This is also a very ancient temple, located in Kiliyanagar. One time pooja is being performed everyday. The temple walls are full of stone inscriptions.
Contact Person : Temple Priest - Mr V Dev ( 94444 28012 )


Sri Anjaneyar Temple

This is a very, very ancient temple without any roof.  Villagers have tried many times to construct a roof over the deity but failed.  There is a popular belief among them that Sri Anjaneya Swmai is growing in size, as days pass by. 

 Sri Karivaradharaja Perumal Temple


Main Deities  :   Moolavar  : Perumal  :  Sri Karivaradharaja Perumal  

                                                  Thaayaar :  Sri Ambujavalli
                        Urtsavar :  Perumal : Sri Athikesava Perumal 

                                          Thaayaar:  Sri Devi and Boo Devi

This temple, built with stones,  is nearly 850 years old.   There is also a sannathi for Sri Rama alongwith Sri Seetha, Sri Lakshmana and Sri Anjaneyar.   The traditional  wooden pole to hoist flag  (Kodi maram ) is also found here.

Devotees of this village had taken efforts, began the reconstruction of this old temple. But due to financial constraints, there is no progress in work, for the past 8 years.  Interested persons may contribute financially and physically so that the work can be started  again and completed soon.


Please contact, for all details  Mr Parthasarathy  ( Moblie No. 97909 86393 )



Sthala Viruksham :  Paadhiri

Babu Rayan pettai  is a small, beautiful village where this  very big temple occupying an area of 16 acres, was constructed in the form  of Garuda ( Divine bird, being the carrier of Lord Vishnu ). This fact  can be ascertained even today, if one takes the arial view of the temple.
It is said that Babu Raya, a noble soul, constructed this temple in 16th Century, under the divine instructions from Lord Vishnu himself.  Those who belonged to that family, and later, kings belonging to Nayakkar Dynasty had seen to that all the festivals, celebrations and daily rituals of this temple were carried out without any break.

Unfortunately, during the last 50 years, no one took steps. As a result , the temple got very damaged and at present,is  in need of immediate attention.  Eventhough there is enormous wealth,  the temple is remaining uncared.  It  is now under the control of HR & CE Department, with  pooja  being performed once everyday.

Special features :
1.     There are two theerthams in this temple, Sri Vijaya Pushkarini  in the inner praharam and Kamala Theertham, in the outer praharam of the temple.

2.     Thulasi and Red Lotus ( Senthamarai ) are the two flowers preferable for any pooja to be performed in this temple.

3.     Vaahana Mandapam and Thirumanjana Mandapam are in a very damaged condition.

4.     There are many other sannathis in this temple. 1. Sri Venugopalan with Radha Rukmani  2. Sri Ramar with Sri Seetha Devi and Sri Hanuman 3. Sri Karudan and  Azhvaar sannathis. 



5.     Impressions  in gold and silver of a lizard, as found In Sri Varadharaja temple of Kanchipuram, can be seen and worshipped  in this temple also.



Location :  On a small hillock situated in 1 KM  to the west of Sri Varamuktheeswarar Temple.

Once upon a time, this temple wore a grand look with seven praharams. At present, it remains in a damaged state.  The moolavar Sri Ramar is made of saligramam stone. As in Badhrachala, Lord Rama is found here with His consort, Sita Devi sitting on His left thigh.  Sri Hayagreevar, Sri Narasimhar and Sri Venugopalar sannathis are also present.  Married couple seeking children and students pursuing higher education can find their prayers fulfilled, once they visit and conduct poojas here. Many are said to have benefitted by visiting this temple for this purpose.

Lord Rama’s consort, Sita Devi, once came to take bath in Kosathalai river nearby. Mahishasuran came and disturbed her peace. Getting scared, Sita Devi came running and sat on the left thigh of Lord Rama. Mahisasura had already done penance and obtained a boon from Lord Siva, according to which only women can end his life. Accordingly, Lord Rama  placed  four dharbai grass in the four directions. They took  the form of four Devis and ended the life of Mahisasura.
Even today, those four devis, Sri Angala Pramaeswari, Sri Ponniamman, Sri Mulakkal Amman and Sri Kekaithamman remain as the guarding deities ( Kaaval Deivam) of this village.

For more details, Please Contact :  Mr Sudhagar  ( 95660 11853 ),  Mr Sarathi Battachariyar ( 99406 76372 ), Mr Sivaiya  ( 99418 25622 )  Mr Janarthanan ( 044 – 26402364 )

This temple offers a unique opportunity  to all. Those who can not afford to visit Badhrachala,  can come  and get the blessings of Sri Badhrachala Rama here itself.


Main Deities : Perumal : Sri Purushothama Swamy
Thaayaar : Sri Devi and Boodevi

There is also a very old Vishnu temple in this village. On Mattu Pongal festival day, Lord Purushothama Swamy goes around the village in Garuda Vahana and blesses everyone.
For more details, please contact : Sri Kailasa Gurukkal ( 96550 40046 ) or Kandavel Odhuvar ( 97867 05321 )




Location : Approximately 28 KMs from Uthiramerur
. Bus Route : Bus No. 55 Kancheepuram to Neyyadupakkam
Sri Adhi Kesavaperumal Temple
Main deities Sri Adhi Kesava Perumal Thaayaar : Sri Devi and Boo Devi .
Theertham : Cheyyar river.

This ancient temple is in a very damaged condition, badly in need of renovation work. At present, one time pooja is being performed everyday. For more details, Please contact : Mr Jayavel ( 94436 20370 ) Temple trustee.


Nedumaram, about 10 km from Kalpakkam in Kanchipuram district has the proud tradition of having both Perumal and Sivan temples in tact. Sri Adhikesava perumal is consorted by Sri Ambujavalli thayar. The puja rites in this temple are performed as per Vaikanasa Agamam. The Lord, Sri Adhikesava perumal is in standing posture. The Urchava murthy is consorted by Sridevi and Sri Bhoodevi.
The temple is 500 years old and there is a charter that was made in 1911, which describes the grants alloted to this temple. A five tier Rajagopuram was built recently.

Vikanasa Acharya whose idol is found only in 5 temples in Tamilnadu has His gracious presence here. Sri Andal, Sri Lakshmi Narayanar are also enshrined in the campus. Besides these, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Thirumangai Azhvar, Nammazhvar, Sri Manavala Mamunigal, Sri Viswaksenar, Sri Anjaneyar and Sri Karudazhvar can be found.

The temple is open twice a day. There is a sacred pond. The sacred feet of Sri Sthala Sayana perumal in Mahabalipuram has been shifted to this temple which showcases the affinity between the above temples.Navarathiri, Vijayadasami, Parivettai, Vaikunda Ekadasi, Andal festival, celestial marriage on Bogi day, Panguni uthiram, Krishna jayanthi are some of the festivals celebrated in the temple.
To reach here buses are available from Chengalpattu to Koovathur no.T5, 100C, 85. For contact Mr.S. Varadaraja Bhattachariar-9786628005, Mr.Thukkaram-9787446990 Mr. Narayanan-9751163871.



Sri Venugopalaswamy with His consorts Sri Bhama and Sri Rukmani are the main deities at Kadukkapattu village, about 25 KM from Mathuranthagam. It is really a feast to the eyes of the devotees. The rock temple, since the last century was only a place where bhajans were sung. During the last century this temple was built. The temple has separate sanctorum for Lord Ganesa, Sri Andal, Sri Ramanujar, Sri Garunda and alwars. In front of the presiding deity, Sri Srinivasa Perumal with Sri Devi and Bhoodevi is showing His bless on the devotees. The temple is open twice a day.

Vaikunda Ekadashi, Purattasi Sani, Sri Ramanavami, Sri Krishna jayanthi are some o f the festivals celebrated here. To reach here buses are available from Mathuranthagam to Kodur(100, 100C, 85, T5) For further details contact Mr Ramakrishnan(9787595454), Mr.Padmanabhan(9047676909) Mr.Murali(9843817382)



Latoor, a smaal village, 3 K.M. away from Pavunchur a smalL town, 20 K.M. from Mathuranthagam, where Siva Vishnu temple is situated. In this ancient temple Lord Siva is called as Margasagayeswarar and ambal is called as Maragathambigai. Along with five Koshta shrines, there are seperate shrines for Sri Vinayagar, Sri Balamurugan, Nandikeswarar and Sri Anjaneyar. In the same premises, Sri Adhikesava Perumal with his consorts Bhama and Rukmani is enshired adjacent to Sivan sannadhi. This temple was totally dilapidated and renovated 5 years back. Both Siva and Vishnu temple festivals are celebrated here. Temple sacred pond is also available.

One Mr. Mani Desikar (9585741122,7502305222) is doing pujas here. To reach here buses are available from Mathuranthagam, Chennai (100D), and Chengalpattu Share auto is available from pavunchur. For more details contact Mr. Ramadoss(9751549908,Mr, Muniyasami(9884219524), Mr. Krishnaraj (9600240352)





Mugayur, a small town near Kalpakkam has 2 to 10 temples on the whole. One of them is shrine of sri Kallazhagar. He is also called Sri Venugopalaswamy and Goddess is called Sri Suntharavadivu.

Until 1985, fishermen here mistook the stone idol of the Lord as ordinary stone one and started fishing from here. Also workers here blew the coconut husks for making threads on the back of the Lord, thinking that it was a stone. The Lord was in an inverted position and the folk had no idea that it was the Lord. One gifted personality, on suspicion moved the stone idol upwards. Only then it was realised that it is Venugopalaswamy alias Kallazhagar. Like in Madurai, here Sri Kallazhagar is sitting on the back of a horse.

The other temples in this small town are Vishnu Durgai, Sri Vanchiamman, Sri Muthumariamman, Sri Muthalamman, Sri Baraniamman, and Sri Gangaiamman. Sri Jalakandeswrar temple is situated in a grave.

Mugayur is situated in ECR road, 15 KM from Kalpakkam towards Pondicherry. Koovathur, a small town on ECR road is just 5 KM from Mugaiyur, from where share auto is avaailable. For contact Mr. Kumar-9940253944, Mr.Loganathan-9894109986.



A 600 years old Perumal temple is in Sengkattor village, about 5 KM from Seyyur. The Moolavar is called ChennaKesava Perumal. The urchavars are called Sri Devi, Bhoodevi sametha Chennakesava perumal. There is a separate shrine for Sri Perundevi Thayar. Regular pujas are performed here. During the festival of Sri Krishna Jayanthi, Uriyadi Urchavam is very famous here. For contact Mr.Arumugam-9843752254, Mr. Ezhumalai-9751087231, Mr. Siva-9787066694.



There is an old perumal temple in Nelvaipalayam village which is 8 KM from Koovathur. The stone temple is good old and now in a deserted state. The temple pillars depict various sculptures, all of them embossed. But no deities are in the temple. People of this village say, stone idols are in the temple well. But no efforts are taken to take out the old stone idols from the well. For contact Mr. Ezhumalai-9629503632, Mr. Murugesan-9787415648, Mr. v. Arumugam-9787475991. Buses are coming to this village from Mathuranthagam(T5,100C,100A)



Mugaiyur a small town on ECR road, near Kalpakkam, has many temples on the whole. One of them is the Shrine of Sri Kallazhagar. He is also called Sri Venogopalasamy. Godess is called Sri Sundaravadivu thayar.

Until 1985, fishermen hre mistook the stone idol of the Lord as ordinary one and started fishing from hre. Also workrs here blew the coconut hucks for making threads, on the back of the Lord, thinking that it was a stone. The Lord statue was in an inverted position and the follk had no idea that it was the Lord. One gifted personality, on suspicion moved the stone idol upwards. Only then it was reallised that it was Venugopalasamy. Later the lord is housed in a well built temple by the people and startd pujas . Like in Madurai, Kallazhagar her sitting on a horseenter into Palar river in th month of Chitthirai.

Mugaiyur is just 5 KM from Koovathur and 15 KM from Kalpakkam. For more details, contact Mr. Kumar-9940253944, Mr.Loganathan-9894109986.


The Kolathur village is 5 KM from Singaperumalkoyil. Here Lord Vishnu along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi is enshrined in a temple, full of rock stones, which is 1400 years old. By the history of the temple it was built by king Vikrama cholan. The Lord is known as Thirunarayana perumal and the Goddess Sri Amothavalli is in a separate enclosure. Besides, Sri Andal, Sri Krishnar,, Sri Desikar, Sri Ramar and Sri Anjaneyar are other deities here. Mini buses are available from Singaperumalkoyil to reach here. For further details contact Mr. Santhanam Bhattar-9176068508


This small temple is situated about 4 KM from Singapeumalkoyil. The Lord is showing His blessings on devotees along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. The presiding deity is called Sri Kalyana Varatharajar/ The temple is open once in a day. For more details contact Mr.Raju Iyengar-9941371002, Mr. KSV-91760 42043.



Venpakkam village is 5 KM from Singperumalkoyil. Here Perumal is called Sri Srinivasa Perumal with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. The temple built with rocks is 500 years old. Pujas are performed here under Vaikanasa doctrine. Thayar Sri Alamelumangai is enshrined in a separate shine.The temple is open 8 am to 10 am. There are two sacred ponds here.

An interesting anecdote about this temple is Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal, around 1200 years old was shifted to this temple from Kalvadi village, around 1.5 KM from here and installed in a special platform and worshipped from 2015.

The Lord here once in a year goes for Parivettai(hunting) on a hill which has 108 steps. Singaperumalkoyil and Venpakkam is well connected by bus service. Contact Mr. Balasundaram-9444707073, Mr. balaraman-9380760432.



Vadakkupattu, a small hamlet about 6 KM from Oragadam, was previously known a Utthiralakshmipuram. The Perumal temple here comes under the patronage of Akobhila mutt. The presiding deity is Sri Varatharaja perumal. The idol in a standing posture is consorted with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. The Lord is also called Aadhikesavar. The Goddess is called Sri Sundaravalli Thayar in a seperate shirine. Every month during the last Friday, Thayar is worshipped with Archanai for world peace.

Sri Sadagopan, Sri Vedanthadesikar, Sri Andal, Sri Viswaksenar, Sri Chakrathaazhvar, Sri Krsihna on Kalinga are other shrines encompassed within the temple. The temple is open twice a day. There is a sacred pond. Arrangements are being done to erect a cow protection centre. The sacred tree here is Parijatham. Vaikunda Ekadasi, Navarathiri, Karthigai deepam,, Dipawali, Pongal, Purattasi Sani are some of the festivals performed in this temple. To reach here, bus services are available from Tambaram-Kuruvanmedu(55M), Chengalpattu-Vadakkupattu(T10). Share autos are available from Oragadam. Contact Mr. Raghunath-9884070230, Mr. Sowrirajan-9884576575, Mr. Aravinthan-9677263493



Between Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram, there is a Perumal temple at Paalur. The village was once known as Paalayur. Perumal is called Sri Deivanayaga Perumal. He is consorted with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. He appears in standing posture. The big mandap which existed long time before crumbled due to passage of time. Now the Lord is sheltered in a titled building. The legend about this temple is found in Thirunalveli copper plates. It is said the temple was built by local kings even before the Pallava dynasty, about 1400 years ago. The temple is open only on Saturdays. All buses from Chengalpattu to Kanchipuram, Walajabad ply through the village. For details contact Mr.Balasubramanyan-9791432068, Mr. Babu Naidu-9042900317, Mr. Ezhumalai-9597843892.



Villiambakkam near Chengalpattu is the sacred place where Sri Srinivasa Perumal in standing posture blesses devotees along with Sridevi and Bhudevi. Goddess Sri Alamelumanga is enshrined in a seperate shrine. The temple has beautiful Rajagopuram. The deity was installed before 400 years from Kanchipuram.Besides main deity, there are Navaneetha Krishnar, Sri Ramar, Sri Andal, Sri Chakrathazhvar, Sri Desikar, Sri Ramanujar and Sri Garudan.The temple is open twice in a day. The temple is located 1 KM off main road between Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram. Number of bus services are available to reach here.For more details contact Thiru Varatharaja Bhattachariar-90034 00740.



A Ramar temple exists in Unamanchery village, about 7 KM from Vandalur, near Chennai. The main deity is Sri Kothandaramar with Sita devi, Lakshmanar, Bharathar, Shatruknar and Hanuman. The Procession idol is Sri Srinivasa perumal. The rituals conducted in this temple as per Pancharathra Agamam. The sacred pond is behind the temple. Buses from Tambaram to Unamanchery (118A) are available.For contact Thiru Rengarajan-8058273680, Thiru Vijayakumar-9884177148, Dharmakartha-9444077151.



A replica of Sri Venkatachalapathy at Tirupathy, exists in Venkatamangalam vilage, about 10 KM from Vandalur, near Chennai. Perumal is known as Sri Thiruvenkataperumal and Thayar as Sri Thiruvenkatalakshmi. The sacred tank of this temple is called Ksheerapthi pushkarani. The Lord appeared in the dream of one of His devotees and ordered to construct a temple for Him at this village.The divine order was obeyed and the temple was built and consecration was performed in the year 2016. A big banyan tree about 400 years old is considered to be the sacred tree of this temple. The temple is open twice in a day, 7.30 to 11.30 AM and 4.30 to 8.00PM. Bus services are available from Tambaram- Venkatamangalam, T.Nagar- Venkatamangalam, East Tambaram -Venkatamangalam. For more details contact Thiru Nagasubramaniyan-94442 76186.



Guduvanchery, a nearby town of Tambaram has distinction of having a famous Vishnu temple. Another special aspect of this temple is that a Siva temple is also enclosed in it. Lord Siva is called Sri Malligeswarar and Ambal is called Sri Maragathavalli. Siva shrine has two nandhi sculptures. The Siva idol and nandhis are old and the other idols were sculpted anew. Here Perumal is called Sri Pachaivarna perumal with His consorts Sridevi and Bhoodevi. Perumal is giving dharshan in standing posture. Here a saint called Sri Vandi Swamigal alias Dinakar swamigal is entombed with life force emanating from it. The temple pond is called Thattan Kuttai and it is said that the temple car is beneath the pond. The sacred trees are Vilvam and Vanni.

The temple, about 2000 years old was in a dilapidated condition. Devotees in a coordinated effort rebuilt the temple and the consecration took place in 2016.

The temple is situated in Mahalakshmi Nagar Extension, near Guduvanchery bus stand. For details contact Mr. Suresh Sivachariyar-89405 69644, Mr. Nethji Subhash Chandrabose-99529 28011




The Vishnu idol is called Sri Lakshminarayanar. Besides there are Hanuman,Dhanvanthri, Varahi, Lakhminarasimmar and Ramanujar idols are also seen. Sri Vedantadesikar shrine is also part of the temple. The temple is 500 years old. There are twin Hayagreevar idols also in the temple. The temple is open once in a day. For contact Mr. Hariharan-94448 75638, Mr. Appa Sharma-99520 18974, Mr. Ganesan-93809 11017.



This temple is in Anjur village, near Mahindra City, 5 KM from Singaperumalkoyil. The presiding deity is called Sri Kariyamanicka Perumal,in a standing posture. His consort is Sri Maragathavalli Thayar. Besides Sri Ramanujar, Sri Desikar, Sri Manavala Mamunigal, Sri Nammazhvar, Lord Krishna with Radha and Rukmani, Sri Andal sanctums also grace the devotees. The temple is open once in a day. Buses are coming here from Chengalpattu(T60) and Tambaram(500B). For further details contact Mr. Venugopal- 99768 70635.



The temple in Veerapuram village, is situated in Mahindra city,near Chengalpattu. Perumal here is called Sri Vaikunda Perumal. There is an inscription behind the shrine and archaelogists say that the temple is one thousand years old. Most of the old temple structures were dilapidated and a new shirne is being built. Presently Moolavar and Thayar are kept in Balalayam.For details contact Mr. Arumugam-9952669105, Jothi-96495 70838.



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