This anicient Sivan temple having all the three features of murthy, theertham and thalam is located at Ntrampakkam village of Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchipuram district. The old temple was totally ruined and a new temple was built some years back. The presiding deity Sri Nandakeswarar with His consort Sri Chandrahasa Eswari graces the devotees. The divine swords viz. Chandrahasam and Nandagam of Sri Navadurga and Sri Mahavishnu are guarding the Lord here. They keep on circumbulating the Lord clockwise and anti clockwise even today. There are two significant therthams associated with the temple. One is called Chandrahasa theertham and another one is Nandagam or Katka theeeertham. For more details contact Sri Kannan-9524882663. All festivals related to Sivan temple are celebrated here.

It is a remarkable parihara thalam for those affected by mental confusion and wavering mind. Worshipping the Lord and Ambal regularly, after taking a dip in two theerthams will fetch good results to them.. Also, expenses over their earnings will be set right and financial constraint will be resolved.

Coming here and worship
the Lord with sincere prayer
improves the prosperity of a person.

In Panampattu village, about 10 KM from Mathuranthagam an ancient Perumal temple is situated. Here the moolavar Sri Srinivasa Perumal with Sri Bhoomi devi and Sri Neela devi is giving dharshan in a standing posture. The Vimanam is called Punyakodi vimanam and this temple follows Vaikanasa agamam. In front of the Perumal sannadhi a Nandhi and a Sivalingam are seen. The temple is well maintained and regular pujas and rituals are going on. The temple tank is very big in size and it occupies 10 acres of land. For contact Sri Narayana Bhattar-9843769671, Sri Parvatharajan -9894098983. Several buses from Mathuranthagam are available. Bus stop Puliyaranankottai.


Persons seeking good employment
have to come here and lit a ghee lamp
to Anjanayar on consecutive three new moon days.
When their prayer is fulfilled , they have
to garland Anjanayar with a Vadai Malai.

Sri Pundareega Varadaraja Perumal temple is located in Pukkathurai village, near Mathuranthagam, Kanchipuram district. This ancient temple was renovated by Krishnadeva rayar during his reign. The Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi is giving dharshan in standing posture. Two Urchava deities are here , one Sri Pundareeega Varadarajar and another one is Srinivasr. The temple is fairly a big one and has a flag mast and Garuda mandapam. Sri Perundevi thayar has a separate shrine in the prakaram. Sri Senai Mudaliyar, Duvarapalar, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Periyazhvar and Sri Chakrathazhvar shrines are also there. The embossed figures of Sri Krishnar, Lakshmi Varahar on pillars are worth mentioning. Sri Andal shrine is located on the right side prakaram, where Sri Anjaneyar figure is embossed on a pillar. He is very powerful and all prayers are fulfilled quickly, it is said. Brammothsavam is performed here every year. In front of the temple a tank is there. Water from it is taken daily for temple puja. All festivals related to a Perumal temple are celebrated in a grand manner. Daily two time puja is performed. The temple is open 8 to 12 in the morning and 4 to 7 in the evening. For contact Sri Vijayaragava Bhattachariar-8754892397. Pukkathurai is located between Chengalpattu and Mathuranthagam on the Chennai –Trichy highway and all buses stop here.



Those who want to excel in studies, if
worshipped the Lord on Moola and Punarpusa star
or on a wednesday will gain progress. Also
all mental illness will be cured by the
grace of Lord, by offering betal leaves garland(self made)
and worshipping the Lord regularly.

Mamundur is a small village on the southern bank of Palar river, near Chngalpattu, where an ancient Siva temple is located. This place was formerly called Vadapathi. The Lord here is called Sri Picheeswarar and His consort is called Sri Nagavalli. The sanctum is built in gaja brishtam style. The temple has deities of Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sameetha Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Suriyan, Chandran and Navakirahams. Sri Manduga Maharishi in the form of a frog did penance and got the dharshan of Lord Sri Saraswathi devi also worshipped the Lord and the sacred tank is called Gnana Saraswathy Theertham.

The temple is open 7 to 11 in the morning and 5 to 7 in the evening. Daily two time pujas are offered. Betal leaves and Kokku Mandarai are the two thala virutchams here. For contact Sri Sekar -9944337758, Sri Karthikeyan-9894026983. Mamandur is at a distance of 13 KM from Chengalpattu and situated on national hishway.



By worshipping the Lord
here, all types of Naga
Dhosham will be nullified.

Location: Meyyur, near Chengalpattu
Sivan: Sri Anantheeswarar
Ambal: Sri Anandanayagi
This Sivan temple is situated on the south bank of Palar river. Swamy sanndhi is facing west and Ambal is facing south. History has it that Sri Pathanjali Maharishi while taking a narmada bana linga for Chidambaram, he stayed here for some time. Ananthan, the snake king worshipped the lingam at that time. On seeing this Maharishi decided to install the lingam here and did it. The temple has shrines of Vinayagar, Subramanyar with his consorts, Mahavishnu, Kala Bhairavar, Chandikeswarar, Nalvar and Navakirahams. The temple has also a flag mast and Bramma urchavam is celebrated every year. Sivarathiri Arudra darisanam, Karthigai are also celebrated here. Daily puja is done once in a day. For more details contact Guhanandam-7639472901, Sri Sekar-9750737568. To reach here take a right turn immediately after crossing palar bridge.


Worshipping the Lord here
will help to remove all obstacles
and facilitate early marriage.

Location: Pilappur, near Chngalpattu
Presiding deity: Sri vashistaswarar
Ambal: Sri Loganayaki
This ancient Siva temple dates back to 1400 years. Folklore has it that Sri Vashista Maharishi installed the Sivalinga and worshipped. Inscriptions found on the wall reveal that king Pulikesi II has donated this village to his army commander. This temple is considered one of the important Guru Sthalams. The temple has four sacred theerthams. Sarakondrai and vilvam are the thala virutchams. Well maintained temple has regular puja once in a day. Bramma urchavam, Sivarathiri, Karthigai deepam, Aurudra darisanam festivals are celebrated. For contact, Sri Yuvaraj-7502096956, Prabakaran-9444896503. Bus route, Chengalpattu to Pilappur(T20).


This temple is a significant parihara thalam
for those having legal litigation. When
the legal problems are genuine,
they will be ended smoothly by
the grace of the Lord.

Location: Sithandi village, near Chengalpattu

Main deity: Sri Thirukatcheeswarar

Ambal: Sri Muthuvazhi Eswari

This ancient Siva temple is under renovation. Sri Valampuri Vinayagar here is called Vazhakku Theertha Raja Ganapathy. Sivagangai theertham and Vinayaga theertham are the two sacred tanks here. Daily one time puja is going on. For more details contact Sri Gopu Mudaliyar-9965594250, Sri Balaji- 9994189150.. Chengalpattu to Pinayur (T9,T20),Arumpuliyur (129B) buses are coming here.



For those having obstacles
in getting married have to
worship the Lord and by this
their prayer will be fruitful.

Location: Athiyur, near Chengalpattu

Sivan: Sri Kumbeswarar

Ambal: Sri Mangalambigai

The temple is one of the important parihara thalams. Other deities here are Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Navakrahams. Daily one time puja is performed. A sacred temple tank is nearby.For dtails contact Sri Gurumurthy Gurukkal-97509 45315. Several buses from Chengalpattu to Pinayur, Orakattupettai, Arumpuliyur, Pilappur are coming here.


This temple is one of
the notable parihara
Sthalams for marriage.

A 1500 years old Sivalayam is located in Kumaravadi village near Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram district. The Lord here is called Sri Azhageswarar and ambal Sri Abhayambigai. Swamy sannadhi is facing east and Ambal sannadhi facing west. A broken jestadevi, Sivalingam and a nandhi, Sri Mahavishnu are found outside the temple. Daiy puja is performed twice in a day. The temple is having a beautiful sacred tank. For contact Sri Loganathan-9894665035, Sri Perumal-97915 68190. Buses from Chennai, Chengalpattu to Uthiramrur are coming here. Bus stop Kumaravadi.



This is one of the parikara thalams
for those affected by various deceases .
If they take a dip in Basma theertham
and worship the Lord regularly will
be cured of their deceases by the grace of Lord.

This ancient Sivan temple is located in Karunkuzhi village, near Mathuranthagam of Kanchipuram district. Here Lord Siva is called Sri Gnanagiriswarar and Ambal is called Sri Gnanambigai. It is believed that Sri Ramar worshippd the Lord here. Also Sri Arunagirinathar, Sri Ramalinga Swamigal and many Siddhas had visited and worshipped the Lord. A beautiful, big tank called Basma theertham is situated near the temple. Daily one time puja is performed. Kontrai is the sacred tree here. For contact Sri Sureshbabu Gurukkal-82205 00619, Sri Chandrasekara Gurukkal-9944372133.Karunkuzhi is situated on the GST road between Chengalpattu and Mathuranthagam.



One of the most Powerful Vaishnava sthalams is located at Arasankovil village near Chengalpattu. Sri Varadharaja Perumal is the presiding deity here with Sridevi and Bhudevi . Sri Perundevi Thayar also known as Sri Sundara Mahalakshmi is enshrined in a separate enclosure. Thayar with six fingers on her right leg seated in Padmasana blesses the devotees, undr the Sukra vimana. Sri Mahaakshmi is Sukra!s divine controller .Sri Sukra worships at this shrine every Friday without fail. This indeed is a boon to anyone who might desire the blessings of Sukra and Mother Lakshi. In Pranava Kodi Vimanam Sri Varadharaja Perumal blesses the devotees in a standing posture. Sri Andal shrine is found in the prakaram. Sri Anjaneyar sannadhi is seen in front of the temple. The temple is located on the bank of Palar river and the river changes its course from north to south here as in Varanasi. Lord Siva, Sri Bramma, Sri Agasthiyar, Sri Janakar worshipped the Lord here. For more details contact Sri Kannan Bhattachariar-9698 510956. Arasankoil is located 7 KM from Padalam Koot road on Chennai-Trichy Hiway, after crossing Chengalpattu.

Sri Sundara Mahalakshmi will bless one and all with solutions for money problems.


Issueless couples come to this
temple praying for child
birth and their prayers
are quickly answered.

Sri Menakshi sametha Sri Somanatheswarar temple is located at Veerannakunnam village, near Mathuranthagam of Kanchi District. The temple has been renovated some years back. At the entrance Duwara Ganapathy and Duwara Balamurugan are present. Around the sanctum four koshta devathas namey Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Bramma and Durgai are there. Seperate shrine for Valli Devasena sametha Murugan is located in the prakaram.Soma theertham is the sacred tank of the temple. Vellai Erukku is the tala virutcham. Daily poojas are going on once in a day. Veerannakunnam is located 15 KM from Padalam koot road. Buses from Chengalpattu to Thachur are available to reach here. For contact Sri Arunagiri-8870449538, Sri Parthibhan-90030 73516.


Worshipping the Lord
regularly is beneficial
for those affected by
serious illness.

Erpakkam a small beautiful village situated 10 KM from Mathuranthagam on Thirukazhukundram road, where a 1200 years old Siva temple is there. Sri Somanatheswarar also known as soleeswarar is the presiding deity with His consort Sri Soundaryanayagi. Styled as a dwara sannadhi temple, entrance to the shrine is given on the southern side. The stone temple has all shrines of five koshtams, Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar, Nalvar,Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Chandiran and Navakrahams. Chandra bhagavan worshipped the Lord here to get rid of his ailment. The theertham called Chandra pushkarani is seen in front of temple. The temple is well maintained and regular pujas are going on. For contact Sri Krishnamurthy-9245296848, Sri Thanikaivel-8807682340. Bus route: Mathuranthagam to Thirukazhukundram(T2, T3)




This ancient Siva temple is located in Mathuranthagam town, Kanchipuram district. The Lord Siva is called Sri Venkatteswarar also known as Sri Swetharanyeswarar. His consort is called as Sri Meenakshi. The temple is big with a five tier Rajagopuram, flag mast and nandhi mandapam. Siva here is a swambu murthy facing east. This shrine is considered a thevara vaippu thalam. Sri Arumugar seated on a peacock with his consorts Valli and Devasena was praised by saint Sri Arunagirinathar in his thirupugazh. There is a shrine for Pandiswarar with his consort Sri Bhuvana amman near Ambal shrine. Other shrines are koshta devathas, Vinayagar, Arumugar, Nalvar, Chandikeswarar, Kala Bhairavar, Unmatha Bhairavar, Astanga Bhairavar, Suvarna Bhairavar, Pallava era Soma Ganapathy, Somaskandar and navakrahams.

Sevral stone inscriptions belonging to the period of Paranthaka Chola I, Kandarathiya Chola, Kulothunga I, Vikrama Pandiya, Vijayanagara and Nayaks are found. Totally there are 27 inscriptions. They all speak about the donations given to the temple. One Pandiya king affected by skin decease got cured by worshiping the Lord here after taking a dip in temple tank. In gratitude, the Pandiya king installed a Sivalinga in the prakaram.

Mathuranthagam is a taluk head quarters situated 28 KM from Chengalpattu on National highway. For contact Sri Shanmuga Gurukkal-9087548299, Sri Rajesh Gurukkal-9445748299.

It is a notable Parihara thalam for those affected by skin deceases.


This temple is a parihara sthalam
for progress in education
and child birth.

Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal temple is located at Pulikundram village, about 4 KM from Thirukazhukundram of Chengalpattu district. Sri Lakshmidevi is on the lap of Sri Lakshminarayanar. Urchavar is Sri Varadharaja Perumal with Srideevi and Bhoodevi. Sri Padmavathy Thayar is also has a separate shrine in the prakaram. Other shrines are Garudan, Dhanvanthiri, Chakrathazhvar, Anjaneyar, Vinayagar, and Navakirahams. The temple is well maintained and regular pujas are performed. Sri Kozhiyana Achariyar performed pujas to the Lord here.Pulikundram village is on Thirukazhukundram-Thiruporur road. For contact Sri Thirumal achariyar-94446 66732, Sri Sridhara achariyar-044 27491151.