar-9787581323. To reach here many buses are available from Mathuranthagam, Chengalpattu and Chennai.



The 2000 year old temple, one among the temples situated at Seyyur town, near ECR road, is built with rock stones. It is said this temple is equivalent to Kasi. The temple walls contain various inscriptions depicting the history of the Shrine. Siva here named as Sri Valmiganathar was not sculpted but originated naturally.

Siva`s consort Sri Parvathy Devi, here is called Sri Mukthambigai. Instead of Pasam and Angusam, here the deity has lotus and blue lily in Her hands. Inprakaram, there are shrines for KasiViswanathar, Vedagiriswarar, Venugopalar, Vinayagar, Valli Devasena Murugan. Gajalakshmi, Suriyan, Bairavar. Inside the Mandapam, before the shrine of Lord Siva Dwara Palar statues called Kamugan and Sudegan are sculpted with artistic beauty.On each pillar of the mandapam consists of various sculptures such as Manuneedhi Chozhan, Siruthonda Nayanar, Sri Gauthama Magarishi, Ambal Agni Thapas, Magameru, Rasi Square etc. The sacred tree is Vilvam, and a holy pond is also nearby.

Usual sivalaya festivals are being celebrated here except the Bramma urchavam which was celebrated long back, now stopped. It is believed this temple is the specific place to perform pariharams for those born in Uthiram Star. For more details contact Mr. KAE Raja-9443173571.



Another Sivan temple near Seyyur is situated at Keelacherry village. Once the Sivalingam was in open. But thanks to good hearted people, a shelter has been erected and worship is being performed for the past one year. The Lord here is called Sri Vaitheeswaran. No goddess statue found here. There is tank nearby called Pillayar Kulam. Bus services are available to reach here, from Seyyur to Pavunchur (81V, T6. And from Chengalpattu to Seyyur. For more details contact Mr Ravichandran-9445728185, Mr. Sutharsanam-8489489025, Mr. Gopinath-9787066830.


This shrine is giving relief to those affected by various ailments, particularly skin deceases. If they come here, lit lights with gingili oil and offer red flowers to the Lord on Tuesdays, will be benefited


This very old sivan temple is situated at Thattampattu village, 3 KM away from Koovathur, a small town on ECR road. Presently the deities are under a small thatched shed. There is a proposal to build a temple shortly by the village people. The names of the deities are not available. There are twoSiva llingams one with Avudayar, Murugan, Ambal, Nagar and Nandhi. There is one old Vinayagar statue outside the shed. One elephant statue is also found outside. Pujas are regularly performed here by the people of this village. A temple pond is also found. To reach here buses are availlable from Mathuranthagam. For contact Mr. Raghunathan-9444876875, Mr. Rukmankathan-9443221893, Mrs. Padmavathy-9962764837.

By the grace of Lord, the persons affected by diabetes will get cured , if they come and worship the lord regularly.



The Siva Temple in Mannivakkam is very ancient, around 1100 years old. The temple was built with boulders. The Presiding deity facing east, is called Sri Manneeswarar. The Goddess nzame is Sri Maragathambigai. Besides Lord Siva, with five goshta sannathis around the prakaram, there are shrines for Vinayagar, Murugan, Suriyan, Chandran, Bhairavar and Navakiraham.

The Temple history says, the king Kulothunga, reigning from Kanchipuram came to this forest area to annihilate crude animals, giving lot of problems to the people around here. The Lord appeard in the dream of the king and ordered to build a temple near Padappai lake. At the request of the king, Nandhikeswarar took part in the war against the enemies of the king. The Lord ordered Nandhi to moniter the enimies. Hence, unusually here Nandhi is facing the entrance of the temple. The God of death, Yama is eventoday coming to the tmple in the form of a serpant and worship the Lord.

By offering milk abhishegam to the Lord here all types of ailments are cured.

Mannivakkam is just 8 KM from Tambaram, situated in Vandalur-Kanchipuram road. Several busees are available from Thambaram to this place. For more details contact Mr. Jothimahaingam-7871566106, Mr. Thiyagarajan-9841161650, Mr. Narayanan-9710422954. Temple timings 7 to 10 am, 5.30 to 7 pm



Aappur village is about 7 KM from Singaperumal koyil. Here is a temple dedicated to Perumal, at the top of a hill called Aushathagirii, a small particle of Sanjeevi Hill, when Hanuman lifting the Sanjeevi hill. There are 500 steps to reach the top. The Lord`s nam e is Sri Nithyakalyana prasanna venkatesa perumal. He is having Thayar Mahalakshmi in his chest. So both the Lord and Goddess are adorned with saree. Perumal is in standing posture. The temple well atop the hill never went dry. It is said that many Siddhas have done Thapas here and attained liberation.

Those who have obstacles in getting married have to worship the Lord and circumambulate 5 times the shrine. By doing this they will get married and after marriage the couple should visit the temple and do abhishegam to the Lord.

The temple is open 8 to 9.30 am during week days and 8 to 11.30am on Sunday. Aappur is situated on Singaperumalkoyil –Sriperumputhur road. For contact Sri Raman Battar-9952110109, Mr. Santhanam-9443555338, Mr. Ravichandran-9840091587.


A good old temple, about 1800 years old exists in Sathirapakkam village, about 6 KM from Singaperumalkoyil. The presiding deity Sivan is called Sri Vaidheeswarar and Goddess is Sri Thaiyalnayagi. The temple is of Pallava dynasity.
It is famous for special ablution. Devotees throng the temple for various favours, such as getting rid of mental illness, couples without child come to the temple and offer special prayers to get child birth.
There are separate shrines for Kanni Moolai Ganapathy and Sri Subramanyar. The temple is open once in a day. There is a sacred pond nearby and thala virutcham is Vilvam. The village is in Singperumalkoyil- Venpakkam road and one can come by bus from Singaperumalkoyil-Venpakkam bus and get down here. Contact Mr. Sethu Iyer-9444075856, Mr. Ravi-7871627205, Mr.Rajarajan-9444181675.



Thimmavaram village, about 2 KM from Chengalpattu is the abode of Sri Vaitheeswarar. Ambal Sri Thaialnayagi is also called as Sri Padavettamman. This small temple attracts many devotees with illness of various kind come to the temple and are cured of their ailments. Childless couple also flock to this temple for favour of child birth. Temple sacred pond is nearby. The temple is open once in a day. For more details contact Thiru Ashok-9786977574. Temple is open from 7 am to 10 am.



Persons afflicted with physical
deformities are cured of them
if they pray at the temple.

The 1300 year old Siva temple here is 7 KM from Vandalur, near Chennai. The Lord is known as Sri Vridhagiriswarar and the Goddess by name Sri Vridhambigai. The temple which had three praharams once now has only one praharam. The Lord has to be seen by a hole on the wall. The Sivalingam is installed on a squarebase. Since the physical deformities are cured by the grace of Lord, the village is called Unamanchery. A pallava king who was suffering from excruciating stomach pain was cured of the pain after he worshipped the lord here. This anectode is described in a copper plate found in Ramar temple of this village. On the tamil month of Thai first day, the sun rays fall on the sivalingam, in the morning time. For details contact Thiru Murthy Sivachariyar-81249 49696, Thiru Viswanathan-98412 87775, Thiru Rajendirakumar-95663 87667. Bus services Tambaram- Oonamanchery (118A)Bus stop Kolappakkam.



All types of Navagraha Doshas will
be rectified if one come to this
temple and pray the Lord here.

Kolappakkam is 3 KM from Vandalur and here, Sri Agasthiswarar temple exists.Ambal is called Sri Periyanayagi. The Lord was adored by Nayanmars. The Sivalingam was once under a mud and temple was constructed in 2003. Goddess can be seen through a hole. Saint Agasthiyar installed the lingam and performed pujas. There is no Navagraha sannadhi in this temple. The special feature of this temple is at the end of Sivarathiri 4th stage pujas, sun rays fall on the Sivalingam. Ilupai and Vilvam are the sacred trees of this temple. There is a big tank called Bramma Theertham infront of the temple. One can come here by bus from Tambaram -Thirupporur((55D, 515, 55G, 555). For more details contact Thiru Ramkumarsivam-9841724234, Thiru Rajkumarsivam-9940073127, Thiru Devadoss-9884710199.



The Siva temple at Othivakkam village, has many interesting features in its fold. The main deity Sri Othisvarar and Goddess Sri Thayalnayagi have been installed by Raghu Bhagawan according to temple legend. The temple is about 1800 years old. The inscription on the otherhand notes that the deity is Sri Vidupattiswarar and Goddess Sri Maragathambigai. One Mrs. Shanthiammal is doing all pujas of the temple as ordered by Palani Sakkadai Siddhar and Kanakkanpatti Alukkumoottai swamigal. Another peculiar fact about this temple is that three trees, namely Banyan,Palm and Bhodhi comprise the sacred tree of the temple. Any stolen or misplaced articles of value can be relocated, if the owner come to this temple and offer prayer to the Lord. Even today many Siddhas in the form of wasps come to this temple to have dharshan of the Lord. During milk abhishegam to Lord, it turns into blue in colour. Bus services from Guduvanchery to Kumizhi are available. For contact Mr.Marimuthu-94487 90538, Mrs. Shanthi-98419 08827, Mr. Parthasarathy-9710539246.



The Lord here is giving salvation
to those suffer from severe problems
due to adverse aspects of Planet Saturn.

Pandur is a small village situated 8 KM from Guduvanchery on Kottamedue road. The village people found an ancient Sivalingam and a Ambal staue in a open place and placed under a shed. The name of the Lord is Sri Kailasanathar and Ambal is Sri Vandarkuzhali. The people of this village offer daily pujas to the deities. Both Sivan and Ambal shrines are facing northern direction. There is a temple pond nearby. For those affected by the Sani Doshams can get relief by praying to the Lord here. To reach here buses are available from Guduvanchery (555N, 55R ,60K,VM,Murugan)For more details contact Mr. K. Yuvaraj-9841939444, Mr. Dhanasekar-97100 82341,Mr. M. Vedagiri-95001 74491.





Those who are in death bed will be saved
by the grace of Lord, if their kin come here
and worship. Similarly marriages that are not

fructified will come to a happy ending
by the Lord at this temple

The Siva temple at Kayarambedu, 3 KM from Guduvanchery, has many inscriptions of king Rajaraja Cholan. The inscriptions depict the various donations given by the king to the Lord. The temple which once dilapidated was rebuilt some 25 years back by Mr. Manicka Nayakar of Chennai. The Main deity Sri Thiruvageeswarar and Goddess Sri Karpagambal, both facing the eastern direction. The temple mask with only the base is remaining. The big pond of the temple shows that float festival had been taken place long ago.
Those who are in death bed will be saved by the grace of Lord, if their kin come here and worship. Similarly marriages that are not fructified will come to a happy ending by the Lord at this temple.
For further details contact Mr. Ravichandran-9841404771. Buses from Guduvanchery, and Tambaram are available.



The miraculous spectacle of a serpent worshipping Lord Siva is taking place every day at Nandivaram Sri Nandeeswarar temple. The temple is nearby Guduvanchery bus stand. The Sivalingam is a suyambu murthy and erected on a square base. The Goddess is called Sri Soundaryanayagi. The temple has two corridors. The consecration was last held on 4th January, 1998. In olden days many Siddhars held poojas to the deity. There are shrines for Vinayagar, Valli Devasena Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Veerabathirar, Suriyan, Chandiran along with koshta devathas in the inner corridor.

The temple legend describes the rare phenomenon of cows showering milk on a mud mount. The villagers dug the mount and to their surprise found the Sivalingam inside the mount. The cut mark is still visible on the lingam. From the time onwards regular poojas were performed to the deity. A saint called Gnaanaguru swamigal who was worshipping the Lord was entombed near the temple after his death. The Goddess is enshrined in the main hall of the temple. Even today a serpent is coming daily and worship the Lord. The sacred pond called Nandhi Theertham has divine power of healing all diseases and removing sins if devotees bathe in the pond and worship the Lord.

The temple is open in the morning 6 to 12 and evening 4.30 to 8.30. For details contact Mr. Suresh-89405 69644, Mr. Dharmalingam-8939651148, Mrs. Umadevi-9841642707.



By the grace of Lord who dip in the
sacred pond and worship the Lord,
will be freed from Sani and Kali Dhoshams.
The temple is best suited for
those suffer from Sani Dhosham.

Kalivanthapattu village has a temple of yore which tells many tales. Lord Siva here is called Sri Karkadeswarar and ambal is clled Sri Karkadanayagi.Once two demons called Vilvalan and Vathapi tortured, killed many innocent people and saints. Sri Kakabujandar and Sri Bhogar Maharishi prayed Lord Siva to put an end to their atrocities by destroying them. Upon this, Lord Siva in the form of a youth with a bow and arrow came to this place and killed Vilvalan. Vathapi taking the shape of a cancer hid himself in a hole. The Lord demolished the hole and killed Vathapi. Vathapi at the time of death requested Lord Siva to grant him a boon so that people who worship the Lord here should be get rid of Sani Dosham and Kali Dhosham. The Lord granted the boon he sought for. The temple was renovated during the period of King Sambuga. AfterwardsThe Pallava king on the order of Padavedu Sri Renuka Devi also renovated the temple by using the ash like sand here. The temple pond is well maintained by the villagers. The temple is renovated recently by the villagers and the consecration took place on 29.06.2015. To reach here buses are available from Thambaram(115) and Guduvanchery(mini bus). For more details contact Mr. Hariharan-94448 75638, Mr. . Appa Sharma-99520 18974, Mr. Ganesan-93809 11017



With the blessings of the Lord,
childless couples beget children
if they come and worship here

Singaperumalkovil, also called Padalathripuram is on the GST road near Chengalpattu. The Narasimmar temple here is carved out of a rock. The main deity called Sri Ugra Narasimma Perumal is embossed on a rock surface. Sri Narasimmar after destroyed Hiranyakasibhu came to this place washed His blood stained hands in the sacred pond and blessed the Bhakthas. Unusually Sri Narasimmar has three eyes, one on the forehead. In Brammanda Puranam, this temple is described in detail. Goddess here is called Sri Ahobhilavalli Thayar. Going rounbd the temple considered to invoke the blessing of the Lord. Like Siva temples, Pradosham is celebrated here and it is considered to be very auspicious to have dharshan of the Lord during the Pradosham time, that is 4.30 to 6.00 PM. During that time the Lord is bathed with the sacred waters. Sri Andal, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Lakshminarasimmar, Sri Garudazhvar are other deities in the temple. The temple is open in the morning 7 to 12.30, and evening from 4.30 to 8.00. The sacred tank is called Suddha Pushkarani. The sacred trees are Azhinjil, which is connected with Manthra Upasans and Parijatham. All buses from Chennai to Chengalpattu will stop here. For contact Mr. Gopalakrishnan Bhattachariar-9380114686.



Settipunniyam village, about 3 KM from Mahindra City, near Chengalpattu is the holy abode of Sri Varatharaja Perumal. The presiding deity is in a standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Urchavar is Sri Devanathaperumal. Goddess Sri Hemapjavalli Thayar is enshrined in a seperate shrine. Here Lord Hayagreevar, the god of wisdom is in a meditating posture having the counch and disc in His hands. Besides there are Sri Andal, Sri Seetha Lakshmanar sametha Ramar, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Desikar, Sri Nammazhvar and Sri Anjaneyar also enshrined in the temple. It is very special to have darshan of Sri Hayagreevar on Wednesday, Thursday and Thiruvonam. Honey is offered to the Lord in this temple. Lord Hayagreevar and Sri Devaraja Perumal were brought from Thiruvahanthipuram in 1848 AD, for reasons unknown. Vaikunda Ekadasi and Hayagreeva jayanthi are important festivals celebrated here in a grand manner. The temple is open in the morning and evening. For details contact Office Manager-8675127999, 9942993770. To reach here buses are available from Tambaram(60C) and share autos are from Singaperumalkovil.



People with chronic diceases
are cured of their illness if
they perform honey abhishegam
on every monday for seven weeks
to Sri Chandikeswarar

The Siva temple in Thirukachur village, aboout 3 KM from Singaperumalkovil is about 2000 years old. The flag mast of the temple is made of stone. Lord Siva is called Sri Maruntheeswarar and Goddess Sri Irulneekki Amman. The temple was renovaed by Kulothunga Chola I. Here Chandikeswarar has four faces. Two medicinal plants, Palai and Athipalai were converted into a potent medicine by the grace of Irulneekki ambal and with that Deventhiran was cured of his dicease as advised by Sri Narada Maharishi.Lord Siva himself begged food for His devotee Saint Suntharamurthy Nayanar. The saivite saint Sundarar has sung in praise of the Lord here. The hillock is full of medicinal plants, and going round the hill on full moon day is beneficial to cure various ailments. The temple has also a holy theertham called Aushada theertham. Here Vinayagar is called Gnana Vinayagar. Other shrines are Sri Subramanyar, Koshta devathas, Chandikeswar, Bhairavar. Temple timings, morning 8.00 to 12.00 and evening 5.00 to 7.30. For contact Mrs Karpagam-99764 16837.Autos are available from Singaperumalkovil.



People with various kinds of eye
diceases are cured of their ailments
once they have the darshan of the Lord here

Thirukachur village, nearly 3 KM from Singaperumalkovil has another famous temple of antiquity. Here the Lord is called by several names like Sri Maruntheeswarar, Sri Kachapeswarar,Sri Virunthitta Eswaran and Sri Thiyagarajar. Godess is called Sri Anjanakshi. The granite temple was built by Kulothunga Cholan, shaped the sanctum like elephant back. The Lord here is said to have begged from the people of the village and gave a feast to Saint Sundaramurthy Nayanar. Sri Sundarar praised the glory of the Lord by his enchanting songs. Sri Anjanakshi ambal has a Srichakra in front of Her precinct. Sanakathi Maharis worshipped the Lord here. Sri Mahavishnu in His "Koorma Avathar" performed special pujas to the Lord here. The temple is one of the three "Upayavida Thalangal" where Lord is in a dancing posture. Asper the inscription found in the temple here the Lord is dancing in "Natta Vinotha Natanam".The other two temples are Thiruvotriyur and Thiruvanmiyur. Here honey abhishekam is very famous. Sri Mahavishnu has created the Somaskandar idol here. Theertham is called Koorma Theertham which is a sacred pond created by Sri Mahavishnu. The temple tree is Banyan tree which has no branches touching the ground. The temple is also called as "Alakkoyil" All of the festivals are celebrated here including Brammotsavam. For more details contact Thiru Muralidhara Gurukkal- 94453 56399. For further details, contact Ms PM Lalitha-95660 17168, 97898 21214.



Thiruvadisoolam, formerly called Thiruidaichuram, is the abode of Sri Gnanapuriswarar. The temple full of granite stones was built by Pallava kings. The Lord here is "Swayambu" facing east. In the inner sanctorum there are many shrines like Vinayagar, Valli Devasena Murugan, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Nardhana Vinayagar, Dakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, Durgai, Suriyan and Navagragam. Ambal Sri Imayapadakodiyamman shrine is facing south. Saivite saint Thirugnanasambandar visited and prayed the Lord with his hymns calling Him "Idaichuranatha". Hymns were also rendered by the poet saint Sekkizhar. In the outer prakaram, there are shrines for Brammandeswar, and Brammandeswari. One more Siva sannadhi facing west is also in the prakaram. Honey abhishegam here is very special. The abhishega honey will cure all types of ailments.

This famous temple is situated near Chengalpattu on Thirupporur road. All buses from Chengalpattu to Thirupporur will stop here. The temple is open 7.30 to 11.30 in the morning and 4.30 to 6.30 in the evening. For contact Mr. Chellappa Gurukkal-94449 48937.



There is a Shiva temple in Kattankolathur, near Chengalpat, about a quartr kilometer from the railway gate on the western side. The Lord known as Sri Kalathiswarar is a suyambu lingam. The Goddess is Sri Gnanambigai. She is depicted as if riding on a lion. The temple is fully of granite stones Unusually there is a Vinayagar idol by the side of the Goddess. In the 16 pillar mandap there are Selva Vinayagar, Murugan with His consorts, Kalabairavar, Suriyan, Sani, Raghu and Kethu.
The serpent on the neck of Lord Siva is said to have fallen on three places. One in Kalahasthi in Andra and the other in Kattankolathur. The third place consists of Thirunageswaram, Thirupammayur, and Keezhperumpallam in Nagai district of Tamilnadu. So this place is called Kalahasthi of the south. This temple is famous for Raghu Kethu Parikaram. Sarpadosha Pujas are performed on every Sunday between 4.30 and 6 during the Raghu kalam period.
The temple is open twice in a day. Morning 7 to 9.30 and evening 5.30 to 7.30. For details contact Mr. Lakshmanan-94452 86005. Plenty of train and bus services are available to reach here.



Lord here showers boon to
those pray for child, educational
progress and removal of adverse
effectrs of Naga Dosham. And
also maariages that are not
fruitified due to various reasons
will come to a happy end
by the grace of Lord here

Thirupulivanam village is situated 5 KM from Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram district, where a ancient Siva temple exists. This temple is about 1500 years old built by a Pallava King. The temple is fairly a big one with two prakarams, built in granite stones. The presiding deity is called Sri Vyagrapuriswarar and His consort is called Sri Amirthagujambal. The Sivalinga is a suyambu placed on a lotus peetam, with marking of tiger foot prints and Jadamudi. Maharishi Vyagrapathar worshiped the Lord here in the form of tiger and hence the Lord is praised as Vyagrapuriswarar and the place is called Thirupulivanam. In front of the sanctum santorum there is a pit on the ground and it is belived that there is a tunnel to Kanchipuram and Uthiramerur. Majestic Dwara Balakas are seen at the entrance. There is a separate structure for Ambal Sri Amirthagujambigai facing south direction. Many stone inscriptions are on the wall of the temple. Beautiful figures of Narasimma, Arjunan Thapas, Vyagrapuri rishi poojas, Vinayagar, Murugan, and many more siddhas are engraved on the walls. This temple is very famous for hosting Lord Dakshinamurthy in the form of Ardhanareeswarar. He is seated with one leg on a lion and another leg on Muyalagan, and praised as Raja Yoga Dakshinamurthy. A wonder in this temple is that the rays of sun during Uthirayanam and Dakshinayanam period fall on the wall behind the Sivalingam without its shadow. The sanctum sactorum is built as Gaja Brishta style(semi circle) with five goshta devathas. There are shrines for Vinayagar, Valli Devasena Samedha Arumugar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar and Navagrahams. A separate shrine is built on the Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Vyagrapatha Maharishi, in the outer prakaram.Vilvam is the sacred tree of this temple. Temple tank is called vyagra threertham.

Temple timings, morning 8.00 to 10.00 and evening 5.00 to 7.00. For more details contact Mr. Gunasekara Gurukkal-94452 21236, Mr. Santhosh Gurukkal-94430 61481, 98970 00857. This temple is situated on Kanchipuram-Uthiramerur Keezh road and well connected by bus services.




This temple is known for rituals
to our forefathers. If `PINDA
THARPANAM`is given in Cheyyar river
all forefathers will attain Mukti,
goes the Sthalapuranam.

KADAMBARKOIL (Pithru dosha Parihara thalam)

The temple is situated on the banks of the river Cheyyar. In this place the river is flowing as UTHIRA VAHINI ((towards northern direction). This sthalam is considered equal to Kasi. Sri Kadambanatha Swamy is Swayambu murthy.This temple is known for rituals to our forefathers To emphasis this an incident was quoted. A brahmin with the ashes of his dead father went in pilgrimage to Kasi with the intention of immersing the ashes in Ganges. When he reached Kadambarkoil, it was time for his evening rituals. So he placed the pot containing ashes on the banks of the river and started doing sandhiya vandanam. Suddenly he was able to smell jasmine fragrance from the pot.Curiously he opened the pot and to his surpirse the ashes were turned into jasmine flowers. Then he heard a voice from the Heavens, that Kadambarkoil is better than Kasi. From then onwards, this temple is flocked by those performing ஈமச்சடங்கு

Maharishi Kashyabar worshiped the Lord here. Saint Thirugnanasambandhar praised the Lord here by his divine songs.

Ambal name is Avudayanayagi. Vinayakar, Murugan, Dhashinamurthy, Durgai, Chandikeswarar sannithis are there. Sthala Virutchem is Kadamba tree. Regular pujas are performed and it is kept open from 8 to 12 in the morning and 5 to 8 in the evening. The pujas are conducted by Sri Kannan Gurukkal whose phone number is 9655035503. Buses are available from Kancheepuram to Uthiramerur via Makkarai and stopping is Venkachery. From there the temple is half a kilometer.

For contact Mr. N K Rajasekaran-9789700447, 9443643434, Mr.Kannan Gurukkal-9655035503.



. Performing pradhosha pooja for
this nandheeswarar by offering Vilvam,
Arukampul and rice mixed with
jiggery and yelakkai as naivedhyam
will help us to get rid of
all money related problems and it
also ensures our good health.

Azhichur is a small village in Kanchipurm District, 9 Kms away from Uthiramerur. In this village, one can find a small but beautiful Temple , situated on the southern banks of Cheyyar river. Moolavar is called Sri Arulaleeswarar and Ambal is called Sri Ambujakujambal. Other deities are Sri Mangala Vinayakar, Murugan with Valli and Devasena, Bhairaavar, Lakshminarayanar and Nandhiswarar.

Significance of this temple