When Lord Shiva was on his way to destroy three demon kings, who encased themselves within three castles. But before beginning the endeavor He forgot to satiate Lord vigneswara, the god who could wipe of all obstacles. Because of the lapse the chariot on which Lord Shiva was traveling got stranded with the axle broken down. Lord Vishnu who came to the rescue of the perplexed Shiva and told him that the mishap was due to the anger of Lord Vigneswara who was not worshiped before starting the journey. Then Lord Shiva propitiated Lord Vinayaka on the spot itself. This place was called ‘acchu iruntha ‘(broken) pakkam. In course of time the name of the place got used to be named as Acharapakkam. Lord Vinayaka was installed and worshiped in a temple, the picture of which you can see above.


Location : Approximately 16 KMs from Mathuranthagam
Bus route : T 14 and 104 A from Mathuranthagam
1. Sri Agastheeswarar Temple
Deities : Sivan : Sri Agastheeswarar
Ambal : Arulmigu Akilandeswari
Main features :
1. This is a very ancient temple, its walls full of various inscriptions.
2. The main deity Sri Agastheeswarar is made of sand.
3. Saint Agasthiyar made this sivalingam and performed pujas.
4. Ambal is facing the east direction, which is a very rare feature.
5. There is one temple pond in this temple.
6. Popular belief is that this temple is very auspicious for performing marriages.

For more details, Please contact : Mr Muthukumar, Temple Priest ( 97510 35688 )



Arulmigu Mukkatteeswarar Tempe
Location : Approximately 3 KMs from Acharapakkam village.
Bus facility  :  77 C, T 13 in Acharappakkam – Elappakkam route.
Main Deities :  Sri Mukkatteeswarar    Sri Mukthaambigai
Temple History
There is a popular belief among the villagers that Lord Siva, who borrowed a huge sum of wealth from Lord Gubera at the time of his marriage with Goddess Parvathi Devi , could not repay that wealth in time. Hence, He came to this village and lived in disguise. Lord Gubera , who was in search of Lord Siva, happened to visit this village. At that time, Lord Siva took the form of a villager, covered his face with a cloth  and pretended to be busy working in a paddy field.  Lord Gubera failed to identify Him and left the place.
Thereafter, Lord Siva , in the form of a villager, stayed in this village itself.  Even today, one can see the Main deity, Sri Thirumukkatteeswarar ‘s  head  covered with a shape of a head cloth.
Special Features :
1.       Lord Siva, the main deity, is suyambu lingam.
2.       Sthala Vriksham of this temple is Vilva tree.
3.       Separate sannathis for Lord Krishna, Sri Garudalvar and Sapthakanni Devis are present.
4.       Temple pond in the name of ‘Kallaakulam’ is also available.
5.       One time pooja is being performed everyday.
For more details, please  contact, Mr Giri ( 97913 13184 ) Temple priest.



Adayalacheri, which means “idendity” in tamil, is a hamlet, situated 7 km from Kalpakkam, where Tamilnadu`s first atomic power plant is operating, with around a thousand population. Here stands the `Sri Kailasanathar` templ, built hundreds of year before by the then pious kings. Sri Kailasanathar is consorted by Sri Thiripurasundari.
The temple of yore is still intact exept the Rajagopuram, the main entrance, where the top portion is dilapidated and wears a pathetic look. If some good hearted and affluent people come forward to build the tower to its original stature it will be of immense service not only to God, but also the people of this small village.
Coming back to the temple, daily poojas are performed twice a day with at most punctuality. The temple has its own tank in which a dip is considered  holy. Very strangely a map of the temple is sculpted at the entrance of the Shrine. A tomp, called `Athistanam` can be seen inside the temple. A great saint might have been buried here. His name and the period when he lived are unknown. The Lingam, which usually remain at the top of the tomb is conspicuous by its absence. The Lingam is installed some distance away from the tomb.
The figures sculpted on the pillars depict finest form of art and showcase the skill of the artisans. During circumambulation you can see five deities, called parivara deities, in well carved niches.
Every year four important festivals are celebrated in this temple. These are Pradoshams, Karthigai Deepam, Sivarathiri and Annabhishegam.
For further details about the temple you can contact Mr Kamaraj-9894019329, Mr Ramesh-9841893411 and  Mr Kumar 7639928584
By the way, another attraction of the village is a Siva Lingam, remaining alone in the midst of all agriculture land, under the shade of a neem tree. The sacred name of this Iswara is unknown.

How to reach: This village is situated on ECR road to Pondichery. One can take Chennai- Pandichery bus  via ECR and get down at Koovathur stop. From there this village is about 2 km


Sri Thanthondreeswarar Temple

Main Deities :    Sivan  :  Sri Thanthondreeswarar 
Ambal  :  Sri Thaduthaatkonda Nayagi
Sthala Vriksham            :   Thiruvaathi
Temple pond                       :   available 

Location: Perumberkandigai village - 3 k.m. from Acharapakkam

This is a very, very ancient temple, nearly 5,300 years old.  There are many inscriptions found in this temple.  Many beautiful sculptures can be seen in the outer walls . Many rare deities are  also found in this temple

Special Features :

1.     Main deity is suyambu lingam, made of sand.

2.      Sri Kanagadurga devi  can be seen with eight hands seated  over a  deer ( Maan  vahanam). 

3.      Sri Samundeswari devi, who destroyed the two asuras, in the name Sandan  and Mundan.  It is believed that King Vikramadithya,  an ardent devotee of this devi , had prayed  to her in this place.

4.      Sri Ranabadhra Kali Devi is also found in this temple.

5.     A very rare variety of conch, Ko madi Sangu, is also found in this temple, evidence of which can be found in the palm leaves  available in  Thiru Aduthurai Adheenam.

6.     Below the sthala viruksham, Sage Sri Agasthia maharishi, in the form of a lingam, is doing penance. The four sages, known as Sanakaadhi Munivars, are also participating in that penance, in the form of nandhis.

7.  It is said that in this sacred place,  Sri Ambigai is regularly performing abishegam to Lord Siva by using  Ko madi Sangu.

              For more details, Please contact :      Sri Ravichandra Sivachariyar   ( Mobil  .               99529 65215 )


Sri Agora Veerabadhrar and Sri Kaligambaal  Temple


This temple is believed to be 1,500 years old.  Since  the structure  had got damaged to a very great extent, local people have constructed a very small temple nearby and placed the idols of Sri Agora Veerabadhrar and Sri Kaligambaal in it.

More details can be had from  :  Mr Sivaraman  ( Mobile No. 9283476607

  Sri Kailasanadahar  Temple

Main Deities :  Sivan :  Sri Kailasanatha Swamy    Ambal :  Sri Senbagavalli

This temple is said to be 2,500 years old. It is situated in the foothills of Sri Murugan Temple 


 ( Refer Temple No. 6 ) . At present, it is in a very dilapidated condition.  Panchamuga Sangu, a very rare variety of conch, is found in this temple. 

For more details, Please contact :  Sri Ravichandra Sivachariar  ( Mobile No. 99529 65215 )



  Sri Sivasubramaniar Temple

Main deity :  Sri Valli Devasena sametha Sri Sivasubramaniar

Theertham  :  Sanjeevi Theertham ( near the bottom of the hill )

In this sacred hill, about 5,300 years ago, Lord Muruga  gave  south faced dharshan  ( Therku muga dharisanam ) to Sage Agasthiyar.  This hill is also known as Sanjeevi malai.  Sri Arunagiri Nadhar, Sri Pamban Swamigal and 19 other sages had  sung about the deity over this hill
            First, we see and  worship Suyambu Vinayagar, in the foothill.  While climbing, there is one sannathi containing Navagraha devas.  After passing through them, we reach the top of the hill to have dharshan of Lord Muruga, alongwith his  two consorts  Sri Devasena and  Sri Valli.

Special Features :

1.     Sanjeevi Theertham is known for its wonderful effect in curing all types of diseases.
2.     Brahmortsavam is being celebrated on Vaikasi Visagam day.

3.     Every year, on Chithra Powrnami day, Lord Muruga will be taken in a procession to Rettai Malai nearby. Sri Atcheeswarar of Acharappakkam will also be coming to Rettai malai on that day.  Sri Sivasubramaniyar will come around Sri Atcheeswarar and give dharshan to all devotees. It is a very, very special celebration of this temple.

4.     This holy place  is said to be on par with the Six abodes of Lord Muruga . ( Arupadai Veedu - Thiruchendur, Palani, Thiruthanai, Swamimalai, Pazhamudhircholai and Thiruprankundram )

To get more details, Please contact Mr Ravichandra Sivachariar  ( Mobile No. 99529 65215



Sri Singeeswarar Temple

Location  :  Approximately 15 KMs from Kanchipuram.

Main Deities  :   Sivan  :  Sri Singeeswarar
                         Ambal  :  Sri Kamakshi Amman
Bus route  :  Buses from Kanchipuram to Ilayanar Velur. 
                    Govt Bus No.  T 69 and Private Bus :  SRS

This ancient temple, nearly 700 years old, is situated in a very peaceful atmosphere surrounded by many trees offering fresh air to the devotees. One can attain mental peace, if he sits here for some time. Swami sannathi is facing East and Ambal Sannathi is facing South direction. From one particular point, one can have dharsan of Lord Siva, Ambigai, Nandheeswarar and Lord Vinayaga simultaneously.
Sri Maha Periyavar of Sri Kanchi Mutt had  visited this temple. During his visit, he suggested that  Sri Bhairvar statue can be found by digging the land near Sri Chandigeswarar sannathi.  But that work has not begun yet.
The condition of this temple needs immediate attention. A committee was formed in the name of ‘ Arulmigu Singeeswarar Thirukoil Thiruppani Kuzhu’ and the renovation work was commenced and completed and Kumbhabhishekam was done on 22-6-2014.

To get more details, Please contact  Mr Manoharan, (  99621 43347 )  or Mr Venkataramanan   ( 94440 88152 )




Location : Approximately 6 KMs from Kanchipuram
Bus facility : Get in buses from Kancipuram to Enaathur and get down at Kanagadurga Amman Koil Bus stop. From there, share autos are available to Konerikuppam.

Sri Rudhra Koteeswarar Temple

Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Rudhra Koteeswarar ( Ambal sannathi is absent in this temple )

Specia l Features :

1. Separate Sivalingams worshipped by Sri Arjuna and Lord Indira are present in this temple.
2. It is believed that Rudhra Devadas perform daily poojas here.
3. Local people say that every evening a big snake places itself around the main deity, Lord Rudhra Koteeswarar and perform pooja.
4. Also, there is a popular belief that Lord Siva Himself goes around the temple praharam every day and do meditation here. Some villagers have even had a glimpse of a saint doing dhyana
. This temple is of great historical importance. But, at present, it is in a very ruined condition. Daily poojas are not being conducted here. Those who are interested in doing something for the development of this temple, may contact Mr Prasanna ( 99442 05992 )


Location : Approximately 18 KMs from Chengalput.

Bus Route : Chengalput to Kancheepuram . Bus No. 80

Sri Anumeeswarar Agastheeswarar Temple

Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Anumeeswarar & Sri Agasatheeswarar
Ambal : Sri Amirthavalli & Sri Thripura Sundari
Sthala Vriksham : Vilva Tree
Special Features

1. In this temple , one can find two Sivalingams, two ambals and two nandheeswarars.
2. Other sannathis are Sri Vinayagar, Sri Murugan and Sri Vishnu.
3. This sacred temple was worshipped by Lord Anjaneya
4. As in Chidambaram, special abishegams are being performed six times in a year to Lord Nataraja of this temple

Nearly 50 years ago, as the Vinyaga statue of this temple got damaged, local people gathered and removed and threw it into the local pond. In its place, they installed a new vinayaga statue also. On that very night, Lord Vinayaga appeared in their dreams and questioned. “ If anyone in your ouse becomes a handicap, will you throw him into a pond?” Everyone got scared and next morning, recovered the old statue from the pond. They constructed a small temple near the pond itself and installed the old statue there. Till date, regular poojas are being performed to that deity.

For more details, please contact : Sri Kailasa Gurukkal ( 96550 40046 ) or Kandavel Odhuvar ( 97867 05321 )



Location : Approximately 28 KMs from Uthiramerur.
Bus Route : Bus No. 55 Kancheepuram to Neyyadupakkam
Sri Rudhra Vaaleeswarar Temple Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Rudhra Vaaleeswarar Ambal : Sri Bala Gujambal
Sthala Vriksham : Konrai Tree
Theertham : Cheyyar river
This is also a very ancient temple which has to be renovated immediately. For more details, Please contact Mr Jayavel ( 94436 20370 ) Temple trustee. Now by God`s grace, renovation work is started and in progress.



Location : Approximately 4 KMs from Uthiramerur.
Bus Route : From Chengalput to Kattiyampanthaal ( Bus No. 42 )
Main Deities : Sivan : Arulmigu Kumaareeswarar Ambal : Sri Kamakshi
Sthala Vriksham : Vilvam

Even after extensive enquires, we were unable to know when and by whom this temple was built. There is one beautiful pond nearby this ancient temple. The theertham of this pond is very pure and clear.
Regular poojas are not being performed in this temple. It is high time that someone should take efforts for performing daily poojas. Interested persons may contact Mr Gopal ( Mobile No. 91598 06166 )


Location : Approximately 17 Kms from Chengalput.
Bus route : Chengalput to Chithannakaavur Bus No.s : C 7 , 129 A, 129 S
Deity : Arulmigu Thazh Paaleeswarar . No Ambal Deity is found here.

Edamachi is a small beautiful village surrounded by a serene, greenish atmosphere. In this village, a very old vinayagar temple is situated near a small pond. Also, a sivan temple is found nearby.
Some years ago, a very old sivalingam was found by the villagers in the outskirts of the village paddy fields. Devout people brought it to the village and constructed a small temple and placed that sivalingam as the main deity of that temple.
The temple construction was completed and Kumbabishegam was performed in the year 2005. The main deity was named as Atchipureeswarar, earlier known as Thazh Paaleeswarar. There is no other deities found in this temple. There is a rare vilva tree, each leaf containing 5 petals, in the backyard of the temple. Villagers say that no one had planted this vilva tree and it grew on its own.
People of this village, notably Mr Nambirajan and Mr Jeevarathinam have taken Himalayan efforts for the construction of this temple. Daily pooja is not being done in this temple. Only Pradosha Pooja is being performed.
We request one and all to extend all help to Edamachi villagers for developing this small sivan temple.
Interested persons may contact : Mr S Nambirajan Mobile : 94448 26730 (or) Mr Jeevarathinam Mobile : 87541 96299


This temple is situated about 26 Kms from Uthiramerur in Kancheepuram District. The Holy Shrine in this temple is named Shri Vaseeswarar or also called as Sri Vanatheeswarar. The Goddess residing in this shrine is Sri Yezhavaarkuzhali. This temple is about 2000 years old. This was built by Pallava King Nandivarman.
The kumbabishekam of this temple was performed in the year 2010. The pooja to the God is rendered once a day in this temple presently. Separate sannadhis of Lord Hayagreevar and Lord Anchaneya add special sanctity to this temple. The inscriptions in the temple share the glory of this ancient temple. There is also a holy tank for this temple. Pradosham and Poornima Pooja , Arudra darisanam, and Karthigai Somavara poojas are specially performed in this temple. Thala Virutcham is Vilvam. For Contact Mr. Babu Rajendiran(9245404658)





This holy shrine is situated about 14 Kms from Uthiramerur in Kancheepuram District. It is known from the inscriptions that this place was earlier called Vishwa City. The divine name of the God residing in this temple is Sri Agasteeswarar and the Goddess is named Sri Akilandeswari Ambal. The scriptures in the temple mythologize that the Goddess took Vishwaroopam to have darshan of the Lord. Shri Arunagirinadhar sang the praise of Lord Muruga who dwells in this temple. The imposing idol of Lord Dakshinamurthi who blesses the devotees in this temple is unparallel. There is a holy tank adjacent to the temple. Manthaara tree is the divine tree for the temple. On the Thai Poosam Day , the God is taken to Seiyyaar for Theerthavaari festival. Masi Magam is also a special festival in this temple. One time pooja is performed every day in this temple.

The Temple’s Archagar is Sri Kalyanarama Bhattacharyaar Tel Ph No. 9791345220 Bus Route No. Chennai-Polur- 101, 148 Bus Stop; Visoor



One more ancient and significant temple near Uthiramerur town is the Sri Brahmapureeswarar temple. The Goddess in this Temple is named as sri Pattuvadhanambigai. It is said that Ambigai, Durga, Ganapathi prayed to the Lord Shiva here. The divine tree for this temple is Vilvam. The temple is very magnificent . As this temple was blessed by Brahma, ten day festival for Brahma dev is celebrated every year. This place is also called Brahma theertham. The sanctum sanctorum of this temple is decorated in the shape of gajaprushtam. Renovation work of this temple in a mammoth four acre landscape is in progress. There are many inscriptions in this temple. They have been imprinted. The divine tree for this temple is Vanni Tree. Thai poosam festival is celebrated very grandly.

This temple is situated on the Vandavasi Kancheepuram High Road. The Archagar for this temple is Shri Nagaswami gurukkal (044 27278622). The daily pooja in this Temple will be performed between 7.00 and 11.00 AM and 5.00 and 8.00 PM.



This ancient temple, believed to be 2,000 years old, is situated near the halting place of the main temple chariot. Local people say that the main deity of this temple was found during the digging work conducted for the main temple.

Main deity : Sri Lakshmi Vinayagar

Theertham : Sri Lakshmi Theertham

Poojas are being performed twice, everyday. For more details, please contact : Mr Saravanan ( 94448 46040 )



Location : Thirukazhukundram
Bus Facility : Plenty of buses from Chennai, Chengulput

1 Main Deiities : Sivan : Sri Rudhrakodeeswarar Ambal : Sri Pennin Nallaal

Sthala Vriksham : Vilva tree ( each leaf containing nine petals

Theertham : Rudhra Theertham ( situated inside the temple complex )

This ancient temple, believed to be built nearly 2,600 years ago, is located nearly 1 KM away in the southwest direction from Thirukazhukundram village. It is magnificiently built, consisting of a very long temple corridor and a very tall stone wall surrounding it.

Special features :

1, Main deity of this temple is a suyambu moothi. Kodi ( One Crore ) rudhra devas have worshipped this deity and got relieved of their curse. Hence, the main deity is called as Sri Rudhrakodeeswarar.

2. Ambal, also known as Sri Abirami, has calmed down Sri Kali devi, who was brimming with anger. Hence, she is appearing in a slightly reclined position.

3. Sri Nandhi Deva , using his breath, has removed the ego of Sri Karuda Bhagawan in this sacred place, Hence, this temple is an important one for worshipping Sri Nandhi Deva. One can have dharshan of Sri Nandhi Deva alongwith his consort, Sri Suyaprabha Devi.

4. Sri Thirunavukkarasu Nayanar has referred about this temple in his hymns.

5. All the annual functions pertaining to a Sivan temple are being celebrated in this temple.

6. At present, one time pooja is being performed in this temple, every day. Since it is not known to many, the no. of devotees visiting this temple is very less compared to the hill temple in Thirukazhukundram.

Interested persons may contact : Sri Karthikeyan, Temple Priest ( 98941 27930 )




TEMPLE TIMINGS : 7.00 AM TO 12.00, - 4.30 PM TO 7.00 PM.

This ancient temple is a well known one,sung by all four Nayanmars. Legends say that four vedas took the form of four mountains and set themselves here. Lord Siva, in order to bless his devotees appeared on His own as a Swayambu Moorthy on the top of the hill in the name of Sri Vedagireeswarar. Ambal Sri Thiripuraasunthari shrine is at the bottom of the hill. The idol of Sri Nandi devar is not here but encircled the mountain in four directions. One can see the sculptures of Lord Siva, Ambal, Mmurugan and Brahmma inside the sanctum sanctorum

When Sri Anjaneya took the sanjeevi parvatha from himalayas, some particles of the divine parvatha fell over this mountain. Hence even today rare herbals are available here. Many holy ponds and caves are present in this holy mountain and many Siddhars are keep doing penance even today.

Daily four times pujas are conducted here. On full moon day many people are coming here for doing GIRIVALAM


Sri Theerthagireeswarar Temple

Main Deities : Sivan : Sri Theerthagireeswarar Ambal : Sri Prabhambigai

Theertham : Sangu Theertham

This temple is located nearly half a Km away to the east of Sri Bakthavatsaleswarar Temple. It is on the west banks of the temple pond, popularly known as Sangu Theertham.

Special features : The moolavar of this temple was consecrated by Sri Markandeya rishi.

When Sri Markandeya rishi began to perform abhisegam to Sri Theerthagireeswar, a conch appeared in the pond. Sri Markandeya rishi used that conch to perform abhisegam to Lord Siva. From that occasion onwards, one conch appears in this temple pond, once in every 12 years. The last occasion when the conch appeared was 1st September 2011.. It is kept in the temple so that all devotees, who visit this temple, can have its dharshan.

When water level of the pond raises, Moolavar will get immersed in water and remain for six months. During that time, poojas will not be performed. All other times, poojas are being performed twice every day.

Beautiful sculptures of Sri Agasthiya, Sri Bringi, Sri Asta Bhuja Agora Veerabadhrar, Sri Bhairavar and Astha Thikku Balagars are found in the stone pillars of this temple. Special poojas are being performed on Powrnami and Pradhosham days.


Siva Linga with 16 faces

Koovathur on the eastern coastal road has the distinction at having another ancient Siva temple named as Sri Valeeswarar temple. It is about 8 km away from Kalpakkam. The Goddess is called Sri Thiripurasundari, meaning lord of three worlds. The siva linga is unique in that it has sixteen faces on it(Pattai lingam). The Lord is looking towards the Eastern direction. Around the Siva cubicle are seated Sri Vinayagar, Subramaniyar, Bairavar, Suriyan and Chandikeswarar. The old temple is presently being renovated with splendid colours. All the auspicious festivals that belong to Siva temple are celebrated. Besides the temple there is a tank for devotees to bathe. The sacred tree that is revered here is Pavalamalli At present pujas are performed twice a day. For more details, please contact Mr.Durai Sivachariar and Mr. Sathyamoorthy Sivachariyar(mobile 9787271053). All buses that pass through ECR stop at Koovathur.



The Pallava kings found it to be sacred to erect a stone temple for Sri Chidambareswarar at Koovathur.The lord is looking towards east. As is the custom in Siva temple, the Goddess Sri Sivakamasundari is facing the south. The long corridors adorn the temple.

Besides Duwarabalas, there are shrines for Sri Vinayagar, Murugan with consorts, Bairavar, Chandikswarar, Suriyan, four saivite saints and Navagraham. The sculptures in this temple are astonishing in beauty and realism. The temple roof has an unique sculpture of Ashtadik Balar

The vast temple is bereft of festivities. The sad fact is nobody knows the reason. The only consolation is onetime pooja is performed without break. For more details contact Sri Durai (9787271053) , Sri Udayakumar(9894789875), Sri Sankar (9894898857) and mr Adikesavan(9443414431)




A temple of yore, built with granites could be sighted at Kadalore, about 10 km from Kalpakkam, in Kanchipuram district. The presiding deity here is Sri Agneeswarar. Sri Chokkanayagi is consorting Him. The temple dates back to second century A.D. which is evident from an inscription on a Kuthuvilakku that states the lamp was donated by one Tiripura ammal in 333 A.D.

Lord Siva here is surrounded by Sri Bhairavar, The Sun God, Sri Ganesa and Sri Arumugar An execption in this temple is the absence of the shrine of Nine planets.

The temple is open once a day. The sacred tank is named as Bramma Theertham. Renovation is on the cards and hence a transit temple is built nearby.

People of the village say that there is a tunnel that leads to Fort St George, Chennai. But nobody has ventured into it.

There is place called Lingamedu, which as its name denotes a sand duke with a lone Sivalingam and a Nandhi in front of it. A neem tree has sprouted from the base of the lingam.

The temple could be reached by bus from Mathuranthagam 100 C,85. Private buses also ply enroute to Pondicherry.

Pradosham, Arudra dharshanam, Annabhishegam, Sivarathiri, Karthigai Deepam festivals are celebrated with pomp. Also 10 days festival of Sri Manickavasagar is celebrated every year.

For contacts Mr Ramesh-9500065319, Mr.Kumaravel-9443658574, Mr.Sasikumar-9677585042.




Sri Shenbakeswarar with His consort Sri Sowntharyanayagi is unique in many aspects, Situated at Natham village, 10 KM from Kalpakkam, in Latoor union, the temple is thoroughly built with stones. The 1200 year old temple presents a different look in as much the Nandhi, usually facing the Lord, is here like the Lord faces the village in the eastern side. Puranic literature depicts a story that states, the Lord Sri Shenbakeswarar ordered Nandhi to guard the village and hence Nandhi here is looking at the village.

Like Madurai Meenakshi, here Sri Sowntharyanayagi gets the pride of first worship. Instead of the usual five niches(koshtams) here Sri Bhikshandeswarar, and Sri Sankaranarayanar have separate shrines taking the total niches to seven.

Sri Chandran is installed under the pedestal of Ambal. Sri Sowntharyanayagi holds lotus and blue flower in her hands instead of pasham and angusham.

Lord Subramanyar holds in His hands Sri Brahmma`s vessel and chain of beads. A separate shrine is earmarked for Sri Arumugar. Lord Sri Saneeswarar has four hands. Besides Lord Sri Rama,Sri Sitha, Sri Lakshmanar and Sri Anjaneyar have their own shrines. The sanctum is full of inscriptions with particulars such as the donations made to the temples, the then local administrative system reclamation of barren lands etc. For epigraphists it is a bonanza indeed. Daily one time puja is being performed here. The temple tank is called as Shenbag Theertham.

Natham could be reached by buses that plies between Chennai and Anaicut route 188D. The bus stop is Natham Junction, ECR Kaathan Kadai. All Sivalaya festivals are celebrated here. For contacts Mr Sowntharesa Gurukkal-9443620460, Mr.Jambu-9994587182, Mr Murugan-8883776521.




The small village Madavilagam, about 5 km from Anaicut in Kanchipuram district is the abode of Sri Kameswarar along with His consort Sri Kokilambal. The 1000 year old temple is fully built with stones.

Sri Vyagrapathar Maharishi, who by a boon sought by him, was equipped with tiger`s legs to enable him to climb vilva trees to pluck vilva leaves, had worshiped the Lord here according to the temple legend.

The Lord has a replica which is decorated and taken to the streets during times of festivals. Sri Vyagrapathar, the saivite saints, Sri Bhairavar, Sri Murugan with Srri Valli and Sri Devasena are housed in separate shrines in the temple.

The temple is open once a day. The special feature of the temple is it has four sacred tanks. Two of the tanks are dedicated to God of Death, Sri Yama and Moon, Sri Chandran.. The sacred tree is vilvam as is usual with Siva temples.

Many festivals like Pradosham, Vaigasi Visagam, Arudra Dharishanam, Karthigai Deepam, Sivarathiri are celebrated in this temple. To reach this place,many buses from Chennai, Mathuranthagam and Chengalpattu are available.. Autos are available from Pavunchur, a small town near Mathuranthagam. For further contact Thiru Jayaveera Gurukkal-9787734627.





There is a lone Siva Lingam on the top of a hillock, called "Avvayar Malai". It is also called "Sanniyasi Malai". The Siva Lingam which was in the open, was now sheltered by a roof. Pooja is performed daily once. Sri Sambal is conspicuous by Her absence. The hillock is surroundered by four hills. There is a fountain, the water from which is used for Abhishekam. People from nearby villages throng the temple on auspicious days to perform Girivalam. There is no particular sacred tree for the temple but people here reverentially show a neem tree nearby as the sacred tree.

Nergunapattu village is connected by buses from Chennai and Kalpakkam. Share auto is also available from Kalpakkam.

For further details contact Mr Vinoth-9789461356, Mr.Sathish-9551228973 Mr.Jagan-9566722304




The tranquil, calm village Kodur, about 16 km from Kalpakkam, has the magnificient Siva temple where Sage Sri Agsthiyar worshiped the Lord. Hence the Lord is named Sri Agsthiswarar. The Godess is called Sri Sornambigai.

The temple is built with rock stones. As is the practice, the Siva temple has seperate enclosures of Sri Vinayaga, Sri Subramanyar and as a surprising change Sri Perumal in the Ambalatory pathway. Sri Bha iravar here has a seperate vimanam.

Sri Agasthiswarar and Sri Sornambigai have panchaloga idols which during the festivals are taken around the temple.The temple is maintained by privte parties. Daily pujas are performed twice. The temple has its own sacred tank.The flowers for pujas are brought from the garden around the temple. The sacred tree for this temple is Vilvam.

Besides Pradosham, Karthigai Deepam, Annabhishegam, and Sashti Thirukalyanam are some of the festivals are being celebrated here. For more details contact Thiru Gnanasekara Gurukkal(9943734127), Thiru Dinesh Kumar (9894053376) Buses are available from Chennai to Kodur (100A), and Mathuranthagam to Kodur (T4,T10, 100,560)




This ancient siva temple is situated at Nedumaram village, about 10 K.M. from Kalpakkam. The main deity is Sri Vignaneswarar with His consort Sri Thiripurasundari. Sri Vinayagaar, Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sri Mahavishnu, Sri Brahmma, and Sri Durgai are enshrined in siva koshtam. Navagraha sannathi is situated in its usual place. The idol of Sri Jeshta Devi is in a half buried state on the path way.The temple has also a sacred pond. One time puja is being performed here by Sri Gnanasekara Gurukkal. Festivals like Karthigai deepam, Vijaya dasami, Panguni Uthiram, Sivarathiri are celebrated here. For more details contact Dukkaram(9787446990), Mr.Narayanan(9751163871, Mr.Radhakrishnan(94449 59943). To reach here buses from Chengalpattu (T5, 100C,85) and Private buses Kandeepan, Siva sakthi and Mahavir are available.



The Pallavaa kings, who were ardent devotees of Lord Siva have built many large temples, some of them cave temples. But because of flow of time and negligence many of them are now ruined and dilapidated. One such temple is at Madayampakkam village. The small village is situated about 30 KM from Mathuranthagam.

The ruin is not only showing in the temple but the Lord of the shrine, Sri Vaitheeswarar Himself is in a pitiable state. The siva linga is in pieces. Some good hearted people have taken efforts and taken the Siva Linga to a separate mandap. Pallava kings have built 108 siva temples in the region. This is one of them. Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sri Suriyan, Sri Ganapathy, Sri Murugan, Sri Bhairavar and Sri Nandhi are some of the idols that remain in tact still. The temple has a sacred pond. To reach here one has to get down at Seekanankuppam bus stop on Chennai Pondy ECR road. Share Auto is also available from seyyur, a small town on ECR road .Contact persons,Mr Appasamy(9952671878, Ravi (9994291878) Jayakumar (8754208371)






Pavunchur, about 20 KM from Mathuranthagam is unique in that the Nandhi here is in laughing posture. The teeth line is obviously showing. Another feature of this nandhi is it has anklets. The lord here, Siva has no abode. Without any perturbation He is standing alone irrespective of rain or hot sunshine. His name is not known. No presence of His consort is available. One devotee is doing poojas daily. Other than the priest there are no visitors. Pradosham is celebrated in this open temple The temple tank is nearby. To reach here one can travel by bus from Mathuranthagam. Or take a right turn in Koovathur situated in Kalpakkam- Pondicherry ECR. For contacts Mr. Venkataraman(9600958733), Mr.Mani Iyer (9962801878)



Pachampakkam a neighbouring village of Pounchur, where the people had constructed a shed for a Siva lingam recently,which was in a open place, The Lord is named as Sri Pasupathiswarar. and ambal is called Sri Parvathavardhini. Newly constructed shrines for Sri Vinayagar, Sri Murugan, Ambal and Navagraham were added to the shed. This temple is open once in a day. Sacred tree of this temple is Vilvam. Buses ply between Mathuranthagam and Kalkulam touch this village.(T 10, T 12). Contact persons Mr Mani Desikar 9585741122, 7502305222, Mr. Kuppusamy-9884989220.



The village Agaram, nearly 4 K.M. from Poun chur and 20 K.M. from Mathuranthagam, where a Siva Lingam was unearthed from the ground and installed in the temple. The Lord here is a Suyambu murthy(appeared on its own) and He is called as Arulaleeswaraar.. Goddess name is Sri Arunambigai. There are more deities, Sri Lakshmi Narayanar, Sri Vinaygar, Sri Murugan with is consorts Valli and Devasena and Sri Anjaneyar. The temple tank is nearby. There are two sacred trees , one is Vilvam and the other is Iluppai. Devotees can reach here by bus , Chennai- Anaicut (100D), Mathuranthagaam- Latoor(T 4, T 3) One time puja is performed by Mr. Mani Desikar (9585741122, 7502305222).



Thirumurai Kottiswarar temple is situated at Thenpattinam village, along the ECR road near Kalpakkam. Once the Siva lingam is in open place and later installed on the shore of a lotus pond, sheltered in a thatched shed. Pujas are conducted here daily. One can reach this temple by deboarding at Koovathur bus stop. Share autos are available to reach this place. For more details contact Mr. Sukumar-9444785121, Mr. Sekar-9677147436.



Sivan Sri Kailasanathar
Ambal Sri Sivananthavalli
This stone temple was built in the year 1096 AD by Kulothunga Cholan. The presiding deity is Lord Kailasanathar with goddess Sri Sivananthavalli. Many stone inscriptions in the walls of the temple stand testimony to the subsidies given to this temple in the form of lands, cows, lamps etc by many kings. But today this templ e shrinked to a small building with open sanctum, ardhamandapam and a mahamandapam. The renovation work has started recently and going on. Interested persons may partake in this divine project. For contact Mr. Kottiswaran-7639485005, Mrs. Sumathi-9585497688, Mr.Sankar Chettiar-8012857282.


There are many Sivan temples around Seyyur, in Kanchipuram district. One of them is at Sundivakkam. Here the deity is in a open field. Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of a devotee and ordered that the Sivalingam should be brought out for worship.. Accordingly the devotee found the sivalingam on the border of a field. No other deities, including the name of the lord is available. Serious efforts taken by the devotee to give shelter, and start pujas were not successful.Till today, the divine task could not be done

Devotes can reach this spot by share auto from seyyur. There is a bus service from Seyyur to Kalpakkam(T2)devotees are requested to put up a shelter to the lord thereby getting His blessings. For contact, Mr Janarthanam-9787475880, Mr. Loganathan-9941215680, Mr. Kumar-9585497422.


One Sivan temple exists at Sengkattoor Marutheri village, which is about 5 KM from Seyyur. The temple is very badly dilapidated. Big trees are grown on the sanctum and ardhamandapam. No other details available. There is a big temple tank behind the temple. The people of this village are very eager to renovate the temple. To reach here, buses are available from Chengalpattu, Mathuranthagam,and Seyyur. For contact Mr.Arumugam-9843752254, Mr. Ezhumalai-9751087231, Mr. Siva-9787066694.


A Sivan temple exists at Siruvangulam village which is around 8 KM from Seyyur. An interesting detail about this temple is that Arcot Navabs are maintaining this temple for a long time. Once the sivalingam in open is now sheltered. Pujas are performed for past one year.
Swamy is called Sri Agasthiswarar and Ambal is called Sri Akilandeswari. The outer enclosure contains sculptures of Somaskandar, Nandhi and devas. In the northern enclosure there are three embossed sculptures. There is a temple tank nearby. Thala virutcham is Etti Maram. To reach here, buses are available from Mathuranthagam to Seyyur (100) For further details contact Mr. Ezhumalai-9626340515, Mr. Sivaraj-7094644387, Mr. Ramamurthy-9585741371.



Koovathur, a small town in Chennai Pondicherry ECR road is dotted with many temples around it. The first among the temples is at Perumalcherry. The Sivan temple here was once very dilapidated. But due to the efforts of the people of this area, a big temple was built up Here Siva is called Sri Virupatchiswarar. HIS consort is Sri Visalakshi. The Ambal statue here is peculiar in that the statue is head bended. As usual with many temples here also procession deities are in place. There are separate shrines like Suriyan, Chandran, Bhairavar, Chandikeswarar and Navakiragam along with kosta devathas.All sivan temple festivals are celebrated here with pomp. If kind hearted people make efforts to construct a divine vehicle, the villagers will be very much grateful. Thala virutcham is banyan tree. There is a temple pond nearby. To reach here buses are available from Mathuranthagam. This village is 6KM away from Koovathur. For further details contact Mr. Guru Desikar-9786062753, Mr. Nagarathinam 9626864321, Mr. Ramachandran-9843917381, Mr. Vasudevan-9443038647.




This Sivan temple is in dilapidated state,situated in Karuppur, a small village near Pavunchur of Mathuranthagam taluk.The main deity is a Soyambu lingam, facing western direction. Ambal statue is not available. One Arumugar statue in a broken state is seen outside.No other deities are found. They may be buried under the ground. Swamy is called Sri Katteswarar.There are many snake holes inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. The people nearby in huts are eager to renovate the temple in a simple way and start pujas, provided the snake holes are removed.Two temple theerthams are present. To reach here, Share Auto is available from Pavunchur. This place can be reached by buses also from Mathuranthagam(T4, T3, 12A) For further deetails contact Mr. Murugan-9944904276, Mr. Anbalagan-9751547513,Mr. Desigiri-9884431168



The Siva-Vishnu temple in place here, is about 7 KM from Singaperumalkoyil and 6KM from Oragadam. The Siva is named as Sri Agasthiswarar and Goddess as Sri Akilandeswari. It is believed that saint Agsthiyar installed the siva idol here and performed pujas. Sri Nithyakalyana Prasanna Venkatesa perumal temple is adjacent to Sivan temple. No other deities are inside the perumal temple. In Sivan temple Sri Vinayagar and Sri Murugan are embossed on the wall. A nandhi idol in dilapidated state is also seen infront of Sivan sannadhi. In both the temples no pujas are performed. Aappur is situated in Singaperumalkoyil- Sriperumpudur road, and many buses are available from Chengalpat and Tambaram. For contact Mr. K. Parthasarathy-9962167350, Mr. Dillybabu-9444298602, Mr. Ramesh-9095122031.



A small village, Kolathur, about 5 KM from Singaperumalkoyil, is the abode of Lord Siva. This temple which last consecrated in 2010, is good old, nearly 1400 years. According to the temple scriptures, it was built by king Vikrama Cholan with boulders and red bricks. That old temple by passage of times caved into earth. This one is the 108 Siva Shrines established by Saint Sri Agsthiyar. Siva gave dharshan to the saint in the form of Ardhanareeswarar. The pond created by the Saint is also nearby. The Sivalingam is big erected on a square base. He is named as Sri Thulaseeswarar and His consort as Sri Vilvanayagi. Besides the main deities, there are 5 Koshta shrines, Kannimoola Ganapathy, Valli Devasena sametha Arumugar, Bhairavar, Suriyan, and Navakiragams. The temple is open once in a day. For more details contact Mr. Ramesh-9444022133,Mr. Selvaraj-9443264215.


This village is about 4 KM from Singaperumalkoyil on Venpakkam route. Siva temple here was consecrated in 2015. The temple is 1000 years old. The Lord is called Sri Vaidhyanadeshwarar and ambal is called as Thaiyalnayagi. There are shrines for Sri Balavinayagar, Sri Balamurugan, Chandikeswarar and Bhairavar. The temple is open in the morning and evening. Thala Virutcham is Vilvam. Tambaram to Venpakkam mini bus is coming to this place. Contact Mr. Subramani-9841761714.


There is s Sivan temple in 40 Venpakkam village, about 5 KM from Singaperumalkoyil. The Lord is called Sri Kundaleeswarar and ambal is Sri Yogambigai. The Sivalingam was found in a thorny bushes and installed in a temple. The temple is large and said to be on a straight line along with Thirukachur Maruntheeswarar, Kolathur Thulaseeswarar and were worshipped by three siddhas once upon a time.The temple is open 8 am to 10 am in the morning, and many buses from Singaperumalkoyil are coming here. Contact Mr. Balaraman-9380760432, Mr. Narasimman-9751089926.


The Sivan temple at Vadakkuppattu village, about 6 KM from Oragadam, is fully built with boulders. The Lord is called Sri Somasundareswarar and ambal SriThiripurasuthari.The temple is open twice a day. There are five goshta shrines besides with Sri Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Sri Subramanyar, Sri Bhairavar, Sri Ayyappan, Sri Ramar and Navakiragams. The temple pond is nearby. Temple thalavirutcham is Nandhiyavettai.. The usual festivals associated with siva temple are celebrated here. Bus services from Thambaram-Guruvanmedu(55M), Chengalpattu-Vadakkupattu(T10) and share auto from Oragadam are available. Contact Mr. Raghunath-9884070230, Mr.Sowrirajan-9884576575.



The Sivan temple in Palur village which is 12 KM from Chengalpattu on Kanchipuram road, was built by pallava kings. The presiding deity is called Sri Pathangeeswarar and ambal Sri Bramarambigai seated on lion statue is facing eastern direction. The Lord Sri Pathageeswarar was worshiped by sun god Suryan. The stone temple contains 18 epigraphs. The Nandhi here is sculpted with its face turning sideway. The temple has all other usual deities that are common in Siva temples. The temple is open 8am to 12 noon, and 4pm to 7pm, The sacred pond of this temple is Surya Pushkarani which was created by Surya. To reach here, all buses from Chengalpattu to Kanchipuram, Walajabad are going through Palur. For further details contact Mr. Ekambara Gurukkal-044 27437011, Mr. Balasubramaniyan-9791432068, Mr. Babu-9042900317.


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