A Siva temple in Villiambakkam that attracts devotees is Lord Thokkiswarar Shrine. About 800 years old, the Sivalingam is on unique square base.Goddess is called Sri Sornambigai. The temple has the usual deities associated with Siva temple. The Thala Virutcham of this temple is Vilvam. There is a temple pond nearby. The temple is opened once in a day. Villiambakkam is situated on Chengalpattu-Kanchipuram main road. Number of buses are going through this place from Chengalpattu. For more details contact Thiru Suresh Gurukkal-99421 28510, Thiru Mani-85089 71500.



The Siva temple in Nedunkundram is about 4 KM away from Perunkulathur on the national highway NH 45. The Sivalingam here is on a square base. The main deity is called as Sri Agasthiswarar and Goddess is known as Sri Thiripurasundari. The special feature of this temple is that for three days consecutive to Mahasivarathiri, the sun rays fall on the lingam, in the morning. It is said that saint Sri Agasthiyar installed the sivalingam and performed pujas. A pallava king donated land for performing Aurudra Darisanam festival at this temple, says an inscription in a temple at Thirupporur.There is a sacred pond called Bramma Theertham. For details contact Thiru Ramkumarsivam-9841724234, Thiru Rajkumarsivam-9940073127. Thiru Thalapathy-9962061346. One can come by bus from Tambaram- Kelambakkam(55D), Thambaram-Venkatamangalam(55C,55G)



A Sivalingam was found in the open at Venkatamangalam village, 10 KM from Vandalur. The villagers took away the Sivalingam and sheltered under a shed. The Lord is named as Sri Amirthakadeswarar and Goddess Sri Abhirami. The main temple which was once intact, dilapidated due to passage of time. The granite stones which were the part of the temple are now scattered at the spot. The temple is full of deities that are common in Sivan temple like Ganesa, Murugan, Dakshinamoorthy, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar etc. A tomb of a saint is found nearby. It is said the temple is famous for removing obtacles for smooth marriage. Bus services are available from Tambaram, T.nagar and East Tambaram to this place. For contact, Mr. Periyakaruppan-9940339006.

There are two more Sivalingams found in the open and sheltered under a shed. Regular pujas are performed for both.



The hill-top Sivan temple at Nallampakkam village, about 10 KM from Vandalur, is presently in ruins with an asbestos sheet above the Lord. The hill was swallowed by granite poachers with utter disregard for ecology. The pity is the devotees coming to this temple have to scrawl around the Sivalingam with at most care, and pray. The lingam has a square base and details are not known. Buses are available from Vandalur, and devotees have to get down at Kandigai and take a share auto to reach here. One Mr. Sivagurunathan is doing pujas daily(9094159323, 9710965219)



Kumuzhi village, about 13 KM from Guduvanchery is the abode of Lord Siva, Sri Vedagiriswarar and His consort is called Sri Thiripurasunthari. The temple which is as old as thousand years, has various herbal plants around the surrounding hills. The rain water that flows through the medicinal plants, pools as a pond. The water of the pond is full of medicinal value and many deceases are cured by taking bath in the pond. During the full moon day devotees go around the hill and worship the Lord. The temple is open once in a day. Atop the hill there is a Sivalingam in open. People used to go there and lit lamp. To reach here one has to walk about 2 KM from Kumizhi bus stop. Buses from Tambaram to Kumizhi(55D) are available. Contact Mr. D. Ramesh-94457 81455, Mr. Vigneswaran-99411 82848.



Sri Manjunathiswarar Sivan temple is situated in Melkalvai village, which is 10 KM from Guduvanchery, near Chennai. Ambal is called Sri Manjarkuzhali. Presently the temple is being renovated by the village people. The presiding deity and Nandhi is placed under a shed at present. One stone inscription taken out from the ground and it has many vertical and horizondal lines and some sript is written in the squares. No details are available regarding this temple. Daily pujas are performed once in a day. For details contact Mr. Jayadevan -9941894091, Mr. Dillikumar-9551825777, Mr. Janakiraman-9380537531. Bus facilities to this place are available from Guduvanchery-Kottamedu(55R,55C). Bus stop Karumbakkam



Kannivakkan, 6 Km from Guduvanchery is the abode of Lord Sri Chandramouleeswarar and Goddess Sri Soundara nayagi. The deities which were once under a tree, were later enshrined in a small temple by the villagers. The scared tree of the temple is Arasu. The temple is open to the public once in a day. Buses are available from Guduvanchery to Kottamedu(55N,55R,VM,Murugan) Contact Mr. Umapathy-9941467278, Mr.Rajasekaran-99419 36838, Mr. Kanniappan-73959 92708, for futher details.



The Pallava kings constructed a big temple for Sri Uraneeswarar and Goddess Sri Poornambigai, thousand of years ago,at Urappakkam, on GST road, near Chennai. The Sivalingam is installed upon a square base. The temple which showcased our cultural heritage became ruins during the ruling of Nawabs. In 1990, as per the ordain of Kanchi Sri Mahaswamigal, the villagers of Urappakkam started worshiping the deities. Now the construction of temple are in progress. The main deity which was under a tamarind tree is going to be shifted to a granite temple very soon. As per the legend, since cobras worshiped the Lord here, there will be no death by snake bite in this village. The sacred tree is Tamarind. Two times pujas are conducted here. All buses from Tambaram to Chengalpattu stop at Urappakkam. For more details contact, Mr. Uthirapathy-8056171993, Mr. Mani Gurukkal-8608178899.



The above village, 5 KM from Guduvancherry has a Sivan temple in the midst of a garden. The deity is called Sri Karaneeswarar. No Ambal deity is found. Unlike other Sivan temples wherein the Nandhi is looking towards the deity, here the Nandhi is looking at the direction of the village. It is said the villagers who were divided in two groups once, clashed between them. In order to pacify them, the Nandhi is looking at the village as if supervising the peace of the village. There are some broken idols including a Nandhi are found under a neem tree. For more details contact Mr. Govindarajan-97103 53901.



The temple in Arunkal village, 5 away from Guduvanchery, belongs to Chola dynasity, was totally ruined during the Muslim rulers. Only two Sivalingams left in an open place. The Sivalingam in a square base is placed under a shed by the people of this village. Nandhi and Navagrams are installed later. The name of the deity is called Sri Amirthalingeswarar and Ambal Sri Amirthanayagi. Daily poojas are performed here. There is a temple pond hereby. Buses are available from Tambaram(55T) to this village. For more details contact Mrs. Sujatha Ravichandran-98408 62244, Mr. Govindarajan-99402 06847, Mr.Deventhiran-74015 56569.


The above place, a part of Guduvanchery, has the blessings of Sri Adhi Mahalingeswarar and ambal Sri Maheswari. The deities are protected from natural elements under a shed. Near the temple a twin neem tree with a common root can be seen, which is the sacred tree of the temple. There are two Nandhis in the temple. The temple is open both in the morning and evening. For contact, Mr. Mohan-9710501376, Mr. Kannapiran-97898 42681, Mr. Moorthy-99406 74356. The temple is situated near Sriram Apartments.



Lord Agasthiswarar, the presiding deity at the temple of Thenmelpakkam,a hamlet about 4 KM from Singaperumal koil.The Goddess Sri Akilandeswari or Sri Thiripurasunthari is unusually behind the sanctum of the Lord. The temple is bereft of other deities except Navagraham. The temple is maintained by HR &CE. The Shrine is open once in a day. Buses are coming here from Chengalpattu (T60) and share autos are also available from Singaperumal koil. Pradosham, Sivarathiri, Karthigai deepam, Aurudra dharishanam are some of the festivals performed here. For more details contact Mr.Koteeswaran-81229 33117, Mr. Sukumar-98410 03306, Mr. Kumar-80560 78004.



There are two temples, one a Saivite and another a Vaishnavite at Anjur village, about 5 KM from Singaperumalkoyil. The main deity is called Sri Somanatheeswarar and Goddess is called Sri Sornambigai. The temple is 500 year old. There are other shrines like Duvara Ganapathy, Lord Murugan and 5 Koshta devathas. The shrine is situated in the midst of thick forest. The sacred trees are Vilvam and Arasu. One time puja is conducted here. There is a temple pond in front of the temple. For contact Mr. S. Venugopal-99768 70635. Buses are coming from Chengalpattu(T60) and Tambaram(500B)



This village Kondamangalam is the proud abode of two deities, Siva and Vishnu. Both the idols are of the Pallava period. The Siva idol has two bases, which is very rare. The temple about 1300 years old was once in the north east direction of the village and in course of time gone with the winds. The villagers dug out the temple from the ground and reinstated at the centre of the village. Presently the temple is being built for both idols. Siva is called Sri Esana Dharbaranyeswarar and Goddess Sri Pranambigai. Perumal is called Sri Kariyamanicka Perumal. There are two temple ponds. Daily one time pujas are performed here. This village is situated on the main road between Singaperumalkoyil and Hanumanthapuram. Buses from Singaperumalkoyil (82, M60) are coming here. For more details contact Mr. Ellappan-99411 34695, 95511 43024, Mr. Prabhakaran-9710230154.



The old Sivan temple in this village completly ruined, is now recently renovated. The Siva is called Sri Kailasanathar and Ambal is called Sri Thiripurasunthari. There are shrines for Sri Ganapathy, Sri Murugan, Sri Chandikeswarar, and Sri Bhairavar. Vilvam is the sacred tree of this temple. This temple is situated 3 KM from Mahindra City, near Chengalpattu. Autos are available from Singapermalkovil. contact 8675127999.



The Siva temple in Peramanur village, about 3KM from Maraimalainagar, near Chengalpattu is 1400 years old. It is said Vaali prayed to the Lord Siva here. Hence the Lord is called Sri Thiruvaleeswarar Ambal is called Sri Thiripurasundari. The ancient temple came to ruins and was renovated recently. Besides, there are Ganapathy, Murugan, Nagar and Navagragam in a semicircle shape. Therre are also seperate nitches for Ayyappa, bhairavar and Hanuman. A big temple tank exists south of the temple. The sacred tree is Arasu. sivarathiri, sankatahara chathurthi, kaarthigai deepam, annabhishegam are some of the festivals here. To reach here share autos are available from Maraimalainagar. For more details contact Mr. Kannan Gurukkal-80562 57312, Mr. vijayakumar-98403 08546, Mr. Devarajan-94436 20311.



Of the numerous cave temples built during the Pallava period in tamilnadu, Vallam temple is one of the most significant ones. This cave temple was built by Mahendiravarma Pallavan on a hillock. Both Siva and Perumal are enshrined here and are representing the architectural and sculptural splendor. Siva is called Sri Vendantheeswarar and Ambal is called Gnanambigai. Lord Ganapathy, Dwarapalar Sooladeva, Amudhuadiyar, Durgai, Jeshtadevi are the monuments of great artistic value. The stone inscriptions reveal the donations given to this temple by Kopperunsingan, Rajathi Rajan. Inside the temple one can feel the vibration. Another feature is that in every morning sunrays fall on the Sivalinga like a garland. It is said that Siddha purushas even today coming here and worship the Lords here. Below the Siva shrine there are two cave temples. Sri Perumal is enshrined with Sridevi and Bhoodevi. In another cave temple Sri Vinayagar, Sri Kali, Sri Durgai are enshrined. The temple open once in a day. This cave temple is situated in Vallam village very near to Chengalpattu, on Mamallapuram road. For contact Mr. Chellappa Gurukkal-94431 72894.




The Siva temple in Melamaiyur village, is just 3 KM from Chengalpettu on Mamallapuram highway road.The compound wall of the temple was demolished due to broadening of the road. This was done some 2 years back. The Government gave due compensation for the land occupied by the temple. Matter did not stop at that. The Siva linga was transported to another place in a bullock cart. But it ended in failure, as the cart driver and the bullcoks died at the spot. Panicked by this, the village people establised the Sivalingam at the same place and built a modest temple. The Lord here is Sri Adhilingeswarar, and Goddess is Sri Akilandeswari. Besides Vinayagar, Valli Devasena Sametha Subramanyar, Bhairavar, Navagrahams, Dakshinamoorthy.Daily pujas are performed here. For more details contact Mrs. Kanchana-99409 79303. All buses going to Mamallapuram from Chengalpattu will stop here.



A temple dedicated to Lord Siva is situated in Ozhalur village, about 5 KM from Chengalpattu. The presiding deity is known as Sri Agastheeswarar and His consort as Sri Arananga Ambal. The temple is fairly a big one contains many shrines. Besides five Kosta Devathas, there are shrines for Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar, Navagrahams, Bhairavar. There is also a temple tank nearby. The holy tree of the temple is Vilvam. One time puja is performed here. All festivals of Siva temples are performed here. For further details contact Mr.Y G Babu-99443 37845, Mr. Mahenthiran-96778 64492, Mr. Murugan-97904 05148. Buses No. 5, 12 from Cngalpattu are coming here.


Pulipakkam, a small village very near to Chengalpattu adjacent to National Highway(Near Toll Plaza) has a very old Sivan temple. This temple is situated on a small hill. Maharishi Vyagrapathar installed the deity here and worshipped and hence named as Sri Vyagrapureeswarar. His consort is called Sri Mangalyam Katha Nayagi. Thee are many Sivalingams found around the temple. Sri Vyagrapathar, Sri Pathanjali Maharishi are enshrined in the temple. There is also a Jeeva Samadhi for Mahaguru Raghava Swamigal. Here one time puja is performed regularly. For details contact Mr. Parthibhan-9710058296. Town buses from Chengalpattu are coming to this place.




The swayambu Siva temple at Pazhaveli, on the GST Bye-pass road in Chengalpattu is infront of a hill. The Sivalingam, was installed about 750 years ago and was worshipped by Aadhi Siddhar. The Lord is called Sri Aadhi Kuberapuri Gnanapureeswarar and His consort is called Sri Aadhi gnana Valai Roopi. The temple has four enclosures with Dwara Ganapathy, Subramanyar with His consorts, Bhairavar and Navagragam. The temple is open once in a day. Autos are available from Chengalpattu to reach here. For details contact Mr. Kesavan-9444149583, Mr. Ganesh-9940617501.



At this village, about 5 KM from Chengalpattu, 2 KM from Mahendiracity, a Sivalingam was found under the bushes. It was unearthed and installed under a small shed by the youngsters of the village. There are no deities available here except Nandhi. The name of the Lord is not known. No more details are available. It is said that there is an undergound tunnel betweeen this place and Thiruvadisoolam temple. To reach here, buses are available from Chengalpattu(T2), and autos from Chengalpattu and Singaperumalkovil. For details contact Mr. Dhananchezhiyan-98848 64590, Mr. B. Suriya-73735 92318, Mr. G. Vinoth-81444 11510.



Aathur, about 4 KM from Chengalpattu has two shrines of yore, one of Lord Siva and the other of Lord Vishnu. Lord Siva is called here Sri Muktheeswarar and ambal is Sri Dharmasamvardhini. According to the temple lore it was built by Kulothunga Chola and this was inscribed on one of the granite walls of the temple. Built in 11th century the stone temple has a total of 24 inscriptions. All of them describe the donations given to the temple.

It is said that the king Kulothungan once when he was travelling through this place he saw a bright light in a mud mount. Surprised he pierced the mount by his sword. He was shocked to see blood oozing out of the mount. After removing the mount, he was pleasantly surprised to see a Sivalingam. Then he built the stone temple christened the Lord as Sri Muktheeswarar. The Sivalingam was damaged by the sword and it can be seen even today. The unique feature of the lingam, is that a straight line is visible at the middle of the lingam from top to bottom, thereby symbolizing that the Lord is Ardhanareeswarar. The vimanam above the shrine is in the shape of Srichakram. Above all the Lord is said to be breathing and hot air around the sanctum signifies His outward breath. This temple has Sri Shanmugar with Valli and Devasena. He has 6 heads and 12 hands. The stone sculpture is so minute that even the nerves of the Lord is visible.

Vilvam and Mango trees are the sacred trees of the temple. There is a temple tank nearby. The temple is open in the morning from 6 to 10 and in the evening 4.30 to 7. During Mahasivcarathiri six times pujas are conducted here. All other festivals are celebrated in a grand manner. Aathur is well connected by train and bus. All buses from Chengalpattu towards Kanchipuram will stop here. For more details contact Mr. Kamalakannan Sivachariar-7305016153, Mr. Muthukumar-94438 80932.



Karunilam, a small village 5 KM from Singaperumalkovil has an old Shiva temple. The temple Lord is called Sri Thambukeswarar and Ambal is called Sri Thamaravarneswari. The history of this temple is not known. All the associate deities are installed here recently. But the main deities as well as the Nandhi are very old. Jack tree is the sacred tree of this temple. Presently the deities are sheltered in a temporary shrine. Construction is going on. For more details contact Mr. Kuppusamy-9677802409, Mr. Rajenthiran- 7401129330, Mr. Kesavan-7373552656. Here bus service is available from Tambaram(60M)



A Sivalinga big in size with Nandhi is seen under a thatched shed in Konathi village, situated near Potheri railway station. No other deities are available here. There is a temple pond nearby. The people of this village are making efforts to build a temple here. For details contact Mr. Sasikumar-9841056301, Mr. Senthil-9677234323.



Sri Kamakshi ambal sametha Sri Kailasanatha swamy temple is situated in Keezh Thandarai village, near Uthiramerur. This temple is around1000 years old and under HR & CE. The temple is recently renovated and well maintained.Moolavar Sri Kailasanathar is facing east and Ambal sannadhi is facing south. In outer prakaram, there are five koshta sannadhies. Also separate shrines for Mahaganapathy, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar , Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar and Navakiragam. The sacred tree is Vilvam. There is also a sacred temple pond in front of the temple. Daily one time pujas are performed here. For details contact Mr. Ashok Gurukkal-99529 19453, Mr. Saambantham-97504 56091. The place is well connected by bus from Chengalpattu and Uthiramerur.




This ancient temple is situated nearly 20 KM from Chengalpattu. The presiding deity is facing eastern direction and ambal is facing south. The temple is recently renovated and has all shrines such as five goshta devathas, Vinayagar, Valli Devasena smetha Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar and Navakraham. There is a temple pond nearby. For more details contact Mr. Sundtharamurthy Gurukkal-94445 70950, Mr. Rajasekara Gurukkal-99422 64237. The village is connected by bus from Chengalpattu(129B)


This ancient stone temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands in the village Sathananchery on the banks of Palar river, about 20 KM from Chengalpattu. The presiding deity is called Sri Virupaksheeswarar and His consort is called Sri Vidyambigai. The shrines of Nardhana Vinayagar, Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Brahmma, Duurgai grace in Koshta. Besides there are shrines for Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar and Navagraham. Vilvam tree is the sacred tree of this temple. For more details contact Mr. Balasubramanyan Gurukkal-9444570950, Mr. Rajasekara Gurukkal-99422 64237. There is a direct bus service to Sathananchery village from Chengalpattu(T9)


One more ancient temple in this village Sathananchery, dedicated to Lord Shiva is Sri Kailainathar temple. One special feature of this shrine is that the Moolavar is growing slowly day by day. It is believed that Ambal Sri Karpagambigai performed penance here and worshiped the Lord. Usual shrines of Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Navagrahams are found in the prakara. Also, Nardhana Ganapathy, Dakshinamorthy, Mahavishnu, Bramma, Durgai are enshrined in Siva gostam. Sacred tree here is Vilvam. Temple is open during morning time from 6 to 7. For more details contact Mr. Balasubramanya Gurukkal-9444570950, Mr. Rajasekara Gurukkal-9942264237.



The temple in Thiruvanaikovil, near Uthiramerur is dedicated to Lord Siva. The temple is fairly big and has a big entrance gate in the eastern side. Vali worshiped here and hence the Lord is called Sri Valeeswarar and ambal is called Sri Panmozhiamman. The sanctum of Sri Valeeswarar is in a shape of semi circle(gajabrishtam). The temple has large passage which housed Shrines of Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Murugan, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Suriyan and Navagrahams. Also Goshta devadas are enshrined in Siva goshtam. Many inscriptions are found on the wall which reveal the donations given to this temple. The temple is well maintained and regular pujas are conducted. All festivals pertaining to Siva temple are celebrated here. For more details contact Mr. Ashok-97869 77574. Thiruvanaikovil is just 16 KM away from Chengalpattu, and connected by bus service(129B)




Sri Kailasanathar temple in Uthiramerur is believed to be built by Nandivarma Pallavan, in 8th century. The moolavar is called Sri Kailasanathar and His consort is called Sri Kamakshi. Unusually there are no shrines for other deities in this temple. There are inscriptions found on the wall indicating the various gifts offered to this temple. Till recently this temple was in bad shape, but the REACH foundation restored the temple to its original shape. Regular pujas are performed here. Once a temple tank was there but now vanished. For details contact Mr.Subramanya Gurukkal-94428 26482. Uthiramerur is 20 KM from Kanchipuram, and 28 KM from Chengalpattu and well connected by road.


In Uthiramerur town another ancient Siva temple exists, called Kedhareeswarar temple. Till recently this temple was in bad shape and now renovated. The Moolavar is called Sri Kedharesswarar and His consort is called Sri Kedhara Gowri. Several inscriptions in this temple reveal the donations offered to this temple by various rulers, during variousl periods. This temple is significant for taking "kedhara gowri viratham" on the day of Deepawali. Many devotees come here on the day of Deepawali and worship the Lord , and Kedhara Gowri ambal. For details contact Mr. Rajappa Gurukkal-94428 26482, Mr. Subramanya Gurukkal-97895 88522.



One more ancient Siva temple also found in Uthiramerur town. The presiding deity is called Sri Kuzhambareswarar. Ambal is not found here. This temple is needing renovation at present. One Sivalingam and a Nandhi are found in front of the temple. Someone is performing pujas here. For more details contact Mr. R Suresh-97908 92656, Mr. Kanniappan-98658 77536.



An ancient temple is there in Puthali village, which is 12 KM from Uthiramerur. The Sivan is called as Sri Sathyanathaswamy and ambal is called Sri Maragathavalli. In Goshta only two shrines are there namely, Lingothbhavar and Bramma. Stone inscriptions are found, which reveal the donations given to this temple. Regular pujas are conducted here. Vilvam is the Thala Virutcham of this temple. There is also a temple tank nearby. For contact, Mr. Ramadoss-94451 25213. This village is reachable by buses from Kanchipuram (T34) and Uthiramerur.


Karuveppampoondi is a small village on Uthiramerur-Kanchipuram Keezh road, 7 KM away from Uthiramerur town, where a very ancient temple exists. The temple is in very bad shape and totally neglected. The deity is called Sri Viswanathar. Ambal statue and Lakshminarayanar idol are placed near Sivalingam, in sactum sanctorum. Many idols of Vinayagar, Arumugar, Suriyan, Bramma are just placed in Ardha mandapam. We could not get any information regarding this temple except the name of the Lord. For contact Mr. Rajavelu-94436 42255.


Once a Perumal temple also was in this village. Now the broken statues of this temple are lying under a tree. The people in this village are taking efforts to build a temple.


Sri Akilandeswari sametha Ari Agasthiswarar temple in Ozhukarai village is situated 8 KM from Uthiramerur. On Uthiramerur Kanchipuram Keezh road, at Karuveppampoondi, there is a road leading to Ozhukarai village. The temple is renovated and in good condition. There are shrines for Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Venugopalar and Navagraham. The temple is open from 7.00 am to 8.00 am. Pradosham, Karthigai deepam, Thaipoosam festivals are celebrated in a grand manner. Temple tank is also there. For details contact Mr. Rajavelu-94436 42255. A bus service (T34) from Kanchipuram is coming here.





This temple is totally a neglected one and the dorr is always closed. No one comes to this temple atleast to lit a lamp here. The temple premises is used by the people as cattle shed and other agricultural activities. For contact Mr. Sathyamoorthy-9786974650, Mr. Manohar-9843563438, Mr.Viswanathan-9655596335.



There is a siva temple in Vadathavur village, 10 KM from Uthiramerur. The moolavar is called Sri Kailasanathar and His consort is called Sri Kamalambigai. This temple is built in granite stones and has 5 Koshta sannadhies. There are shrines for Vinayagar, Murugan, Chandikeswarar and Navagrham.This temple was consecrated in 2001 and well maintained. Sacred tree is Vilvam. Once upon a time Saint poet Sri Auvvayar visited this place and worshiped the lord. At that time she was very thirtsty. One of the villagers gave water to quench her thirst. The Saint poet blessed with a boon that this village will never face water scarcity at any time. For contact Mr. Ulaganathan-91767 90544. Mini buses are coming to this village from Uthiramerur.



A complete neglect of an ancient Siva temple with exquisite sculptures in dilapidated condition remains in Pazhayakaliyampoondi village, near Uthiramerur. The stone temple is totally surrounded by thorny bushes restricting the entry into the temple. The dilapidated temple has only few broken idols, namely a Avudayar without Banam, a broken Ambal idol and a broken Mahavishnu idol by the side of Avudayar in Sanctum Sanctorum. There is also one Lakshminarayanar idol in slightly damaged condition. Various divine images are beautifully sculpted on the pillars. No details are available regarding this ancient temple. This temple is around 8 KM from Uthiramerur. Mini bus services are available to reach here from Uthiramerur. For contact Mr. Ramesh Reddiar-97510 35360