A village called Ambikapuram was donated to Kanchi Mutt by Andhra Chola king Vijayakanda Gopaladevan in the year 1291AD. This information was recorded in a copper plate found in the temple. Now this place is called Keelambi very close to Kanchipuram town. Siva is called Sri Ambikapathiswarar and Ambal is Sri Kamakshi. Many stone inscriptions are seen which reveal various donations to this temple. The temple has shrines for five Koshta devathas, Vinayagar, Shanmugar with consorts, Chandikeswarar, Suriyan, Chandiran, Bhairavar and Navakirahams. Pujas are performed here by Sri Ramesh Deekshadhar-9943069346. The Samadhi of 60th Peetathipathi of Sri Kanchi Mutt is also situated in this village. Keelambi is just 4 KM from Kanchipuram.



A lone discarded Sivalingam in an open place found in Netteri village was sheltered and consecration took place in the year 2013. This was happened by the efforts of the village people Now they installed Vinayagar and Nandhi statues and started performing regular pujas. The divine name is Sri Vaneswarar. This temple is very close to Kanchipuram, situated on Arakkonam road. For contact Mr. Jagadeesan-90478 86294, Mr. Murugan-9047513562, Mr. Mani-9791673312. Town buses going through Arakkonam road are available to reach here.



This temple was not there previously except the idols of Sivalingam, Nandhi, Vinayagar and Jestadevi found in open. Afterwards some years back a temple was built. It is said that the information regarding this temple is mentioned in palm leaf kept in Thanjavur Saraswathy Mahal library. The divine name is Sri Somanatheswarar and His consort is called Sri Thiripurasundari. Opposite to temple there is a pond. Daily pujas are performed once in a day. For contact Mr. Gowrishankar-9944029225, Mr. Chandra Mohan-8754412023, Mr. E Chandramohan-9629304720. This temple is 10 KM from Chengalpattu and situated on Chengalpattu-Thiruporur road.



The temple enshrining Lord Siva is one of the ancient temples located in Perunthandalam village of Chengalpattu taluk, Kanchipuram district. The deity here is called Sri Agasthiswarar and Ambal is called Sri Thiripurasundari. The temple houses pancha goshtam shrines, Sri Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Sri Subramanyar, Sri Chandikeswarar, Navakirahams and Sri Bhairavar. When trying to move out the Sivalinga, during the renovation of the temple it is going deeper and deeper into the ground and the bottom portion could not be located. Daily rituals are performed here once in a day. For contact Sri Babu Gurukkal-9444286077, Sri Mathialagan-9445584636, Sri Jeeva-9894352236. Buses from Chengalpattu to Thiruporur(T20, T50) are coming here.



Siva and Perumal temples are located side by side in Thandarai village, near Thiruporur. The idols of both the temples found in an open place were housed in a separate enclosure. Siva is called Sri Thirumeneeswarar and ambal name is not known. The name of Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi is also not available. Regular pujas are performed in both the temples. For Contact Mr. Gopalakrishnan -9751192731, Mr. Prakash-8015588892. The temples are located in an isolated place of Thandarai village. Thiruporur is 12 KM and buses are available


The temple dedicated to Lord Siva is the abode of Sri Agasthiswarar. Sri Anandavalli, His consort is also sanctified in the temple. It is believed that Sage Sri Agasthiyar worshipped the Lord here. Sixteen pillar mandap is very significant here, but only eight pillars are visible. Other deities are Siva Koshta shrines and Chandikeswarar. A sacred temple pond is also there. Daily pujas are going on here once in day. On the day of Panguni Uthiram Thirukkalyana urchavam is conducted with pomp. Festivals like Sivarathiri, Anna Abhishegam, Karthigai Somavaram are also celebrated here. For contact Mr. Gowrishankar- 99440 29225. A bus is coming from Chengalpattu to Irumbedu(28). From Thiruporur, Periya Irumbedu is 15 KM.



Once this place was fully surrounded by Iluppai trees and hence got the name Pooiluppai. Various kinds of flowers were grown here and they were taken to Thirukkazhkundram temple on a daily basis. But this practice was stopped long back. Some years back several divine idols were found when the people dig the ground for some other purpose. Today a new temple is erected with the idols found here. The deity is called Sri Iluppai Vaneswarar and Ambal is called Sri Poovachiamman. Another interesting fact associated with the village is that no one will die by snake bite. A sacred temple pond is behind the temple. Iluppai is the sacred tree of the temple. Daily one time puja is going on. . For contact Mr.Vijai- 9840234803, Mr. Ramu-9171626243. When coming from Thiruporur to Chengalpattu road, take a left diversion at Karumbakkam, and ride for 1.5 KM to reach Pooiluppai village.


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