A small Siva temple is located on a small hillock near Kolathur village of Mathuranthagam taluk. The Sivalinga was installed and worshipped by Sri Kalatti Siddhar in the past. Till recently Swamy was left in open and sheltered some years back. There is a rock cave behind Swamy and it is believed many Siddhars are in penance in the cave. Another significant feature of this shrine is a spring nearby. It will never go dry even in hot summer till now. The spring water becomes yellow during noon time. After crossing noon time the water regains its original colour. This can be noticed even today. The reason behind this is everyday angels come here to worship the Lord after taking a bath with turmaric powder in the spring . Daily two times puja is going on here. For contact Sri Shanmugam-8870802450. Sri Kannan-9524882663.Kolathur is located 3 KM away from Siddhamoor near Melmaruvathur.



A totally ruined granite stone temple found under a “kallala” tree was renovated some years back, by the local people of Vettoor village,near Mathuranthagam. Th Lord is called Sri Kallala Eswarar. Since from the renovation regular pujas are performed here. Pradosham and Mahasivarathri are celebrated in a grand manner. For contact Sri Ganesan-98658 48358, Sri Ramachandrababu-9751746621. Chennai to Irumbedu(87)Mathuranthagam to Irumbedu(T8) buses are available to come here.



This Sivan temple is situated in Salaiyur village, in Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchipuram district. The temple was renovated some years back. The Lord is called Sri Annamalayar and ambal is Sri Unnamulai. Daily one time puja is performed here. The temple has also a sacred tank. For contact Sri Dhanapal-8940748433, Sri Palani-9952876811.To reach here buses from Chennai and Mathuranthagam (87, T8) are available. Seyyur is at a distance of 11 KM.



The Siva temple of Vilanganur village is in a very pathetic condition and requires immediate attention. The deities remaining here are only Swamy and a nandhi. The stone temple is fully covered by trees and bushes. It seems nobody come here at least to lit a lamp. The name of the Lord is Sri Jambukeswarar. Nearby there is a pond. For contact Sri Subramani-9787758802, Sri Kuppan-9159016973. Vilanganur is in Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchipuram district. Busees from Chennai and Mathuranthagam are coming to this village.



About 1800 years old Siva temple is situated in Onampakkam village of Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchi district. Swamy is called Sri Oneeswarar and ambal Sri Kodiyudaiamman. The temple was shifted from its original place, where a school building was built. The small temple has three koshta sannadhies along with Vinayagar, Subramanyar and Bhairavar. Daily one time puja is going on. A temple tank is also nearby. The thala virutcham is Rudraksha tree, which can be seen in school premises. For contact Sri Ramulu-9791126344, 9843395667. Onampakkam village is situated on Sothupakkam-Seyyur road and Seyyur is at a distance of 5 KM



A Siva shrine worshipped by Arjuna during his disguise with his brothers and mother Kunthi, is situated in Periyavenmani village, of Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchipuram district. The Lord is called Sri Arjuneswarar. The temples worshippd by Dharumar, Bhiman, Nagulan , Sahadeevan, Draupathy and Kunthi devi are also situated in the nearby places. The temple is in need of attention for renovation. The sculptures of Sivan, Parvathy and rishis and Vinayagar in yoga posture are really catching the eyes. The deities of Jestadevi and Hayagreevar are lying in the temple complex. However daily two times pujas are going on here. In front of the temple sacrred tank is there. For contact Sri Saravanan-8754394029, Sri Nathan-9943488994, Sri Murugan-9597495716. Buses from Mathuranthagam to Seyyur via Zamin Endathur is coming to this place. Seyyur is 8 KM from here.




Sri Anandavallisametha Sri Bheemeswarar temple is located in Chinnavenmani village of Mathuranthagamtaluk, Kanchipuram district. Bhimasenan worshipped the Lord here during his disguise with otherpandavas. The moderate size temple has many shrines. In the prakara Sri Vinayagar ,ValliDevasenasamethaSubramanyar, Ayyappan, Gajalakshmi, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Suriyan and Navagrahams are enshrined. In Siva Koshta, five koshtadevathas are there. Sri Kuberalingam has a separate shrine in the prakaram. In addition a Siddhar Samadhi is also found here. The temple sacred tank is located in front of the temple. Vilvam is the sthalavirerutcham. Daily one time puja is performed here. For contact Sri Perumal-9566591567, 9566781523, Sri Pachayappan 9952996855. Buses from Chennai to Seyyur (83) Mathuranthagam to Seyyur (T6) are coming here. Bus stop is Kalpattu.



An ancient Sivalingam and a Nandhi found in an open place were sheltered some years back in Avurimedu village of Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchipuram district. Here the Lord is called Sri Agastheeswarar. No other deities are here. The village people are taking efforts to build a temple. Daily puja is offered one time. A temple pond is also nearby. For contact Sri Ezhumalai Poosari-9943114648, Sri Prakash-8939340070. Bus route Cheennai to Kadalur(88, 100C) and Chennai to Anaikattu .



Irumbedu a small village near Seyyur in Mathuranthagam taluk, where a Sivalinga sheltered with a sheet is found. The Lord is called Sri Irumbedeeswarar. No other deities are available here. A new nandhi idol was placed, Daily puja is offered once in a day. A temple tank is also nearby. For contact Sri Krishnakumar-9786866610, Sri Bhaskar-9786584410. Bus route Chennai to Irumbeedu(87) Mathuranthagam to Irumbedu(T8).



A Sivalinga under a sheet is seen in Vellarai village, near Seyyur of Mathuranthagam taluk. The Lord is called Sri Tharpaneswarar. No. other deities are available. Daily one time puja is performed here. For contact Sri Arumugam-9655148509. Chennai to Seyyur (81) Mathuranthagam to Seyyur (T7) buses are coming here. Seyyur is at a distance of 3 KM.



A Sivalingam under a shed is found in Nagamalai village near Seyyur, of Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchipuram district. The Lord was worshipped by Nagulan, one of the Pandavas. Daily puja is offered to the deity. The temple tank is nearby. For contact Sri Marimuthu 9843324003, Smt Krishnaveni-99435 38439. Buses from Chennai to Seyyur(83) Mathuranthagam to Seyyur(T6) are coming here.



Viralur a small village about 5 KM from Seyyur, has a shed temple. The Lord is a suyambu murthy (self formed) Swamy is called Sri Veeratiswarar. The local villagers are making efforts to build a temple here. Pujas are regularly done here. For contact Sri Vadivelu-9976419923, Sri Suresh-9043737102. . Buses from Chennai to Seyyur(83) Mathuranthagam to Seyyur(T6) are coming here.



This ancient Siva temple is found in Dharmavaram village near Mathuranthagam of Kanchipuram district. The Lord here is called SriKuntheeswarar and ambal Sri Vedhanayagi. Kunti devi worshipped the Lord and hence the name. The temple is in dire need of renovation. Thick vegetation are spread all over the temple structure and premises. In the pillars beautiful embossed sculptures are seen. In the mahamandap shrines for Dhandayuthapani, Bhairavar, Suriyan Sambandar and a Sivalinga are there. Five koshta devatha shrines are also in Siva koshtam. Vinayagar has a separate enclosure. It is a very difficult task to circumambulate the temple. However Daily one time puja is performed here. The local village people are taking serious efforts to renovate the temple. Festivals like Pradosham, Karthigai deepam, annabhishekam, arudra dharisanam are celebrated here. Bus route, Mathuranthagam to Kadalur bus. Stopping Velikkadu.




This temple is located in Saravampakkam village, Mathuranthagam taluk, Kanchipuram district. Sri Agasyjeswarar is the name of the Lord. No other deities are here except a nandhi. The temple has a sacred tank nearby. Daiy puja is performed once in a day. For contact Sri Sundaramurthy-9626792031. Buses from Mathuranthagam (T7, T9 and 8) to Seyyur, Soonambedu are coming here.



Owing to lack of maintenance and preservation the temple structure has all but collapsed, but however a new temple was erected some 15 years back. This happened in Kodithandalam village, near Chengalpattu. The presiding deity is called Sri Kalatheeswarar and ambal Sri Gnana prasannambigai. The temple has four koshta sannathiees, Kubera Bhairavar, and Navakiragams. The villagers manage to perform puja daiy. For contact Sri Ranganathan-9941423448, Sri Kannan-9840522902, 9626189202. Bus route Chengalpattu to Kanchipuram(80). Pukkathurai koot road is at a distance of 5 KM.



Mamandur village formerly called Vadapathi on the southern bank of Palar river has the distinction of having two ancient Siva temples. One is Picheeswarar temple and another one is Brammapuriswarar temple.

This stone temple built hundreds of years before by the then pious kings is still intact. Sri Brammapuriswarar is consorted by Sri Dharmasamvardhini. History has it that Sri Brammadevar did penance here and got his curse relived The temple houses shrines of Duvara Ganapathy, Kannimoolai Ganapathy, Valli Devasena sametha Arumugar, KalaBhairavar, Suriyan, Chandikeswarar Navakrahams and five SivaKoshtams. Sangu Theertham is the sacred tank of the temple.

Daily one time puja is performed. For more details contact Sri Prapakaran Gurukkal-9789406142. Chengalpattu is 13 KM from here and all buses on national highway stop at Mamandur.




Overgrown with weeds, this Sivan temple is slowly going into ruins. Many idols are found missing except Swamy, Nandhi and a broken Chandikeswarar. Sri Kalatheeswarar is the name of the Lord here. No one is coming here to worship or at least lit up a lamp. The temple is totally neglected which brings tears to the eyes. It is in Pazhamathur village, near Chengalpattu, which is just 2 KM east of Pukkathurai koot road. For contact Sri Thiyagu-9003440655, Kothandaraman-9629579359.




Pazhayanur village located 13 KM from Chengalpattu and 10 KM from Mathuranthagam has two ancient sivan temples. Both temples were renovated recently and well maintained.


Sri Mahakaleswarar sannadhi is facing east with duwara sannadhi. The temple houses five koshta murthies , Vinayagar, Valli Devasena Sametha Arumugar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Thirunavukkarasar, Suriyan and navakrahams. Daily pujas are going on. For contact Sri Vijai- 9840410168, Sri Karthik-9443643880..Buses from Tambaram to Thachur(81V), Chunambedu and Chengalpattu to Thachur (24, T4) are coming here.



This Sivalayam was also recently renovated. Swamy is in square avudayar facing east. Regular pujas are conducted. . For contact Sri Vijai- 9840410168, Sri Karthik-9443643880.



A totally dilapidated Sivan temple is found in Karunakaracheri village, 14 KM from Uthiramerur and 15 KM from Chngalpattu of Kanchipuram district. Remains are one Nandhi and a avudayar . Some embossed figures are seen on the pillars. A beautiful temple tank is also found nearby. The temple has to be restored to its original glory. For details contact Sri Thanikachalam-9585023060, Sri Vijayakumar-9965908713, Sri Srinivasan-9941196125. All buses from Chengalpattu ro Uthiramerur are available to come here. Bus stop Salavakkam koot road.




Location: Palliagaram village, near Chengalpattu

Sivan: Sri Parvathapuriswarar

Ambal: Sri Parvathavardhini

Swamy sannadhi is facing east and Ambal sannadhi is facing south, and entrance to the temple is kept on south. The temple has flag mast and a nandhi mandapam. Other deities are Vinayagar, Arumugar with his consorts, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Suriyan and Navakirahams. Five goshta shrines are also here. Temple tank is also there. Daily one time puja is conducted. For contact SriDayalu Chettiyar-9940091578, Sri Vittalnaidu-8220582879, Sri Pichandi-9841576442. All buses from Chengalpattu to Uthiramerur is coming here. Bus stop Nelli koot road.




Location: Mamgalam village, near Uthiramerur

Sivan: Sri Agastheeswarar

Ambal: Not known

Swamy and Ambal are kept side by side in a small newly built structure. Daily one time puja is performed. A temple tank is also nearby. For contact Sri Ezhumalai-9965750443, Sri Sivakumar- 8489627081. All buses from Chengalpattu to Uthiramerur are coming here. Bus stop Mangalam.



Once flourished with pujas and festivals, a Sivan temple was completely ruined in Nelvai village, near Uthiramerur, Kanchi district. However the temple has been restored to the extent of putting a small shed to the deities some years back. Now regular pujas are going on. Swamy Sri Vaidyalingaswamy and Ambal Sri Yogambigai are facing western direction. The temple has two theerthams. For contact Sri Sankar-78457 08661, Sri Sivakumar-8489627081. Nelvai Village is on the Chengalpattu-Uthiramerur main road and all buses from Chengalpattu, Chennai and Mathuranthagam stop at Neelvai.




Located at Andavakkam village, near Uthiramerur of Kanchi district a Sivan temple. The temple has been renovated recently. Swamy is Sri Andapandeeeswarar and Ambal is called Sri Kamakshi. On the south side of the temple a big size tank is there. Daily one time puja is offered. Contact Sri Saravanan-9894455213, Pradosham Annabhishekam, Sivarathri, Karthigai deepam festivals are celebrated here. Buses from Chengalpattu to Vedanthangal are coming here.



Location: Periya Vaiyavur, near Mathuranthagam

Sivan: Sri Dharmeswarar

Ambal: Sri Thiripurasundari

This temple was renovated and consecration performed in the year 2015. The temple has Dwara Ganapathy, Balamurugan, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar,Navakirahams and five koshta sannadhies. Daily two time pujas are performed. All festivas related to Sivan temple are celebrated here. A sacred tank is also near the temple. For contact Sri Sekar Gurukkal-8939630359, Sri Sasikumar-9952183445. This temple is situated 2 KM away to the west of Padalam koot road. Buses from Chengalpattu to Vedanthangal are available to reach here.


Another ancient Sivan temple in Priya Vaiyavur village is Sri Amruthakadeswarar temple. The temple is in very bad shape and needs restoration. Swamy is Sri Amruthakadeswarar facing western direction and ambal idol was stolen some years back. A beautiful temple tank is also there. In spite of thee present condition, daily pujas are going on here. Festivals like, Pradhosham, Sivarathiri, Arudra Dharisanam, Karthigai deepam are celebrated.For contact Sri Sri Sekar Gurukkal-8939630359, , Sri Sasikumar-9952183445



Once flourishd with pujas, rituals and festivals, a Sivan temple in Kunnankulam village near Mathuranthagam was totally dilapidated. A Sanniyasi from Andra came here and initiated the villagers to revive the temple. As per his instructions, the people of this village erected a new temple after collecting sand samples from Chidambaram, Kumbakonam and Kanchipuram. Now the temple is well maintained and regular pujas are going on. Swamy is called Sri Kumbeswarar and Ambal as Sri Mangalambigai. The temple has also a sacred tank. Iluppai is the sacred tree of the temple. For contact Sri Meganathan-9750809905, Sri Elumalai-9941038717. This village is 6 KM from Padalam Koot road. Buses going tto Vedanthangal from Chennai and Chengalpattu are available to reach here.




A small, beautiful Sivan temple has been found in Puduppattu village, about 10 KM from Mathuranthagam, Kanchipuram district. It is believed that Sri Ramar worshipped the Lord here. The main deity is called Sri Abathsahayar and Ambal is Sri Anandavalli. The temple built in granite stones has shrines for Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Gajalakshmi, Chandikeswarar, Suriyan, Chandiran, Bhairavar and Navakirahams. In the niches on the outer wall of the sanctum, five koshta devathas are enshrined. The 1400 years old temple in a dilapidated condition has been renovated in 2012. Now regular pujas are going on. . All festivals are celebrated here. The temple has also a sacred tank. Buses from Mathuranthagam to Uthiramerur and Kanchipuram are coming here. For Contact Sri Kannappa Iyer -9944310415, Sri Ganapathy-9751846707.




A Sivalinga, Nandhi and jestadevi are found under a shed in Kallapiranpuram village, near Mathuranthagam of Kanchi district. The Sivalinga is big in size placed on a square base. A beautiful tank is seen opposite to the temple. Dwara Ganapathy, Balamurugan were installed recently. Daily one time puja is performed. Pradosham is celebrated in a grand manner. For contact Sri Parthiban-9443267205, Sri Kesavan -9443226715. All buses plying between Chengalpattu and Mathuranthagam, Dindivanam are available to reach here. Bus stop Kallapiranpuram.




Maharishi Sri Vyakrapadar also known as Sri Pulippani Siddhar in tamil worshipped Lord Shiva in several places. One among them is located in Pulipurakoyil village, near Mathuranthagam of Kanchi district. This temple is a typical example of Chozhas style., with three tier rajagopuram, kodimaram, nandhi mandapam big prakaram and the sanctum designed as gajabrishtam style. The Main deity Sri Vyagrapuriswarar is a swayampu murthy(self manifested). Ambal is called Sri Balagujambal. This shrine is considered as vada ponnambalam. The temple consists of shrines for Vinayagar, Murugan, Koshta devathas, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Suriyan, Adhisankarar, Nalvar and Navakrahams. Sri Vyagrapadar Jeeva Samadhi is also found in the temple. There are wonderful sculptures on the pillars of the Mahamandapam. Many inscriptions are also seen. But they have been mostly destroyed during temple renovation. The inscriptions speak about the donations given to the temple by Cholzhas, Pandiyas and Sambuvarayar kings. This village is situated 6 KM from Padalam koot road on Chennai-Trichy highway. From Padalam railway station this temple is at a distance of 1 KM. Busees from Chengalpattu to Thachur and Mathuranthagam via Thachur are available. For contact Sri Devasena Gurukkal-94447 15142, Sri Umamaheswara Gurukkal-9952440373.




Folklore has it that Bhudur a small village dates back to Ramayana period and it was the Mithilapuri, the capital city where King Janakar ruled. It is the birth place of Sri Sita devi. The Siva temple here created by Lord Siva Himself was worshipped by Sri Ramar. Hence Swamy is called Sri Ramanathar. Sri Parvathavardhini is the consort of Lord Siva. On a square base Lord Siva is giving dharshan . Others deities are Duwara Ganapathy, Duwara Subramanyar with his consorts, and four koshta devadhas. On time puja is performed here. For contact Sri Sundaramurthy-9003487431, Sri Shanmugam-8056312231.From Chengalpattu to Thachur, buses are passing through this village. Padalam koot road is at a distance of 12 KM from here.



In Athimanam village , just 2 KM from NH 45, near Padalam koot road, an ancient abode of Siva is situated. Sri Atheeswarar is the name of the Lord here and placed on a square base. Ambal is facing south in Ardha mandapam. Sri Ganapathy and Balamurugan are at the entrance. Five koshta sannadhies are there. Bhairavar facing northern direction, Navakrahams and chandikeswarar are also present. Daily puja is done once in a day. In front of the temple there is a big tank. For more details contact Sri Muthu Mudaliyar-9500280963, Sri Selvraj 9597629264. All local buses plying between Chengalpattu and Mathuranthagam and Dindivanam stop at Athimanan.



A Siva temple at Janikipuram village formerly known as Thiruchanur , near Mathuranthagam brings tears to the eyes. Overgrown with weeds, the temple structure is almost in ruins. The Sivalinga looks like a Narmadhai Banam is kept at a small brick structure. All idols are very old. It is said this place was the birth place of Sitadevi. Swamy is called Sri Sivabhoodalingam. Now the villagers are taking efforts to restore the temple to its original glory. Janakipuram is on NH45 after crossing palar bridge and pukkathurai koot road. For more details contact Sri Gnanamurthy-9444349767, Sri Rajkumar-9585388349.




Location:Kattupillayarkovil, near Mathuranthagam  
Swamy: Sri Dyana Athiswarar
Ambal: Sri Aramvalarthanayagi

This ancient Siva temple is located inside a forest area near Mathuranthagam. From Melavalampettai located on NH 45 take diversion on Vedanthagal road and take a mud path which leads to the temple. It is said Siddhas have installed a Sivalinga and worshipped. Even today they come and worship the Lord. Other deities are Vinayagar, Murugan, Bhairavar, Dakshinamurthy and Navakrahams. Recently people found an idol of Sri Renukadevil in the temple tank and installed in the temple. Here Pradosham is celebrated in a grand manner with large number of devotees




A totally dilapidated Siva temple dates back to 7th century was renovated in the year 2015 and maintained with regular pujas and festivals. This happened in Arayapakkam village, about 8 KM from Mathuranthagam of Kanchi district. Swamy is Sri Arunatheeswarar and ambal is called Sri Arunambigai. The temple has five Koshta sannadhies , Duwara Vinayagar, Duwara Murugan, Chandikswarar, Jeestadevi and Navakrahams. The temple has a sacrd pond nearby. For details contact SriMadankumar-7708288856, Sri Elumalai -7708222293.Buses from Mathuranthagam to Thirukazhu-kundram are available to reach here.



Location: Keezhavalam village, near Mathuranthagam

Swamy: Sri Valeeswarar

Ambal: Sri Thiripurasundari

This 1400 year old temple is under the process renovation . All deities such as koshta murthies, Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairar, Jeshtadevi are present and yet to be installed. Nandhi under a mandapam is seen in front of the temple. A temple tank is also there. This village is 8 KM from Mathuranthagam and buses going to Thirukazhukundram(T2, T3) are available to come here. For contact Sri Duraivel-9443204773, 720053 1773. All festivals are celebrated here.



A stone temple built in the 7th century dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in Kinar village, near Mathuranthagam of Kanchi district. This place was formerly known as Thirukkannapuram. At the entrance one can worship Ganesa and Murugan on both sides and in the sanctum Sri Veeravaranayagar in gigantic size is giving darshan, facing eastern direction. Behind the Sivalinga, a beautiful Somaskandar sculpture embedded on the wall as in Kanchi. In the Mahamandapam Ambal Sri Kambanayaki is enshrined. In the prakaram there are shrines of Vinayagar, Murugan, Chandikeswar, Suriyan, Nalvar and Navakrahams including a separate sannadhi for Sri Varadharaja Perumal. Five Koshta shrines are also there.

Sthala puranam has it that Deventhiran who was cursed by Sri Akalyadevi came to this place and worshipped the Lord for several years. By the grace of the Lord Deventhira got relieved of the curse and regained his original body. Hence this place was called Thirukkannapuram Deventhira mounted on an elephant worshipping the Lord in front of Nandhi is a unique feature in the temple.

Temple timings, morning 6 to 9 and evening 5 to 7.30. For contact Sri Vacheeswara Gurukkal-9442177959. Bus route Mathuranthagam to Thirukazhukundram(T3)




Thottanaval a small beautiful village, about 6 KM from Mathuranthagam has an ancient Sivan temple. The temple built with granite stones dates back to 1300 years. The Lord Sri Muktheeswarar seated on a square base is giving dharshan in the sanctum. Ambal Sri Sivakamasundari shrine is facing south. The temple has also deities of Vinayagar, Valli Devasena sametha Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Navagrahams and five koshta murthies. Daily pujas are performed once in a day. For contact Sri Gopi-90034 84363, Sri Sathyamurthy-9894531523. Bus route Mathuranthagam to Thirukazhukundram(T3)




Sri Kailasanathar temple is located at vizhuthamangalam village about 5 KM from Mathuranthagam, Swamy is roofed under a small shed. No other deities are here. However daily pooja is performed here. The temple is located in a remote village, where there is no bus facility. For contact Rajakumari Natarajan-9092983596, Sri Ramu-9944385430. Autos are available at Mathuranthagam to come here.



This Sivan temple is at Mulli village, a remote place, near Mathuranthagam of Kanchi District. .Swamy and ambal are housed in a small temple structure. Sri Sonachaleswarar is the name of the Lord. Sri Vinayakar is at the Ardhamandapam and Chandikeswarar is seen on the outside. Daily poojas are going on here. No Bus access to this place. Mulli is at a distance of 3 KM from Panampat Koot road from where one has to come here by walk or by private transport For contact Sri Loganathan-9003544080, Sri Ganapathy-9500789856. Buses from Mathurantagam to Thachur, Kodur are available upto Panampat Koot road.


Location : Mathuranthagam

Presiding deity: Sri Arulaleeswarar

Ambal: Sri Ezhalarkuzhali

Thala Virutcham: Vanni

History: 2000 years old

This temple has shrines of Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Suriyan, Chandiran, Bhairavar, Navagrahams and also five koshta deities Two times pujas are offered here daily. For contact Sri Rajasiva gurukkal-9677702991. Mathuranthagam is well connected by road and rail situated on Chennai-Trichy highway.



Acharapakkam a small town located on Chennai-Tiruchy highways after Melmaruvathur has a remarkable ancient Siva temple. There are two Presiding deities unusually in this temple. One is Sri Aatcheeswarar and another one is Sri Umaiaatcheeswarar. Flag mask is facing Sri Aatcheeswarar and Rajagopuram is in front of Sri Umaiaatcheeswarar. Two Ambals called Sri Ilankiliammai and Sri Umayambigai are enshrined in a separate sanctum sanctorum. When Lord Shiva was on his way to destroy three demon kings, who encased themselves within three castles. But before beginning the endeavor He forgot to satiate Lord vigneswara, the god who could wipe of all obstacles. Because of the lapse the chariot on which Lord Shiva was traveling got stranded with the axle broken down. Lord Vishnu who came to the rescue of the perplexed Shiva and told him that the mishap was due to the anger of Lord Vigneswara who was not worshiped before starting the journey. Then Lord Shiva propitiated Lord Vinayaka on the spot itself. This place was called ‘acchu iruntha ‘(broken) pakkam. In course of time the name of the place got used to be named as Acharapakkam. Lord Vinayaka was installed and worshiped in a temple, the picture of which you can see below.

Sri Aatcheeswarar is a suyambu murthy(self manifested) and praised by savite saint Sri Gnanasampandar in his thevara hymns. The temple is a big one with five tier rajagopuram. Shrines of Sri Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Chandikeswarar, Bhairavar, Navakrahams along with five koshta devathas and seven mathas are present. Sri Srinivasa Perumal and Sri Alamelumangai Thayar are also seen in the temple. Three sacred tanks called Bramma theertham, Sangu theertham and Simma theertham are also seen. Daily four times rituals are done here. For contact SriSankar-9842309534. The temple is easily reachable by bus and train. Regular prayer to Lord Aatcheeswarar will fetch good results in a getting a new job, progress in education and profession.