A village called Ambikapuram was donated to Kanchi Mutt by Andhra Chola king Vijayakanda Gopaladevan in the year 1291AD. This information was recorded in a copper plate found in the temple. Now this place is called Keelambi very close to Kanchipuram town. Siva is called Sri Ambikapathiswarar and Ambal is Sri Kamakshi. Many stone inscriptions are seen which reveal various donations to this temple. The temple has shrines for five Koshta devathas, Vinayagar, Shanmugar with consorts, Chandikeswarar, Suriyan, Chandiran, Bhairavar and Navakirahams. Pujas are performed here by Sri Ramesh Deekshadhar-9943069346. The Samadhi of 60th Peetathipathi of Sri Kanchi Mutt is also situated in this village. Keelambi is just 4 KM from Kanchipuram.



A lone discarded Sivalingam in an open place found in Netteri village was sheltered and consecration took place in the year 2013. This was happened by the efforts of the village people Now they installed Vinayagar and Nandhi statues and started performing regular pujas. The divine name is Sri Vaneswarar. This temple is very close to Kanchipuram, situated on Arakkonam road. For contact Mr. Jagadeesan-90478 86294, Mr. Murugan-9047513562, Mr. Mani-9791673312. Town buses going through Arakkonam road are available to reach here.



This temple was not there previously except the idols of Sivalingam, Nandhi, Vinayagar and Jestadevi found in open. Afterwards some years back a temple was built. It is said that the information regarding this temple is mentioned in palm leaf kept in Thanjavur Saraswathy Mahal library. The divine name is Sri Somanatheswarar and His consort is called Sri Thiripurasundari. Opposite to temple there is a pond. Daily pujas are performed once in a day. For contact Mr. Gowrishankar-9944029225, Mr. Chandra Mohan-8754412023, Mr. E Chandramohan-9629304720. This temple is 10 KM from Chengalpattu and situated on Chengalpattu-Thiruporur road.



The temple enshrining Lord Siva is one of the ancient temples located in Perunthandalam village of Chengalpattu taluk, Kanchipuram district. The deity here is called Sri Agasthiswarar and Ambal is called Sri Thiripurasundari. The temple houses pancha goshtam shrines, Sri Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Sri Subramanyar, Sri Chandikeswarar, Navakirahams and Sri Bhairavar. When trying to move out the Sivalinga, during the renovation of the temple it is going deeper and deeper into the ground and the bottom portion could not be located. Daily rituals are performed here once in a day. For contact Sri Babu Gurukkal-9444286077, Sri Mathialagan-9445584636, Sri Jeeva-9894352236. Buses from Chengalpattu to Thiruporur(T20, T50) are coming here.



Siva and Perumal temples are located side by side in Thandarai village, near Thiruporur. The idols of both the temples found in an open place were housed in a separate enclosure. Siva is called Sri Thirumeneeswarar and ambal name is not known. The name of Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi is also not available. Regular pujas are performed in both the temples. For Contact Mr. Gopalakrishnan -9751192731, Mr. Prakash-8015588892. The temples are located in an isolated place of Thandarai village. Thiruporur is 12 KM and buses are available



The temple dedicated to Lord Siva is the abode of Sri Agasthiswarar. Sri Anandavalli, His consort is also sanctified in the temple. It is believed that Sage Sri Agasthiyar worshipped the Lord here. Sixteen pillar mandap is very significant here, but only eight pillars are visible. Other deities are Siva Koshta shrines and Chandikeswarar. A sacred temple pond is also there. Daily pujas are going on here once in day. On the day of Panguni Uthiram Thirukkalyana urchavam is conducted with pomp. Festivals like Sivarathiri, Anna Abhishegam, Karthigai Somavaram are also celebrated here. For contact Mr. Gowrishankar- 99440 29225. A bus is coming from Chengalpattu to Irumbedu(28). From Thiruporur, Periya Irumbedu is 15 KM.



Once this place was fully surrounded by Iluppai trees and hence got the name Pooiluppai. Various kinds of flowers were grown here and they were taken to Thirukkazhkundram temple on a daily basis. But this practice was stopped long back. Some years back several divine idols were found when the people dig the ground for some other purpose. Today a new temple is erected with the idols found here. The deity is called Sri Iluppai Vaneswarar and Ambal is called Sri Poovachiamman. Another interesting fact associated with the village is that no one will die by snake bite. A sacred temple pond is behind the temple. Iluppai is the sacred tree of the temple. Daily one time puja is going on. . For contact Mr.Vijai- 9840234803, Mr. Ramu-9171626243. When coming from Thiruporur to Chengalpattu road, take a left diversion at Karumbakkam, and ride for 1.5 KM to reach Pooiluppai village.



Once found in an open place, a Sivalingam and a nandhi were sheltered some years back by local people of Nellikuppam village, near Thiruporur, and started worship. Besides some banams and a broken avudayar in half buried state are also seen near the shelter temple. No details regarding this shrine are known. For contact Mr. Sambasivam-9360730995 who is doing regular pujas here and maintaining the temple., Mr. Thirugnanasekar-9381887280. Nillikuppam is situated on Guduvanchery Kottamedu road and buses from Tambaram are available.



Presenting a lesser known Sivan temple located at Kondanki village, 12 KM from Thiruporur of Kanchipuram district. The Lord here is called Sri Thirukooleeswarar and his consort as Sri Thiripura Sundari. The temple has koshta shrines of Vinayagar, Dkshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Brahmma, Durgai and Chandikeswarar. Sri Vinayagar and Subramanyar in separate enclosures are also there. A Perumal idol which was found in temple pond is also established here. Today the temple tank is shrank to a small pond looking like a ditch. The temple is well maintained and regular pujas are going on. For contact Sri Sankar-9840103657, Sri Vasudeva Iyer-9498036642, Sri Balu-9176713580. Tambaram to Karumbakkam bus(55C) is coming here. When coming fromThiruporur on Chengalpattu road, take a right turn at Kottamedu and travel for 5 KM to reach here.




Sri Valmiki Maharishi installed seven Sivalingams and worshipped for several years during the Ramayana period. This temple is in Sirukundram, formerly called Sivakundram, near Thiruporur. This ancient temple now wears a new look. The main deity is called Sri Vanmigeeswarar and His consort is called Sri Kedharagowri. Of the seven lingams established by Sri Valmigi Maharishi, only four are seen in the temple complex. The temple has five deities enshrined in niches. Also shrines for Vinayagar, Subramanyar with his consorts, Chandikeswarar and Navakrahams are there. Sri Saneeswarar is enshrined in a separate enclosure. Temple sacred pond and sacred tree Sarakondrai are there. Daily rituals are conducted once in a day. For details contact Sri Ekambara Sivachariyar-9176867741, Sri Vijaya Pillai-9908806716. Sirukundram is well connected by bus services from Chengalpattu and Tambaram(82).




In Periyavippedu village, 7 KM from Thirukkazhukundram, where a divine idols of Sivan and Nandhi were found in an open place. Some years back the idols are housed in a small shed by Sri Kochanga Nayanar Thiruppani kuzhu. Today Swamy is giving darshan in this small shed and accepting the offerings by the devotees. A temple sacred pond is nearby. One Mr. Narayanamurthy(9994141086) is doing daily pujas. Contact persons Mr. Gupendiran-9445373669, Mrs. Varalakshmi-9865661711. Chengalpattu- Otteri(75), Thirukkazhukundram-Otteri(75) buses are coming here.



About 10 KM on Thiruporur-Thirukkazhukundram road there is a small village called Agaram, where an ancient stone temple exists. This temple is dedicated to Lord Siva and called Sri Kailasanathar. Ambal is called Sri Akilandeswari. Besides five Koshta devathas, there are shrines for Vinayagar, Subramanyar with his consorts, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar and Navgrahams. In temple pillars many divine sculptures are seen including one beautiful Natarajar. The temple has sacred tree Vilvam and pond. Daily one time pujas are performed. For contact Mr. Ayyappan Gurukkal-9940872125, Mr. Shanmugam-9677695375.



A very ancient stone temple dedicated to Lord Siva is located in Amoor village, about 8 KM from Thiruporur. Till recently this temple was in the state of ruins. Now the work of renovation has started and in progress. But the entire temple structure is white washed and many inscriptions found on the walls are not visible. Swamy thirunamam is not known. Ambal is Sri Thiripurasundari. The presiding deity is made of white stone erected on a square base avudayar. Other deities are Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Bhairavar, Chandikeswarar, Suriyan and Jeshtadevi. Sarakondrai is the sacred tree of the temple. A sacred pond is also there. For contact Sri Radhakrishnan-9840228023, Sri Jayaraman-9841833452, Sri Pandiyan-94443 64903. Amoor is situated on Thiruporur-Thirukkazhukundram road.





This ancient Sivan temple is located in Siruthavur village, 6 KM from Thiruporur of Kanchipuram district. The entire temple was renovated and Consecration took place on 05.02.2020. The Presiding deity made of crystal is called Sri Bhoodhagiriswarar. Mother is called Sri Aranavalli. Nandhi idol here is facing his head towards left unusually. Sri Vinayagar, Sri Subramanyar with consorts, Sri Chandikeswarar, Sri Bhairavar deities are in separate enclosures. The sanctum sanctorum is designed as elephant back. One big size temple theertham is also there. One sivalinga with eight faces is also enshrined. Daily pujas are performed here. For contact Mr. Venkatakumar-9840478789, Mr.Nagarajan-9382292689, Mr. Vijayan- 9444880118. Thiruporur to Kanchipuram, Thiruporur to Chengalpattu buses are coming here.





A Sivalingam and a Nandhi in an open place were sheltered by Kotchenganayanar Thirupani Kuzhu some years back in Vengoor village, about 10 KM fromThiruporur. The divine name and other details are unknown. However regular pujas are going on here apart from celebrating Pradosham, Karthigai Deepam, Anna Abhishegam, Sivarathiri, Arudra Dharisanam etc. There is also a temple sacred pond nearby.

Near to this temple there was an old Perumal temple where all old idols were stolen. Now the villagers are constructing a new Perumal temple with new idols to install. For details contact Mr. Gopalakrishnan- 9626576908, Maligai kadai Mohan-9381774283. This village is well connected by bus services from Chengalpattu, Thiruporur and Velachery.




The temple surrounded by serene greenish atmosphere is located in a small hill, near Edarkundram village. The temple Lord is called Sri Thirumalai Eswarar and mother is called Sri Sornambigai. There are shrines for Vinayagar, Balamurugan, Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Durgai and Chandikeswarar. The beautiful temple pond is located at the base of the hill. Daily one time puja is performed here. For contact Sri Logu-9095043658, Sri Parthasarathy-9159129791, Sri Venkataraman-7639579700. Edarkundram is situated 11 KM from Thiruporur on Chengalpattu road.




Once Sri Agasthiya Maharishi installed a Sivalingam and worshipped for the welfare of the mankind. This temple is in Alathur village, just 3 KM away from Thiruporur, on Mamallapuram road.The Lord is called Sri Agasthiswarar and Ambal Sri Akilandeswari. Nandhi is in a separate enclosure in front of the temple. The flag mask was once present is not here now. The stone compound once existed is totally ruined. Other shrines are Sri Vinayagar, Sri Subramanyar with Valli and Devasena, Sri Bhairavar, Sri Chandikeswarar. Vilvam is the sacred tree here and there is also a big temple tank in front of the temple. Daily pujas are performed here once in a day. Important festival of this temple occur during the Tamil month of Masi. Thiruporur Murugan used to visit here in the Tamil month of Masi and Soora Samharam will take place. Other festivals like Sivarathiri, Panguni Uthiram, Karthigai Somavaram are also celebrated here. For contact Sri Dayalan-8124004808, Sri Harenthiran-8680895761, Sri Kathir Iyer-9444799023. Aalathur is on OMR and all buses going to Mamallapuram are passing through this village.





A Sivalinga found inside a temple tank was taken out and installed in a newly built temple. This was happened some years back in Thandalam village, 3 KM from Thiruporur on Old Mamallapuram Road. An ancient Chandikeswarar and Jeshtadevi idols found near the temple tank were also installed along with new idols. Regular pujas are performed here. For contact Smt. Amsaveni-9790815110, Sri Radha Krishnan-8754401805. Thandalam is on OMR and all buses going to Mamallapuram are passing through this village.




An ancient Siva temple buried under ground was carefully excavated and renovated and now stands as a fully functional shrine in Madayathur village, near Thiruporur. This was happened by one Mr. Chandra sekaran with the guidance of Kanchi Sankarachariyar in the year 2004. It is believed that this temple was built during the period of Krupathavarma Pallavan rule. The Lord is called Sri Malleeswarar and Ambal is called Sri Manickavalli. A Sivalinga was found in the nearby lake was installed on a Jeeva Samadhi of a Siddhar seen behind the temple. The temple has five koshta shrines, Duwara Ganapathy, Murugan, Bhairavar, Chandikeswarar and Navakragams shrines. The temple has also one sacred tank and Vembu tree is the sthala virutcham. Daily pujas are performed here. For contact Sri Chandrasekaran-92837 36233. All festivals related to Siva temple are celebrated here. Madayathur is located just 1 KM from Thiruporur-Chengalpattu road. Thiruporur is 5 KM away from Madayathur.




T Acharavakkam a tiny village located about 9KM from Thiruporur, where Sri Agasthiswarar temple is situated. Due to passage of time the ancient temple was totally ruined and new temple was erected some years back. The presiding deity Sri Agasthiswarar shrine is facing east and mother Sri Anandavalli shrine is facing south. The temple has also a beautiful pond nearby. Duwara Ganapathy, Murugan, Chandikeswarar and Nagar are enshrined in the temple. Daily pujas are going on one time. On the day of Arundra Darishanam, Swamy is taken out in procession. For contact Sri Siva-97898 41464, Sri Venkatesan-9952304174, Sri Selvakumar-9940216984. There are direct buses from Chengalpattu, Velachery, and Thiruvanmiyur to this village.



A 2000 years old Sivan temple is located in Kottamedu village, about 10 KM from Thiruporur. Here the Lord is called Sri Jalakandeswarar. Mother is called Sri Jagadambal. The presiding deity on a square type avudayar is a self manifested(suyambu)Linga. During the renovation of the temple few years back, the base of the banam could not be traced, as it was going deeper and deeper. The sanctum sanctorum is always wet as in Thiruvanaikovil. Moreover the well in the temple complex will never go dry even during the extreme hot season. The Vinayagar Shrine in the prakaram is somewhat different that the idol`s head is slightly inclined. Other Shrines are Murugan, Ayyappan, Chandikeswar, Navakirahams and five goshta devathas. Lakshmi, Parvathy and Saraswathy are enshrined in Ambal goshtam. All Sivalaya urchavams are celebrated here particularly Thirukalyana Urchavam on Panguni Uthiram day. Sthala virutcham is Iluppai. Temple sacred pond is also there. For contact Srinivasan-9962269957,9962086925. Kottamedu is situated on Chengaalpattu-Thiruporur road. Road connectivity to Guduvanchery is also available. All buses plying between Chengalpattu and Thiruporur stop at Kottamedu.




A self manifested Sivalinga (Suyambu) found in an open place near a pond was housed in a small temple some years back. The Lord is called Sri Suyambeeswarar. Ambal Sri Karpagambigai is found missing. In Siva Koshtam niches five divine idols are enshrined. Navakiragam sannadhi is also there. A beautiful temple pond is seen in front of the temple. Daily one time puja is performed. For contact Shri Chakrapani-9176822119, Sri Veeraraghavan-9445005635. This temple is located in Illalur village, about 6KM from Thiruporur. Buses from Tambaram to Thiruporur, Nellikuppam are coming here.



One saint known as Gnanacheri Gnanigal built a temple in Velichai village, about 15 KM fromVandalur, near Chennai. The temple was built and completed in the year 1999. Since then Swamiji did the regular pujas and rituals everyday. The temple with a rajagopuram and flag mast has many shrines. The main shrine is Sri Pasupathiswarar with ambal Sri Simmapriya. Also there is a separate shrine for Sri Kanakavalli Thayar Sametha Sri Sundararaja Perumal. There are shrines for Prathangara devi, Pandurangan, Rukmayee, Vallalar, Pulipani, Manickavasakar in addition to regular shrines. Unusually all devotees coming here can enter the sanctum sanctorum and offer prayer. There is a separate shrine for Sri Sadasiva Brahmenthiral. The temple is open 9 am to 11 am. All Siva and Vishnu temple urchavams are celebrated here. For contact 044 2464 0306. On Vandalur- Kelampakkam road take a right turn at Pudupakkam Anjaneyar temple and go for 2 KM to reach the temple.



This temple dedicated to Lord Siva is situated in Pudhupakkam village, about 4 KM from Kelambakkam. The Lord is called Sri Agasthiswarar and Mother is called Sri Akilandeswari. This temple and the Perumal temple were built during the same period by a Pandiya king. The temple was renovated and consecration was done in the year 2006. The original Sivalingam was replaced by a new linga and the old one was installed on the backside. The temple has five koshta devathas along with shrines of Vinayagar, Subramanyar with consorts, Bhairavar, Varahi and Chandikeswarar. Ambal shrine has also five koshta devis . All Sivalaya urchavas are celebrated in a grand manner. On the day of Thiruvathirai in the tamil month of Thai, Aurudra Dharishanam and pancha moorthy(five deities) purappadu is celebrated here. Also Knada Sashti festival is also celebrated with Thirukalyana urchavam in a grand manner. For contact Sri Vasudevan-9444118745. Buses from Vandalur to Thiruporur(115,555, 515)are available to come here.



About 20 years back a Sivalingam was unearthed and reported to Kanchi Maha Swamigal. Sri Maha Swamigal named the idol as Sri Navaleeswarar and instructed the people to build a temple where the idol was found. Thus temple was built with many shrines including Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal. This temple is presenting a new look and well maintained. A sacred tank is also in front of the temple. This temple is in Navalur, a suburb of Chennai on old Mahabalipuram road. Ambal is called Sri Akilandeswari. Many festivals are celebrated here. The temple is open 7 to 11 in the morning and 5 to 8 in the evening. For contact Ananda Gurukkal-9710070515.




Some years back a Sivalingam and a dilapidated Nandhi idols were located in an open place at Thazhambur village, a suburb of Chennai near Navalur. The Sivalingam was housed in a small temple by Mrs. Bhavani Ammal of Thazhambur village. More new deities were also enshrined in the temple, The broken Nandhi idol was left on the bank of the sacred pond. The temple pond is full of water since the temple was built. The deity name is Sri Saileswarar as per the land records of this village. Regular pujas are performed here. For contact Mrs. Bhavani-9962151046, Sri Balasubramanian-9176103629. Buses from T.Nagar, Tambaram, Adyar are coming here. Thazhambur is located near Navalur, OMR .



In Thazhambur Natham village, just 4 KM from Navalur on OMR, an ancient Sivalingam was located in an open place and sheltered in a small temple. The broken Nandhi idol was replaced by a new one. The name of the Lord is Sri Kailasanathar. Ambal Kamakshi is yet to be installed. Also a temple sacred pond is nearby. Pujas are performed here regularly once in a day. For contact Sri Balasubramanyan-9176103629 To reach here buses are available from T.Nagar, Tambaram, Adyar.



About 2000 years old temple dedicated to Lord Siva and Perumal is located in Padur, on OMR just 1 KM from Kelampakkam. Siva is called Sri Manikandeswarar and Mother as Sri Maragathavalli. Other shrines in the temple are five koshta shrines along with Vinayagar, Murugan, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar and Navakirahams. Ambal also has three koshta devathas. The sacred tree is banyan tree and temple pond is located behind the temple. The Perumal shrine is located on the right side of Siva temple. Perumal is called Sri Srinivasa Perumal. As a rare feature, Sri Lakshmi Thayar is seen in the forehead of Perumal. Other shrines are Sri Garudan, Anjaneyar and Andal. All festivals pertaining to Siva and Vishnu are performed here in a grand manner. All buses plying on OMR to Kelambakkam, Thiruporur stop at Padur. For contact Sri Ananda Gurukkal-9551785164, Sri Krishnamurthy-7395918536, Sri James-9841709504.




A rare ancient Sivalingam under a big peepal tree is found in Kelambakkam, near Chennai. The Sivalingam was sheltered some years back and regular pujas are performed since then. The Divine is called Sri Bhoominathar. The temple is near Sri Keliamman temple. Ambal is keeping a child on her lap. Ambal is very powerful and granting child boon for those pray for it. This temple has 27 star trees. A temple pond is nearby. For contact Sri Sakthivel-9884989984, Sri Sivakumar-9841069433, Ravichandran-9884103437. Kelambakkam is near Thiruporur and well connected by road and this temple is 1 KM from bus stand.




Kalavakkam village situated just 2 KM before Thiruporur on OMR has one Siva temple. The Sivalinga found in an open place near the compound wall of a college some years back was shifted and a temple was built as advised by Sri Kanchi Sankarachariyar. Swamy is called Sri Kamadenu Eswarar and ambal is called Sri Kokilambal. In front of the new built temple an old Vinayagar shrine is there. Daily pujas are performed here. For contact Mr. Balasubramanian-9566089413, Mr Munusamy-9962596849. Kalavakkam is 1 KM away from OMR towards west.



A 1300 year old Siva temple is situated on Old Mahabaliburam road, just 2 KM from Kelambakkam. This temple is believed to be built by a Chozha king Senganmal. The entire temple was built in granite stones. The presiding deity Sri Senganmaleeswarar, made of saligramam, is facing eastern direction. Ambal sri Bragannayagi sannadhi is facing south. There is a flag mast and nandhi mandap at the entrance. In the prakaram, there are sannadhies for Sri Vinayagar, Sri Subramanyar with his consorts. Sri Gajalakshmi, Bhairavar, Sri Chandikeswarar, Jestadevi and Navakiragam. Sri Vinayagar, Sri Dakshinamurthy, Sri Mahavishu, Sri Brahmma, and Sri Durgai sannadhies are in Siva Koshtam. A temple sacred pond called Vishnu Theertham is there. There are 12th century Chozha period inscriptions and Nayakar period inscriptions found on the wall mentioning about the renovation work done during that time. Sri Kanchi Maha Periyava spent 10 days here and performed pujas.

The legend has it that Lord Siva created a precious weapon Ckarayutham and destroyed the demon king Jalandiran. Sri Mahavishu who was inspired by the divine weapon Ckakrayutam, wanted to have it and started worshipping Lord Siva with 1008 lotus flowers. Lord Siva made the last flower to disappear. Sri Mahavishnu plugged one of his eyes and completed the pooja. Lord Siva appeared before Mahavishnu and gave him the Chakrayutham. The same legend is associated with three temples in Tamilnadu.

The temple is open 7 to 12 in the morning and 4.30 to 8 in the evening. For Contact Mr. Ganesa Gurukkal-9952924944, Mr. Venkatesan-9176770308. All buses from Broadway-Thiruporur, Tambaram- Tiruroprur are available to reach here.



Thaiyur village situated 3 KM from Kelambakkam was dotted with seven temples in the past. But now only three temples exist. The remaining temples are in the forest area in a totally ruined condition. Among the three, one is Sri Mareeswarar temple dedicated to Lord Siva. The temple is newly renovated with a big rajagopuram, nandhi mandap and a flag mast. The presiding deity is called Sri Mareeswarar and His consort is called Sri Dharmasamvardhini. In the Siva Kostam, five deities are enshrined. In the outer prakaram there are shrines for Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar, Bhairavar, Suriyan, Chandikeswarar, Navakiragams. Daily one time pooja is conducted here. A temple sacred pond is also there. All festivals are celebrated in this temple. For contact Mr. Ramamurthy Gurukkal-72995 52933, Mr Kannan-9790825558. Direct buses from Tambaram-Thaiyur(55K) and T.Nagar are available.



Another Sivan temple in Thaiyur village is located where Lord Siva is called Sri Azhageswarar. His consort Ambal is called Sri Azhagambigai. This ancient temple was recently renovated and well maintained. Other shrines are five kosta devadhas, Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Ayyappan, Perumal, Chandikeswarar and Navakiraham. Daily pujas are performed once. The temple has a sacred pond which is located in front of the temple. For contact Mr. Ramamurthy Gurukkal-72995 52933, Mr Kannan-9790825558. Direct buses from Tambaram-Thaiyur(55K) and T.Nagar are available. From Kelambakkam autos are available to reach here by travelling just 2.5 KM.




A 1100 year old temple dedicated to Lord Siva is found in the village Kayar, near Kelambakkam in Kanchipuram district. As per the inscriptions found in the temple, this stone temple was built by Adhitha Cholan during his reign from 870 to 907 AD and Siva was known as Sri Adeswarar and Ambal as Sri Vedanayagi. The present condition of the temple is pathetic and several idols were scattered all over the temple premises. Dilapidated idols of Jestadevi, Murugan and chandikeswarar are also seen. The sacred pond is also near the temple. The village people now constructing a compound wall for the temple. At present one time puja is performed here.

For contact Mr. Mohanram-9283668486, Mr. Dinesh-99628 99336. Buses from Tambaram and Thiruporur are available to reach here. From Kelambakkam, autos are available to come here.



This Sivan temple is located in vembedu village, near Thiruporur of Kanchipuram district. The presiding deity is Sri Agastheeswarar with His consort Sri Vedavalli. It is believed that Sri Agasthiya Maharishi installed the Sivalinga and worshipped. The temple is newly renovated and presenting a good look. Other deities Sri Vinayagar, Sri Subramanyar, Sri Chandikeswarar, Sri Bhairavar and Navakirahams are enshrined. Daily one time puja is performed. Temple sacred pond is also available. For details contact Sri Veeraraghavan-9962093688, Sri Velu-9962687717. Buses from Tambaram-Thiruporur(55V, 555M) are coming here.



The abode of Lord Siva is at Mambakkam village, on Kelambakkam Vandalur road. Here the Lord is called Sri Muruganatheeswarar and ambal as Sri Deivanayagi. This small temple houses Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar, Suriyan, Chandikeswarar and koshta devadas. The temple also two sacred ponds. Daily one time puja is going on. For contact Siva Gurukkal-9444924525, Sri Hari Gurukkal- 9884581931. Buses going through Kelambakkam- Vandalur will stop at Mambakkam koot road. From here the temple is just 1 KM.



Sonalur a small beautiful village situated near Kelambakkam in Kanchipuram district. A Sivalinga was found on the root of a neem tree. Other idols of Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Nandhikeswarar, Mahavishnu, Bhairavar and Chandikeswarar were scattered on the bank of a tank. Some years back the people of the village built a small structure and placed all idols in it. Swamy is named Sri Aadhipureeswarar and ambal as Sri Sivakami. Since then regular pujas are conducted. There is also a stone inscription found here. For contact Sri Govindasamy-7200013225, Sri Nagarajan-90439 10686. There is a direct bus service from Tambaram- Sonalur(51D). Sonalur is just 3 KM from Mambakkam koot road and autos are available.



A Sivalingam found in open place was recently sheltered in Nallamoor village, near Mathuranthagam. The Lord Bheemeswarar was worshipped by Bhima and hence the name. No other deities are here. A sacred temple pond is nearby. Daily poooja is performed here. For contact Sri Mani Chettiar-77085 16301, Sri Subramanya Asari-9597682984, Sri Thiruvenkadam-9962942816. Nallamur is 15 KM from Mathuranthagam. Mathuranthagam- Seyyur, Chengalpattu-Kadapakkam, Chennai-Kadapakkam buses are coming here.


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