There are several Sivan and Perumal temples around Koovathur. One of them, is a old sivan temple in Aakinampattu village, which is near to Koovathur. The Siva Lingam and Nandhi are in open place. The lord is named Sri Sankarakarar. Ambal is named Sri Vaalai Parameswari. Temple tank is nearby. For more details contact Mr. Pasupathy-7639485078, Mr. Arumugam-9787475779, Mr. Sankar-9176781059.


Veerabhogam, nearly 5 KM from Ceyyur, is the abode of Sri Veera Vasantharayar. Ambal name is not available. Once the sivalingam in a open place, recently sheltered. The temple must have been a big one several centuries ago. To attest it there are remains of temple walls, stone structures around this place. There are epigraphic inscriptions on stones behind the sivalingam. Lord Vinayagar idol is in damaged condition. Daily one time puja is performed by the village people. To reach here buses from Mathuranthagam to Seyyur (100), Seyyur to Kalpakkam (T2) are available. For contact Mr. Varathan-9884092970, Mr. Babu-9500366466, Mr. Kannivel-9566925891.


Vada Seyyur, a hamlet near Seyyur has two Siva temples. But both the temples have been vanished in thin air due to passage of time. Siva Lingams are presently in the open crying for help. In one temple, the lingam is in the midst of thick forest near a lotus pond. The lingam is small in size, while Nandhi is bigger. The other lingam is in open with Nandhi, encircled by palmyra trees. No one is coming here for worship in both places. Both temples are situated 1 KM from Seyyur in different direction. For contact Mr.Kotiswaran-7639485005,Mrs.Sumathi-9585497688


Another roofless Sivan temple is in Paakkur village, 7 KM from Seyyur. The Lord here is called Sri Agasthiswarar. One time puja is performed daily. There is a temple tank nearby. To come here share auto is available from Seyyur. For contact Mr. Pandiyan-9751087258, Mr. Rajenthiran-9894935094, MR.Manikandan-9176193091



A lone sivalingam is found on the south bank of a pond, near Muneeswarar temple in Kalpattu village, which is 6 KM away from Pavunchur, a small town on Mathuranthagam-Seyyur road. The details of this temple is not known. However someone in the village is doing some pujas to this Sivan. Buses are available to this village from Mathuranthagam (T6, 83). For contact Mr.Sekar (8056351506, Mr. Magi-9677968315, Mr. Mathi-8870383296.




There is a Sivalingam found in Seevadi village which was originally called Seervadi, which is roughly 17 KM from Mathuranthagam on Mathuranthagam-Seyyur road, near Pavunchur. Swamy is called Sri Vedagiriswarar. No other ditiees are available. Regular puas are performed here. A temple pond is nearby. To reach here buses are available from Mathuranthagam(T10), Chengalpattu((24,12) and private buses from Mathuranthagam. Bus stop is Thatchur Goot road. For contact Mr. Ranjith-9962086850,9952290731, Mr.Palani-9047038711, Mr.Kannan-9047260113.


A lone Sivalingam found under an old Banyan tree base portion, in Neelamangalam village which is 8 KM from Pavunchur a small town near Mathuranthagam. A Nandhi statue is also found in a seperate place, away from Sivalingam. No other details are available.To reach here, one has to come to Mathuranthagam, then to Pavunchur and arrive here,or come by Chennai-Pondy ECR road, and after crossing the Palar bridge, take right at Kathankadai to reach here. For contact Mr. T. Mariappan-9750874121, Mr. kanniappan- 9626549329, Mrs. Maheswari Ravi- 9655767251. There are direct buses to this village from Chengalpat-Thachur(T12,T4, T3A)


In a privat property at Kathankadai on ECR road, near Kalpakkam, there was one Sivalingam in dislocated state found undr a neem tree and a Nandhi nearby. The Sivalingam and Nandhi were cleaned with water and properly positioned, when we visited there in 2015. Th history of this temple is not known. However we started some pujas on that day. Now the property owner came forward to offer daily pujas to the Lord. Veppanchery village is 4 KM from Koovathur, and 5 KM from Kalpakkam. One can come here by share auto from Kalpakkam, or by town busus from Kalpakkam. The village is situated on the south bank of Palar river. For more details contact Mr. Radhakrishnan-9994179217, Mr. Bhagyaraj-9994578123, Mrs. Devaki-9791592858




Keerappakkam village is situated about 8 KM from Urappakkam, near Chennai. Here a rare gigantic Sivalingam with 8 dimensions is blessing the devotees. There is no temple, but a neem tree is sprading its shadows on the lingam. There is a big tank infront of the temple. No details are available regarding this temple. Every Pradhosham day, people gathered here and do some pujas to Sivan. For contacts Mr.Saravanan-98412 02156, Mr. Arunachalam-90431 67978, Mr.Dhanapal-98414 86224.



Kalivanthapattu, a village near Kayarambedu, about 8 KM from Guduvanchery, has a Siva Vishnu temple. Lord Siva is called Sri Suyambeeswarar and Goddess Sri Thiripurasunthari. The deities are in an open place without shelter. Sri Vinayagar and Valli Devasena sametha Murugan idols are also seen nearby. No pujas are offered here, it seems. For details contact Mr. Hariharan-94448 75638, Mr. Appa Sharma-99520 18974, Mr. Ganesan-93809 11017



A big size sivalingam in a square base is found at Sirupinayur village, 8 KM from Mamandur on GST road. Along with idols of Ambal, Jeshta devi, Durgai are also available in this place. The Shiva is called as Sri Perumaleeswarar.Ambal name is not known. It appears this temple belong to Pallava period. Now the villagers are constructing a temple and is nearing completion. For details conacct Mr. Damodharan- 96266 42494, Mr. Murugan-94449 94447, Mr. Selvakumar 94442 83138.Buses are coming to this village from Chengalpattu (80)

The temple construction is in final stage. Due to financial constraint they find it difficult to finish the work. Interested persons may extend help in this regard.



A lone Sivalingam is found on the banks of a beatiful pond at Kadalmangalam village. This village is about 7 KM from Uthiramerur. No details of this temple is available. For contact Mr. Rajavelu-94436 42255, Mr Prem kumar-9600447525. On Chengalpattu Uthiramerur road, take a diversion towards northern direction near Nelvai to reach here.



In s village called Ammayappanallur, about 5 KM from Uthiramerur, there is a Siva Shrine along with Nandhi in the outskirts , surrounded by agricultural lands. Also one goddess looks like Vanadurgai is also found . Nearby  there is a pond probably belongs to this temple. All idols are in good shape, but neglected. No one is coming here at least to lit a lamp. This is the pathetic situation. For contact Mr. Natarajan-94445 69093.




Serpakkam is a small village, 2 KM from Thandarai Koot road on Uthiramerur-Vandhavasi road,and 10 KM from Uthiramerur. Here admist dilapidated structure and thorny bushes a Sivalkingam is found with one Ambal statue and a nandhi. Surprisingly there is a JainTheerthangar stone idol is also here. . The ruins reveal that there was a temple here once. For details contact Mr. Rajavelu-94436 42255.



Oddanthangal village is about 8 KM from Uthiramerur, where a Sivalingam with two Nandhi idols. One Nandhi face is half broken. One stone "Enthiram" is also there. This shrine is devoid of pujas, completely neglected. For details contact Mr. Jagannathan-96008 38837. One can reach here by bus from Uthiramerur(6, 89A)by getting down at Arasanimangalam.



On the roadside of this village, a Sivalinga is found in the backyard of a house. A Nandhi idol in a half buried state is facing the Lord. During our visit we fixed the Lord and Nandhi in proper position and motivated the village people that temples are having great influence on the people governing various aspects of their lives. It should not be neglected. The people gathered there immediately agreed and promised to maintain the temple and perform regular pujas in a very small manner. For details contact Mr. Perumal-9444238656, Mr. Raghavan-97868 60103. This village is 8 KM from Uthiramerur and connected by bus services from Uthiramerur (89, 6A)



A completely neglected Sivalingam and a Nandhi are seen in Athiyur village, which is located 12 km from Uthiramerur. There is also a temple pond nearby. Sivalinga is not in position and tilted. The history of this shrine is unknown. For contact Mr. Murali-97871 79669, Mr. Venkatesan-93828 54336. Min I bus service from Uthiramerur to this village(89A) is available.



A gigantic Banam is fixed on a square base and the portion called Avudayar is missing. By the side a Jastadevi idol and a Vinayagar staue are seen. This shrine is located away from Kattukkollai village in a isolated place. No one is coming here and completely uncared. A miracle happened recently. One boy of this village who is a lunatic used to come here and go round the Swamy several times. This continued for several months. One day he became normal. He studied and got a degree. This happened some 20 years back. Now pujas are performed here. But the Lord is still under the sky. For details contact MrKrishnamurthy-96261 26057. This village is 7 KM from Uthiramerur, and buses are available.



A very old Vinayagar idol, a Nandhi and a Avudayar are found in a place called Somanathapuram, close to Uthiramerur, just 2 KM away. . The Vinayagar is called Sri Karpaga Vinayagar. Someone is performing daily pujas to Vinayagar. For details contact Mr. Perumal-9047675291.




A Sivalingam and a Nandhi are found in Thottanaval village which is situated 13 KM away from Chengalpattu. The details of this temple are not known. Someone is doing some pujas to this deity. Bus stop is Thottanaval koot road, while coming by Chengalpattu- Uthiramerur bus.





In Kattiyampandal village there is one Sivalingam and a Nandhi under a tree. There is also a temple tank nearby. But the tank is now shrink to a size of a open well. This village is situated on Chengalpattu Uthirameur road. For contact Mr. Arumuga Mudaliyar-97511 67167, Mr. Raghupathy-27292002.(044) Regular pujas and pradosham are performed here.



A Sivalingam, with Ambal and Nandhi is seen under sky in a street in front of a house at Venkaram village. The Sivalingam is being used by the village people to tie their cow. Nearby a stone temple structure in dilapidated state exists. Upon our advice, the people realized their mistake and promised to build a temple. Now the renovation work has started. For contact Mr. Rajavelu-9443642255. This village is situated 9 KM from Uthiramerur.



A roofless Sivan is located in Puliyur village near Uthiramerur of Kanchipuram district. Here swamy is called Sri Mahadevar. Infront of the Sivalinga a beautifully sculpted Nandhi idol is seen. The people here are worshiping the Lord with immense devotion. Daily two times pujas are conducted here. On Pradosham day many people gather here to worship the Lord. This Mahadevar temple is referred in Uthiramerur inscription. For contact Mr. Ezhumalai-97897 69939, Mrs. Saraswathy-90595 06030. Town buses route no. 14, 15, 23 from Chengalpattu are coming here.



Two Sivalingams are found in the midst of agricultural lands of Keezhputhur village, near Walajabad of Kanchipuram district. The Sivalingams are completely neglected for many years. No details are available about these Sivalingams. One of them is completely dislocated under a neem tree which was positioned properly, during our visit. For contact Mr. Krishnamurthy-80985 59512, Mr. Loganathan-96008 04714. This village is 8 KM from Walajabad.



A Sivalingam was found in Palar river bed, some years back, was taken out and installed on a platform. This happened in Periyanatham village, about 10 KM from Walajabad, Uthiramerur taluk. A childless couple in this village, who took initiative in this work, was blessed with a child, by the grace of Lord. Though a roofless temple, it attracts many people for worship, during Pradosham days. One Mr. Santhiyappan(91594 55681) is doing regular pujas to the deity. For contact Mr. Gopalan-93459 83755, Mr. Govindasamy-97516 96253. This village is in Walajabad-Uthiramerur road.



An open Sivalingam is found in Melperamanallur village, about 11 KM from Kanchipuram. The Sivalingam is on a square base and there are side walls without roof. No details are available regarding this temple. It seems no one is offering pujas here. Nearby there is a temple tank. This village is on Kanchipuram Uthiramerur road.



Two Sivalingams are found in Keezhkathirpur village, 5 KM from Kanchipuram, on Vandhavasi bye-pass road. Sri Pasupathinathar is the name of Lord here. There is a mention in Kachi puranam about this shrine. It is situated on the bank of Vegavathi river. There are shrines for Vinayagar, Angala parameswari, and a grama devathai. For contact Mr. Gnanasekaran-9787123918, Mr. Shanmuga Naicker-9566981267.Mini buses from Kanchipuram are coming here.



Melsirunai village , about 13 KM from Kanchipuram has a wonderful Sivalingam without shelter on a square base. A nandhi idol is seen under an old mandapam. There was a temple here in the past which was gone to ruins. Only during Pradosham day, people of this village gather here and worship the deity. Now efforts are being taken to build a temple. For details contact Shenbagam-7708238895, Mr. Ekambaram-9965647735, Mr. Velu-9600036239. On Bangalore highway, take a diversion at Balu Chetty Chathiram to reach here.



A gigantic Perumal idol in sitting posture is found in Narappakkam village of Kanchipuram district. The stone temple structure is nowhere except the basement. No one is coming here for worship or at lease to lit a lamp. The details of this shrine is unknown. This village is 8 KM from Kanchipuram and bus going to Perumbakkam(no.77) is coming to this place. For contact Mr. Manoharan-99430 70018, Mr. Dinesh-96009 03530, Mr. Yogendiran-99438 68413.



In Narapakkam village there is a Siva Lingam in an open place. The granite stones spread all over the place reveal that there was a temple here which was gone to ruins in passage of time. A Jashta devi statue is also found. Here daily worship is going on. On pradosham day many people gather here for worship. This village is 8 KM from Kanchipuram and bus going to Perumbakkam(no.77) is coming to this place. For contact Mr. Manoharan-99430 70018, Mr. Dinesh-96009 03530, Mr. Yogendiran-99438 68413.



Vippedu village is 11 KM from Kanchipuram, where two Sivalingams without shelter are found side by side. Upon our advice, the village people recently provided a shelter for both Sivalingams and started worship. A temple pond is also nearby. The name and history of these Lords are not known. For contact Mr. Kathavarayan-96267 99151, Mr.Venkatesh-96267 99081, Mr. Abimannan-89406 12587. Kanchipuram to Perumbakkam bus service(no77) is passing through this village.


Another Shivalingam called Sri Manikandeswarar was also in open, but sheltered some years back by Mr.Abimannan of this village. He is doing regular pujas to the deity. For contact Mr. Abimannan-89406 12587.



In this village a Sivalingam and a Nandhi are seen in an open place, under a neem tree. Due to the roots of the tree the Sivalingam is not in position . The name of the Lord is Sri Mukkan Gnaneeswarar, it is said. The temple is crying for renovation. During Pradosham day people come here for worship. For contact Mr. Jeeva rathinam-9443597343, Mr. Uvaraaj-9788188834, Mr. Bhupathy-7094896988. Orathur is situated 15 KM from Chengalpattu.

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Faced with neglect, a Sivalingam and a Nandhi are found in Karumbakkam village, which is about 12 KM from Thiruporur on Chengalpattu route. The idols are thickly surrounded by bushes found under a neem tree. The hidden shrine was not known even to local people and it was accessed by the grace of Sri Shridhi Sai Baba. The abandoned temple should be revived by the devoted people. For details contact Sri Kannan-9841020857, Sri Muralidharan-8838242492.



A totally neglected Sivalingam is found inside a school campus at Karanai village near Kelambakkam, Chennai. No other deities are found except the Sivalingaam located very close to the compound wall of the school. Only access to this place is by school only. Some persons belonging to this village are very much interested to revive the temple with worship. For contact Sri Rajesh-9789845302, Sri Senthilkumar-9884304592, Sri Kamalakannan-9962700694. Buses are available from Tambaram(51K, 105A) and Saidapet(51B, 51K, 105A). The school is run by a minority institution.



Chozhanthangal village is located near Thiruporur where a lone Sivalingam without Avudayar is found in an isolated place. The banam is very big in size and the base could not be found out even after digging 10 feet depth. No other deities are here. For contact Sri Mahesh-7871152813, Sri Velu-9791008175. Mambakkam koot road is 8 KM from here.